Is the symptoms of small abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy?

What is the reason for the occasional pain in the left side of pregnancy?

The phenomenon of normal stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy should be a stomach pain around the non -fixed position around the uterus, but if you fix the pain every time, it is abnormal. This is the possibility of ectopic pregnancy. It is recommended that you get pregnantTo do a BC at 50 days, you can rest assured that you can restrain ectopic pregnancy.


1. Don’t pay too much attention to diet during early pregnancy. Even if you go to the hospital for consultation, the doctor will not give you a lot, and there is nothing to do.

2. A piece of folic acid (300mg) every day has confirmed that Sliang’s Sliean given by the hospital is very good, and you don’t need to buy it very expensive.If there is no folic acid before pregnancy, there are two folic acid a day in March after pregnancy.Some pregnant women are uncomfortable after eating folic acid. It is recommended to eat half an hour after meals, which can be slightly better.(I belong to the uncomfortable eating folic acid)

3. Personal summary: taboos: hawthorn, longan, crab, sea cucumber, abalone, papaya, mango, reverse seasonal food.

Yiyu: grapefruit, apple, banana, navel orange, grapes (more navel orange and grapefruit I ate in the first three months).Eat less celery, my mother -in -law said.

4. Even if the appetite is not good, a glass of milk, one cooking white egg, three vegetables, and three fruits are enough every day. These are enough to provide early nutrition (what the doctor said).

5. Starting from 18 weeks of pregnancy, drink grain soy milk every day.Soak beans every night (soybeans, peanuts, millet, red beans, oats, corn residues, black sesame, walnuts, walnuts).Drink, pretty good.

health.(I feel that the hygiene habits of the pregnant mother will affect the baby)

1. Wash the fart every day.Prepare special pots and towels. From the beginning of pregnancy, you should insist on washing your buttocks and changing panties every day.

2. Stick your feet before going to bed every day, don’t be too hot.

3. Wipe the breasts and underarms frequently. If the nipples have a small white dot, gently wipe it out to prevent the milk from being blocked and the milk is not smooth.


1. Don’t mention heavy objects.

2. Do not raise it (dry clothes and raise things), it is easy to sting and danger.

3. Dry the sun every day and walk more.

4. Record your physical condition and easily describe to the doctor at the hospital and make good use of the diagnosis for a few minutes.

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