Is oranges harmful to teeth?How to eat fruit healthy

Orange is a popular fruit in various countries, but is oranges harmful to our teeth?

How to enjoy oranges and other fruits while minimizing damage to teeth and smiles.

The disadvantage of orange

1. Sugar: Although oranges are usually considered healthy, they are actually not good for your teeth.One of the reasons is that they have a high sugar content.Orange contains an average of 12.2 grams of sugar, according to nutritional data.From this perspective, this is roughly equivalent to the sugar content of one -third of the cola.

2. acidity: Orange is a particularly acidic food. Its pH range is 3.7 to 4.3, which is more acidic than most other foods.It will erode your enamel, which is the outer layer of the teeth.When this happens, your teeth will become sensitive and more prone to tooth decay.

Advantages of Orange

Orange contains vitamins and minerals that promote the health of teeth and gums.For example, it is rich in vitamin C, which can keep the gum connective tissue strong. At the same time, oranges are rich in fiber, which is good for your digestive system health.

How to eat oranges without damaging your teeth?

You can use the following prompts to reduce the damage caused by fruits such as oranges to teeth:

1. After eating oranges, drink a bite of water. The water has a neutral pH value, which helps the acidity of neutralized oranges.

2. Eat oranges quickly.It is best to eat oranges quickly rather than slowly.By eating quickly, reducing the time for the teeth to be attacked by sugar and acid.

3. Do not eat oranges as snacks, it is best to stay in the meal time, such as a dessert or salad.Reduce the number of teeth to be attacked throughout the day.

4. Don’t brush your teeth after eating oranges. Most people think that brushing your teeth after eating oranges is a good idea.But in fact, brushing your teeth immediately after eating oranges is a bad idea.Because the orange is very acidic, acid can soften your enamel for up to an hour.If you brush your teeth when the enamel is soft, you may damage it.So after eating oranges, wait for an hour before brushing your teeth.

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