Is it useful to drink brown sugar water when menstruation is uncomfortable?Need to understand

Women will be uncomfortable every few days a month. When women come to menstruation, when women come to menstruation uncomfortable, people around them will say, "Drink some brown sugar water."

Suddenly, the impression of "female exclusive protective god" was left for all girls. Once menstruation is uncomfortable, it will come to some brown sugar water.

However, in real life, many women find that drinking brown sugar water during dysmenorrhea has no effect.

So is it useful to drink brown sugar water when women come to menstruation?

According to the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, brown sugar water has the effects of nourishing Zhongyi Qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, so women should drink some brown sugar water appropriately to eliminate cold evils in the body, allow blood circulation in the body to flow quickly, and make women look rosy and shiny.It is very good for women’s body.

Because there are many causes of menstrual pain in each woman, if women’s menstrual pain is due to the severe cold in the body, dysmenorrhea occurs;

So drinking a cup of hot brown sugar at this time can quickly heat up the heat in the body, drive away the cold in the body, improve the blood stasis of blood, and make the overall blood flow usual, thereby reducing women’s dysmenorrhea.

When women are cold in their bodies, they can also be taken with ginger slices to quickly remove the cold in the body and reduce the pain of women’s dysmenorrhea.

However, if women’s menstruation is born in natural, that is, it has a certain relationship with genetic factors, then it will not be obvious if taking brown sugar water to reduce pain at this time. For this dysmenorrhea, you can only warm the stomach and make the stomach change to make the stomach change.A little more comfortable.

There are also some women in pain during menstruation, which is caused by gynecological diseases, such as endometriosis, cervicitis and other diseases. If this is the case, even if you drink more brown sugar water, it will not alleviatePhenomenon of dysmenorrhea.

After the above -mentioned explanation, it is understood that the brown sugar water has a certain effect on the irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea caused by the internal gas disorders caused by the internal factors of the body, but there is no dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation caused by gynecological diseases.Effect.

Of course, after knowing what causes of brown sugar water for dysmenorrhea, we also need to understand when brown sugar water is best to drink, so that women can make the effect of brown sugar water best.

The golden time for drinking brown sugar water is between 9: 00-11: 00 am. Drinking brown sugar during this time can prevent hypoglycemia, relieve hunger, and allow the fatigue to replenish energy in time.It not only supplement the energy required by the body, but also improves the efficiency of work, which can be described as one stone.

For women in the body, women who have menstrual dysmenorrhea should be drinking the week before menstruation, so that it can help eliminate cold and moisture in the body, and can supplement the lack of qi and blood in the body, so that women can come when menstruation comes to menstruation.The dysmenorrhea feels disappeared, and it can also promote the in vitro of congestion in the palace.

All in all, women have more benefits to drink brown sugar water. For women who are prone to fatigue before and after menstruation, they can drink a little more, but it must be noted that the calories in brown sugar water are relatively high.It is easy to get fat. It is best to drink 10g-20g of brown sugar water every day. For women with higher blood sugar, they should be taken with caution to prevent high blood sugar because of taking brown sugar water.

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