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On December 25, Zhong Ming, Director of the Severe Medicine Division of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, was a guest of Shanghai Science Popularization for the Shanghai Science Popularization.

Question: Recently, I have been positive, coughing and sputum, and even blood wires. There are many symptoms of yellow sputum. What drugs do I need to use?

Zhong Ming: After infection, fever and cough are actually very common, and even cough have some sputum. If this sputum is white foam, this is normal.Because you have inflammation on the upper respiratory tract, you will be congested. When you cough, this severe airflow will damage the mucous membrane and cause bleeding.The congestive mucosa itself is easy to damage, and blood sputum and blood appear, which is normal.

If there are no special circumstances, there is no need to take any special medicine, and there is no special medicine.Of course, if the cough is particularly severe, affects your life and affect your sleep, you can properly use some antitussive medicines to treat the symptoms.This is just right treatment.

But if yellow sputum and yellow pus appear, it may be different.Normally, the virus infection we call, phlegm will not be yellow, it should be white sticky.If it is yellow pus, it means that bacterial infections may be stimulated.Because when the virus is infected, it will damage your mucosa and may affect the immune barrier function of the original mucosa. This makes the upper respiratory tract contact with bacteria and increase the probability of bacterial infection.Therefore, when the yellow pus appears, a secondary bacterial infection is indeed occurred.

If there is really yellow pus, it is recommended to use a little antibiotics.If penicillin is not allergic, you can use some amoxicillin; if penicillin is allergic, you can use some cephalosporin.

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Question: There are patients with hypertension at home, as well as elderly people with basic diseases. If they are infected, what issues need to pay special attention?

Zhong Ming: If there are elderly people at home, especially the elderly with hypertension, first depends on whether the patient’s hypertension is well controlled. If the blood pressure is controlled stable, it is actually the same as the ordinary elderly.It is required to monitor, such as chest tightness and shortness of breath, which are the tendency indicators that may cause severe illnesses.If possible, you can also use the blood oxygen meter.

After the infection of the virus, the body will be mobilized, including the cardiovascular system will also be mobilized, so the heartbeat will be fast after fever, and the blood pressure will be high.At this time, whether the blood pressure is well controlled during this time. If it is not controlled, the drug may be adjusted; if it is controlled very badly, it may need to go to the hospital and put it under the guidance of the doctor.Blood pressure control is good.Because at this time, the incidence of complications brought by hypertension may increase, such as cerebral hemorrhage and so on.

All in all, during this time, in addition to the increase of the upper respiratory tract, the blood pressure is also very controlled, and it fluctuates greatly, so you need to see a specialist.

Question: Is it necessary to take "special effects"?

Zhong Ming: Everyone knows that we now have some drugs called "New Crown Special Drugs", mainly antiviral drugs of small molecules.It is just a drug that can inhibit the replication of the new coronary virus. After taking it, the load of the virus may be lower, and the virus is more likely to be removed by our body.

However, all our medical verifications are currently telling us that what kind of people need to use these drugs?These people who really become intensive tendencies need to be used early.In other words, if your body is good, you will recover for 7 to 10 days, and you don’t need to take this drug at all.Those who are really intensive and high -risk, these people need to take this medicine in the early days.

Question: Do you need to go to the hospital after Yang?What situations need to go to the hospital for treatment?

Zhong Ming: Now Omikon’s poisoning power is already very weak. Most people are mild, that is, only fever and upper respiratory symptoms.For example, sore throat, everyone will say "pharyngeal blade", even if it feels painful, it is still the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract, not a severe manifestation.For low -risk people, they are not old or basic diseases.During the homeing period, the symptomatic treatment, the temperature of the body temperature is very high. In most cases, there is no need to go to the hospital.

If there are high -risk symptoms, such as dyspnea, anxiety, chest tightness, blurred consciousness, or discovery the elderly are indifferent, there is no response, confused, or continuous high fever. These are dangerous signs. At this time, you need to go to the hospital.

At the same time, it is also a manifestation if the blood oxygen has a significant decline in blood oxygen.In addition, if the consciousness becomes indifferent, such as people who are not silent, they become silent, which is to be vigilant.There are also people who usually have basic diseases. The symptoms of their basic diseases should be familiar. If the original basic disease is worse and the control is not good, they must also go to the hospital.

Question: Do pregnant women need to take medicine, and what do I need to pay attention to?

