Is menstruation tantamount to pregnancy?

not necessarily!

Generally, women with a history of healthy life during childbearing age, if the menstrual cycle rules usually have menstrual periods, menstruation will be discontinued.At this time, you should first consider pregnancy.For more than 15 days, it should be highly suspected of getting pregnant.Mentalal discontinuation is the earliest symptom of pregnancy, but it is not a unique symptom of pregnancy.Therefore, menopause does not mean pregnancy.

Calculation of menopause time: It is calculated from the first day (last menstruation) of the last menstruation.

Calculation of pregnancy time: It is calculated from the time of fertilized eggs, and it is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation.However, because each person’s ovulation period is different, the ultrasonic examination can measure the diameter of the gestational sac, the appearance of the yolk sac, the length of the germ, and other indicators to calculate the number of pregnancy days, which is more accurate.

Is the discontinued time equal to pregnancy time?

Not certainly!

For women with a regular menstrual cycle and a menstrual cycle around 28 days of normal sexual life, in general, the discontinuation time is basically consistent with the time of pregnancy.However, ovulation delays may also occur. At this time, the discontinuation time and the time of conception are not consistent. You need to use ultrasound to evaluate.

But for women with irregular menstrual cycles, menopause cannot be equivalent to the time of pregnancy.For example, if the menstrual cycle is more than 40 days, the time to conceive should be delayed for about 10 days.

Discontinuation is different from pregnancy!It may also be amenorrhea.So, what is amenorrhea?Amenorrhea is the external manifestations of female pathological changes caused by a variety of diseases. It is a clinical symptom rather than a certain disease.

Amenorrhea: divided into primary and secondary.

The primary and closed scriptures refer to age> 14 years old, the second sexual symptoms have not developed, or the age is 16 years old.

The secondary closed menstrual period refers to the stopping of menstruation for more than 6 months after the normal menstrual cycle is established, or it stopped according to its original menstrual cycle for more than 3 months.

In addition, it is also opposite and pathological.

Physiological closed menstruation refers to the menstruation during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation after menopause.

Pathological closed menstruation refers to menopause caused by women’s endocrine, ovaries, and uterus such as functional or organic lesions.

Today, female friends understand the common sense related to menstruation and hope to help everyone.

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