Is it so difficult to wear a set?Talk about emergency contraceptives

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A 21 -year -old girl came from the clinic, saying that the menstrual period has been extended to 10 days in the past year. I have a stomachache in the past two days. I asked me if I can take emergency contraceptives tonight. "Why take emergency contraceptives?" The girlRight and impatiently said, "Of course because of the same room last night."After questioning, I learned that this girl took countless emergency contraceptives and contraceptives within a year!In addition to causing my shock, this kind of thing has the helplessness that is scarce and ignorance of contemporary young women’s contraceptive knowledge. The road to science is really long.

About emergency contraception

Emergency contraception means that after a sexual life without contraceptive measures, take drugs or placed in -the -palace -saving device to prevent remedial measures to prevent pregnancy within a certain period of time.Among them, within a certain period of time, it means that you can take Zuo Nuo Peridone or Mifei ketone within 3 days, or place in the palace in the palace within 5 days.

Today we only talk about the commonly used emergency contraceptives that can be bought in a pharmacy -Zuo Nuo Gactone, and the products are named Yuting, Jin Yuting, An Ting, etc.

The process of normal conception

The uterus is like a vase that is inverted. The ovary is outside the uterus. After the same room, the sperm enters the uterine cavity from the female vagina. The ovaries are discharged from the ovaries and entered the fallopian tube. Sperm and eggs meet in the fallopian tube.It was transported back from the fallopian tube to the uterine cavity in about 3 days. After 3 days of floating in the uterine cavity, found a suitable foothold and was planted on the endometrium, developing into embryos.

How is emergency contraceptive contraceptive

Zuojino progesterone is an artificially synthetic high -efficiency progesterone, mainly through: inhibit ovulation; change the cervical mucus traitors, make sperm difficult to penetrate; change the endometrial shape and functionThe method of activity hinders the role of contraception from the transportation of fertilized eggs.

Side effects of emergency contraceptives

Because Zuo Nuo Nuo progesterone is a high -efficiency progesterone, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, breast tenderness may occur during the medication;Failure, that is, after taking emergency contraceptives, still hitting the gun after taking the gun; ④ Extrace The pregnancy, that is, ectopic pregnancy. Studies have found that emergency contraceptives will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy by 1-2. Analysis of the reasons may be inhibitory with Zuo Nonourone suppression.Washing tube peristalsis causes the fertilized egg transportation process to be related to the bed capacity of the fetal sac and bed in the fallopian tube.

Different application of "emergency contraceptives" at home and abroad

Although foreign emergency contraceptives are also sold as non -prescription drugs in pharmacies, the purchase procedures are quite complicated. They must be inquired and guided by doctors or country’s emergency contraceptive pill is a non -prescription drug, which is very convenient to buy, and the purchase crowd knows very little about the relevant sub -reactions of emergency contraception, so it is easy to cause emergency contraceptives to abuse.

Knock on the blackboard!

Emergency contraception is just a temporary remedy during emergency. The earlier use, the better the contraceptive effect, but the protection is only one -time, and it cannot be used as a long -term repeated contraceptive method. It is 3 times a year.

Good men have the responsibility to protect their girls who are inaccurate, should good girls learn to protect themselves, is it so difficult to wear a set?

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