Is the HCG value very high, but is it pregnant?How much do you know about HCG?

HCG is the "pregnancy test" hormone most commonly used to confirm pregnancy.It is composed of α and β dilateral sugar protein, but α subunit is commonly owned by pituitary hormones, while β subunit is unique to HCG.There are two ways to see HCG test HCG in the hospital: one is HCG, generally refers to the total HCG, that is, the sum of the α-HCG and β-HCG;HCG.

There are two main functions of HCG. One is to protect the embryo from attacking the maternal immune system, and the other is to maintain the life of the luteal in the mother’s ovarian.The luteal can secrete estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones can act on the endometrium, allowing the endometrium to provide the nutrients required for growth and development for the endometrium.

At present, medicine believes that all HCG is produced by the embryo nourishing layer and synthetic cells.Under normal circumstances, there are very few HCGs in women or even no. Only after the fertilized eggs are bed, it increases a lot.At the beginning of the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the HCG level is usually doubled every 48 hours (2 days); with the process of pregnancy, the double time gradually increases, and the HCG level takes 84 hours (3.5 days) to double the level before double it to double it once; The HCG reaches its peak between about 10 and 12 weeks of pregnancy and then decreases gradually until it is relatively stable in about 20 weeks.

At present, various early pregnancy test strips on the market are to determine whether pregnancy is determined by testing the HCG concentration in women’s urine.Because the concentration of urine is easily affected by factors such as drinking water, a more accurate method is to test the concentration of HCG in the blood through blood drawing.HCG is less than 5miu/ml, which is negative, not pregnancy; if it is more than 25miu/ml, it is a positive reaction, that is, pregnancy.Generally, 4-5 days after the fertilized eggs, that is, 10-14 days after ovulation can be found that the HCG in the pregnant woman exceeds 25miu/ml.

After testing, don’t mind the absolute value of HCG too much, but should pay more attention to whether the speed mentioned above is increasing, that is, doctors often say that HCG doubles.As long as HCG doubles, it can basically determine that the embryo is good.If not, it means that the embryo is not developing well and will inevitably abortion.Of course, there are exceptions in everything. There are papers abroad that 15%of the HCG of 15%of the internal pregnancy HCG exceeds 48-72 hours. At the same time, 17%of out-of-uterine pregnancy has normal HCG, so it cannot be fully doubled by HCG.Come to determine whether it is ectopic pregnancy.

Some doctors see that the early HCG level of pregnant women is low, and it may allow pregnant women to inject HCG injections.Some doctors will let the prepared MM start playing HCG after ovulation.Why?Under normal circumstances, the fertilized eggs will be drilled into the endometrium of the uterine on the 6th to 8th day after ovulation, that is, the so-called bed, which will produce a very small amount of HCG after wearing it, almost a dozen, and then double it every day.However, some people may be a little late in the embryo, or the development of the luteal function is low in advance. In short, the embryo cannot be secreted in time in time to maintain the luteal life.EssenceIn this case, the injection of HCG injections is equivalent to the HCG that gives some fakes in the mother to maintain luteum immortality and wait for the embryo to develop further.When the embryo can secrete a sufficient amount of HCG to maintain the luteum, you can no longer need to get the HCG needle.

The absorption rate of HCG injection is very low. If you injected HCG of 2,000 units at a time, only 20 or 30 units can be measured in the blood.With the progress of pregnancy, the HCG secreted by embryos increased, and it soon reached the concentration of hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of units, so it was useless to injection at all.Therefore, the height of the HCG level eventually depends on the quality of the embryo.Injecting HCG injections can only play a certain auxiliary role in the earliest pregnancy, maintain the life of the luteum, and strive for more time for those embryos in bed late.However, if the quality of the embryo itself is not good and cannot continue to develop, no matter how much HCG needle is hit, it is impossible to change the final ending.Xiaoguo personally believes that after the HCG value is tens of thousands of Maternal blood, there is no need to get the HCG needle. If the doctor let it, it is likely to give the patient a psychological comfort.

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