Is the child pregnant with the contraceptive ring unhealthy?Doctor: It’s important to do this well

Brushing such a group of photos on Facebook, the baby in the photo holds the "contraceptive ring" in his hands, and his expression is also very attractive.This photo was also reposted more than 70,000 times on Facebook. It can be seen how surprised everyone is about how much it is to break through the shackles of the contraceptive ring and come to this world!

The contraceptive ring is a well -known hedging device. Those who see this photo may also be the first time that I have seen the contraceptive ring.Many netizens have commented that this child will become a big device in the future!What do you think?

A few days after being reposted, the mother of this group of photos came out to clarify one thing. The "contraceptive ring" in the baby’s hand was put in the baby’s hands, not the baby was worn by the belly.One of them.However, the baby is indeed only after the mother wears a contraceptive ring, so taking this group of photos is to commemorate.

Before the state had a second -child policy, many women had placed a birthday in the body, and they were ready to take it out after the second child policy was opened.According to statistics, about 40%of women in China have used the in -palace -saving device as a contraceptive ring.

According to the literal understanding, everyone should understand well, that is, a contraceptive device placed in a female uterus.In the early days, it was collectively referred to as a birthplace. Because the ring was more common, there were more contraceptive ring.In fact, there are many types of metal single ring, twist ring, etc.

The contraceptive ring achieves the purpose of abortion contraception through mechanical stimulation and chemical interference.It will be smaller for women, which will not affect normal ovulation, nor will it affect women’s endocrine systems.The probability of contraception is more than 90 %, which is a more convenient contraceptive measure.At the same time, it is also reversible. As long as the contraceptive ring in the body is removed, women can continue to have birth.

Why is this baby on Facebook born?

A survey conducted by the Science and Technology Department of the National Planning and Family Planning Commission in 2008 showed that the average pregnancy incidence of pregnancy in the five -year -old ring was 2.94 %.

Although the contraceptive ring is more effective contraceptive measures, it is not 100 % playable.Sometimes it may not be successful because the position of the birthplace is not accurate enough.For example, when you place it, you do not put it on the bottom of the uterus, or after the position is accurate, because you have a fierce physical labor or sexual life in your life, it will cause the birthplace to fall off and change the position.

The birthplace can not worry about it after being placed. It also needs to be checked. If necessary, it may be replaced.Therefore, we can often hear some female friends say that they want to go to "check the ring". In fact, this is a regular check to see the position and status of the condom.

Is the contraceptive ring really caught by the baby in hand?

The answer is: No.

The position of the contraceptive ring is at the bottom of the uterus, and at this time, our fetus is located in a variety of structures, such as amniotic fluid, amniotic sac.The baby can’t reach the contraceptive ring at all, let alone hold it to be born.

Should children pregnant after wearing a contraceptive ring?

Although this situation is only a minority, we still don’t recommend continuing pregnancy.Most of the fetuses eventually had abortion or premature birth.If you still want to continue your pregnancy, it is also recommended that parents consult the doctor’s advice to evaluate the physical condition of the mother and the fetus.

Infertility and infertility are everyone’s own decisions. The most important thing is to ask their hearts and understand their true thoughts.If the contraceptive measures are taken, it is unexpectedly pregnant, then we must also seriously consider what risks will there be if they continue to pregnancy.We must ensure that we and our children are healthy. If the risk is relatively large, then we need to "endure pain and cut love" to carry out artificial abortion and other measures. After all, fertility is a matter of life.Be sure to think deeply.

Parenting Parenting Message:

It ’s lucky and occasional children who came to the world to break through the contraceptive ring to the world. When we also encountered such a situation, when the risk was relatively low and we would not endanger our lives, we can consider this child.But more suggestions are to get pregnant in a more normal way.

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