Is the baby dream a baby "report letter" to her mother?Don’t be too attached to the dream of fetal, otherwise it is likely to be in danger

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Today, it is the 21st century. As the cultural level of young people gets higher and higher, it has received many higher education. It is very sneer in some superstitious "ghosts and gods".absurd,

However, after we grow up, there are more and more things they have experienced, and more and more inner concern, and the statements of more superstitious statements have gradually changed their opinions.

Especially after pregnancy, when I encounter a child, I always hold the idea of "I would rather believe it is unbelievable", and I dare not neglect at all.It will affect the children in the stomach, especially some "tire dreams" with signs.

Little fat man Shen Yu: Dreaming, cousin pregnancy gave birth to a child, I called to tell them that after three months, they called and said that there were such all, amazing!

Freelazy Yali: In the early days of pregnancy, I and my mother and mother -in -law dreamed that I had a miscarriage. It didn’t take long for me to stop. During that time, I often had bird feces in my clothes. My husband and father -in -law’s clothes wereNo.

nj uh: I dreamed that a little girl pulled my hand and said that my mother, don’t you want me, I am good, I woke up, I found that I was pregnant after trying the test paper in the morning. Now I am six months pregnant.The species checks are smooth, but they have not checked men and women.

Yu Nuo Qingchen: There is really a baby dream!I am pregnant, my mother dreams of a snake, but the snake bit my mother, my mother strangled!I found out of pregnancy later!My mother was worried, saying that you should pay attention to this child, for fear of keeping it!As a result, the child stopped for half a month!

JJYCTY: I also have a baby dream. The first child is 10 years. I dreamed that I had a son. As a result, I was really a son. Now I ’m the second child. I’ m afraid that it ’s a boy. I have always been nervous.Tell me that it is a girl, as long as I think of a girl every day, I am so excited and happy.As a result, it is really a girl. This may be the mother and son!Anyway, my twice is so accurate.

Nanke Yimeng 2019: When I was pregnant, I dreamed of two flying dragons, flying from my head, and fell on my two cars in my house to check the twins.

A smiling baby: Dreaming of picking up a shiny black stone in his arms, his heart was beautiful, and a handsome son had a handsome son. The skin was not white. The daughter dreamed of a blue snake drilled into my belly.woke up!A white and beautiful daughter.

Maybe there are many maternal "fetal dreams" indeed more accurate. I feel that their dreams and reality are really combined, and they will feel that "fetal dream" is very accurate.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for "fetal dream". After all, there are also mothers who have done "fetal dreams", but it is the opposite of reality. Therefore, fetal dreams are not accurate.

Moreover, it is not good to frequently do "fetal dreams". If the mother is frightened or emotionally tense during the day, due to emotionScene,

This is not very good for maternal and children. Maternal should pay attention to adjusting their mood and relax. If they are always in this tension, it is easy to cause premature birth or affect the growth of the fetus.

After pregnancy, mothers must not only face their identity, but also bear various changes in the body. This is a situation that cannot be avoided and changed. Therefore, the mother must adjust the mentality in a timely manner and do not have too much burden in their hearts.Some maternal dreams will be worried about affecting the baby. This is wrong. We have to have a good understanding of "fetal dream".You can use the dream of fetal dreams as an interesting experience, just watch it as a movie, don’t become a psychological burden.

After reading this article, do you think the authenticity of "fetal dream" is high or low?What dreams do you have when you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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