Is Mrs. Zhang died in "Knowing No"?Ming Lan’s domineering sword, she was pregnant with Six Jia personally saved people!

"Knowing" Ming Lan’s best girlfriend before marriage was our Yu Yanran.But since Yu Yanran married, there is no shot.Instead, it is General Zhang’s Lastian Zhang. Since the battle of the ball, Ming Lan and Aunt Zhang have also become very good friends. When I heard that Mrs. Zhang was pregnant, Ming Lan was also happy like a child. SeeIt is true feelings.

Speaking of the next plot, the family situation of General Shen, as well as the character of Mrs. Zhang, Zou Xiao Niang, and Zou Da. Here I have to help you.General Shen and Gu Tingyu are comrades, General Shen is also a bold person, and a rectum.He also married a very virtuous wife, the Lady Zou, but the Lady Zou sacrificed for the queen mother and General Shen.Because General Shen was ashamed of Zou Da, so she sought her sister Zou’s sister, that is, Zou Xiao Niang as a concubine. Zou Xiao Niang also became the only life of her sister.Poisonous.

The elderly Zhang, who was married by General Shen, was the granddaughter of the British public. The British public was the old minister’s honor, and General Shen was the younger brother of the queen. This is the perfect combination of the old minister and the noble. It is a marriage that allows the country to stabilize.Aunt Zhang was actually a jealous person. At that time, Xiao Qin was pitiful, and she was willing to offend Minglan, a new noble wife.Because of this, Zhang Da is a black hand of Zou Xia Niang.Ming Lan couldn’t think of the tragedy that happened to his mother that year, and would happen to his good friends again.

The method of harming people in this "Knowing No" is really copying and pasted. They specialize in picking people when they are pregnant and have children, and every time a man is not present.Especially this time, Mrs. Zhang was in the basin and couldn’t give birth. Our Minglan really did my best. She was also pregnant with a big belly, and she also wanted to protect Mrs. Zhang Zhouquan.For the first time, I was still a child.Today, Minglan is the master and mother, and it is not what it used to be.But I never thought that Ming Lan was so just this time! I knew that the doctor was clawed by Zou Xiaomiang and her brother, and with a sword with a group of people, he was going to grab people back.

I saw Ming Lan holding a big belly, holding a sword in his hand, and rushing into the courtyard of Zou Xiao Niang. When he saw someone going to stop them, Ming Lan immediately held the knife rack around Zou Xia Niang’s neck and directly searched for Zou Zou.The courtyard of the little mother rescued the elder doctors smoothly. Zou Xiao Niang’s elder brother watched the doctor and was taken away, thinking that he was going to grab it. As soon as he was approaching, he was swiped by Ming Lan. He directly saw the blood and yelled.Dare to go forward.Ming Lan still responded domineering. This kind of drama, I have seen it when I was a child, not to mention, I am no longer a child!

Ming Lan is really a person who can intervene in two ribs for friends. At that time, for Yu Yanran, Ming Lan ignored her reputation, and she was angry at Yan Ran.This time, for the lady Zhang, Ming Lan even regarded himself, waving a sword to save people, still holding a big belly, and it was dangerous to watch. All kinds of collisions, I was worried about the children in Minglan’s belly.

As for whether Zhang Da died in the end?From the trailer, I heard that Zhang Dazi had exhausted his strength and shouted that his father and daughter had filial piety. I was afraid that it would be more fierce. The preview also mentioned that the emperor went to thank the queen queen.Of course, if the plot of the novel, the aunt Zhang in the novel is not dead.Ming Lan in the preview of the TV series was not too sad, and the subsequent Zou Xiao Niang was only fifty by the queen mother.Don’t die.However, it is worth talking about that General Shen actually distressed Zou Xiao Niang and pleaded for her. I really didn’t know whether General Shen looked at the face of Zou Da or blind.

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