Is the cervix really eroded?Will the cervix be cancer?#The truth is here#

Each woman is not avoided to see the cervix when testing, and of course, they must also see and check the cervix.

The cervix is a bridge connecting the vagina and uterus, and it is also a channel for "small tadpoles" to enter the birth of the baby. Of course, it is also the gateway to visit relatives. Although the cervix is small but the effect is very large, it is also related to the great event of the passage.Saying things in the cervix, scaring people, leading to excessive treatment.

The three rumors are:

Cervical erosion, cervical sac, cervical hypertrophy

"Cervical erosion" is the severe disaster area. How many disease -free women are told that they will become cervical cancer and cut the cervix?There should be countless!

The truth is that "cervical erosion" is not "rotten" in the cervix. It is not a diagnosis of diseases. It has been removed from textbooks. The correct name is the phenomenon of cylindrical epithelium in the cervical pipe.

Because of the high level of estrogen, women of childbearing age will grow the columnar epithelium in the cervix outward. The appearance is red granular. It is a manifestation of normal cervix and has no direct relationship with cervical cancer.

The second is the cervical sac

Similar to cervical erosion, the "Naiti cyst" also plagues many women. If the defendant is not treated in time, it will affect pregnancy and may become cervical cancer.

In fact, the Nazi cyst is blocked by the opening of the cervical gland, which causes the secretion to stay.It is a physiological change, not inflammation, and most of them do not need to be treated!It will become cervical cancer even more nonsense!

The third ranking is cervical hypertrophy

Many women are often very disturbed when they hear "cervical hypertrophy". Similarly, the defendant may become cervical cancer, and the small face is scared. In fact, cervical hypertrophy is a better cervix.The specific numerical standards are described as "cervical hypertrophy" in the gynecological examination. Sometimes it is just a doctor’s experience, and the simple cervical hypertrophy does not require treatment!It will not become cervical cancer!

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