Is the intercourse too early?How old is it?The doctor tells the truth

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With the continuous development of modern society, people’s ideas have changed greatly, especially when facing sexual life, most people’s thoughts have gradually opened up.

In this change of thought, many people have begun to try sexual behavior.There are already many young people, and even some minors have prematurely tasted the forbidden fruit.In fact, if the first sex life is relatively early, it is likely to cause harm to the human body.

How old is the first sex life?How many years of sexual life is more suitable?What impact will it have on people’s lives if there is a premature life?

From the perspective of a doctor, if the sexual life time is relatively early, or the physical development does not reach a mature state, it has already carried out sexual life at this time, so it is easy to cause various infections.Especially in recent years, as people’s ideas have continued to open, changes in targeted life and sexual partners have also been very obvious.

There are often some people who are not a individual partner, because of this, the probability of spreading various sexually transmitted diseases is continuously increased.Compared to other people, the current young people play a higher role in the spread of sexually illness.

Previously, there were professional institutions through investigations. Nowadays, most of the people of young people have not prepared and protected measures during their sexual life. Therefore, the risk of various sexual infectious diseases has increased greatly.

In fact, most teenagers do not have a comprehensive understanding of sexual life, and they do not pay enough attention to problems in sexual diseases.Most people do not know how to protect themselves during sexual life.

In the case of premature sexual life, it is easy to cause women to have various inflammation and infections.The reason why this problem causes this kind of problem is that a large part of the reason is that women’s reproductive organs are not fully developed and mature. When the reproductive organs are still in a state of not developing or immature, if sexual life is performed, it is easy for some bacteria to make some bacteria.Bring into women’s body, when the genitals are invaded by bacterial viruses, they will continue to stimulate, causing various inflammation, and even the possibility of cancer.

In fact, for many minors, in the case of premature sexual life, high -risk things such as abortion may occur.Not long ago, there was a little girl in the obstetrics and gynecology clinic of the hospital. The little girl went to the hospital to do abortion with her family.

It is understood that the little girl is only 16 years old and is currently in a very serious period of rebellion.Although the parents had a very severe control, they did not prevent the rebellion of the little girl, and even her early love with her relationship with her boyfriend outside the school eventually became pregnant.

Although the parents learned the news, although they were very angry, they decided to take the little girl to the hospital for abortion surgery.In fact, this phenomenon in recent years is very common. Many teenagers have had sexual relationships when they have not carried out any protection measures for sexual life and sexual knowledge.question.

Many little girls knew that she was pregnant after stealing the forbidden fruit, but did not dare to go to the hospital for regular treatment, and even some people chose to go to a small clinic for abortion surgery.

In response, the doctor said that if inappropriate methods are selected during abortion surgery, the damage to the uterus is great, and even some girls have the problem of uterine perforation and even cervical injury after performing abortion surgery.

Before, a little girl under the age of 18 was accidentally conceived. Seeing that her belly became bigger every day, the little girl ran to a small clinic alone, hoping to have a abortion surgery in this clinic.However, an accident occurred during the flow of people, and in the end, the little girl’s uterus had to be removed.

In recent years, this phenomenon has become more and more frequent. If it is prematurely carried out, it will not only exacerbate the risk of infection, but also cause abortion risk.Studies have found that women who have sex after the age of 20 have the probability of suffering from cancer than the probability of cancer before the age of 20.

For most girls, by the age of 18, the coffin has been mature in the near future. If you want to live in sex, you can wait at least after the age of 18.

In fact, there are some bad habits in the process of men’s life, which may also damage the health of women, such as men’s foreskin too long, or not wearing condoms in the process of sex.

These may cause women to be infected, and even the possibility of cancer.In order to avoid cancer, to a 14 -year -old girl, it is best to contact the HPV vaccine. The younger the younger girl is exposed to this vaccine, the better the prevention effect.

What do you think about the first sex life in your first sexual life? Welcome to discuss together!

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