Zhong Ming: The principle of pregnant women is the same as the principles of others, but the difference between pregnant women is that different drugs are different to the toxicity of pregnant women. Therefore, when choosing a drug, it depends on the toxicity of the fetus to the fetus.The drug has a classification. If you want to take the heat -town analgesics, you should either use it under the professional guidance of the obstetrician, or take a closer look at the grades of the drug to the pregnant woman when taking the medicine.All drugs are generally distinguished very clearly about whether the fetus is toxic.

Question: Recently, some people will travel on a business trip. How can we protect the plane?

Zhong Ming: It is recommended to wear the N95 mask to take a plane, because only the N95 mask is anti -solid.There are usually no air -soluble (except some closed spaces) in normal environments, but in a small and closed space such as aircraft, if there are positive patients, the probability of gas solution is still high.Under the current popular background trend, the probability of positive infection among passengers is high. If you need to take a plane at this time and do not want to be infected, it is recommended to wear the N95 mask, because the medical surgical mask is anti -flying foam.Anti -soluble.

Question: When I get sick, I often encourage everyone to drink more hot water. How much hot water should I drink?

Zhong Ming: Why do you want to drink water when you get the new crown?In fact, it is only because when the fever is fever, in order to maintain normal body temperature, we have to heat the heat.When fever, the main method for our heat dissipation is to evaporate. The higher the body temperature, the more moisture it needs to be evaporated.At this time, people’s dislikes will be more water loss, and they need to supplement this part of the loss of moisture, so go to drink plenty of water.

But drink water.For example, our normal person’s unnamed water loss is 800 milliliters, which is enough to supplement water within a reasonable range.There is a simple principle. If you have dehydration, there may be thirst on the one hand. The second child will be less and the urine output will become less and yellow.These can be monitored. As long as you drink water and drink the urine, it is almost enough, and it is not useful to drink plenty of water.Some people say that drinking plenty of water detoxification, the virus may not be excreted like this, and the virus is mainly removed by our immune system.Therefore, it is important to drink so much water. It is important to drink an appropriate amount of water.

Question: Can blood oxygen respond earlier?

Zhong Ming: The monitoring of blood oxygen can more objectively reflect the tendency.Now buying a fingertip blood oxygen instrument is not expensive. Normal people breathe air, which should be above 96-97, lower than 95. Under the premise of accurate reading, it proves that your lungs have problems. At this time, the blood oxygen instrument can remind you in time.May need to go to the hospital for treatment.In addition, some elderly people have a decline in function and less response, and there will be silent hypoxia, which is another concept.When the elderly have a poor response, they have a tendency to become severe. Unlike young people have strong functions, the response will be very good.These blood oxygen meters can also be monitored.

Question: Does the heartbeat soon when the fever is hot?

Zhong Ming: The normal human body temperature rises by 1 ° C, and heartbeat is faster 12 times.Fast heartbeat is normal when fever, so do not need to be nervous.As long as you do not have serious heart disease such as coronary heart disease, fast heartbeat is normal -this shows that the body is fighting with the virus.There is no problem at home monitoring of the general population. When I went to the hospital, there was no special treatment except to increase the risk of infection.

Q: Who is easy to convert into severe illnesses?

Zhong Ming: First, the elderly, especially the disabled dementia; the other is people with diabetes, severe hypertension, and chronic respiratory diseases; the third is patients with advanced tumors, especially those who need to regulate chemotherapy.

Q: Will you still be infected after the infection?

Zhong Ming: The answer is possible.When encountering different strains, or the decrease in the level of infection with the previous infection, it may be infected, but this process has a time cycle.According to literature reports, the world’s shortest person is 20 days, but this is a world record. Most people are safe within three months under the same strain or similar strain.We have done a little simple antibody research before. Generally, the level is still available within 3-6 months. After the vaccine is injected, you will be infected again.Vaccine, because it is helpful from each dimension.

Question: The fourth pins have been strengthened to strengthen the needle. Now if you want to take care of the members of the family, what are you need to pay attention to?

Zhong Ming: Just vaccinated the fourth pins, and he was still negative. At this time, the protection still needs to be in place.Because it is just after the vaccination, it takes time to reach the high concentration of the antibody, and it will not fully protect you at this time.

Question: Will the new crown virus be cold or hot, will it be possible to hide some viruses in the refrigerator?How to disinfect?

Zhong Ming: The virus will stay in the cold environment for a long time, especially the humid and cold environment, such as freezer.If the food you put in the refrigerator is contaminated by the virus, it may really survive in the refrigerator, not only for two or three days, it may be contagious for a long time.If you buy food, it is recommended to do some simple disinfection treatment before putting it in the refrigerator, such as using alcohol spray to treat the surface, which may be safer.

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