Is it so cheap?The 43 -year -old Nanjing woman was hit, and she could not educate after abortion. Only 37,000 yuan was compensated

Time flies, the years are like shuttle, and it has entered May 16 in 2023. In three years of the epidemic, we tasted all the sweetness and bitterness, and we saw the world.Some people have been happy in the past three years, and some people have worried.When everything returned to normal, we invested in the work of the new year with the most fulfilling mental state, running around for our three meals a day, and fighting for the happy life of the family to the end.

A few days ago, Ms. Zhang, 43, has been pregnant for 8 weeks and is waiting for the birth of a small life with joy. As a result, because of one thing, this dream was completely broken.It turned out that one night, when Ms. Zhang walked normally on the side of the road, she encountered Li’s driving knock; after the accident, Ms. Zhang was sent to the hospital for treatment in time.After a doctor’s examination, it was found that the accident caused multiple fractures and embryos to stop.The police judged that Li was responsible for the accident.

In order to protect her life and restore health, Ms. Zhang had no choice butt, which caused her to be pregnant in the future. After the sadness, Ms. Zhang decided to ask for justice and claim to the court for claims.The court tried that Ms. Zhang was forced to terminate a causal relationship between pregnancy and traffic accidents. It was judged that the insurance company compensated Ms. Zhang within the scope of the underwriting scope of more than 37,000 yuan.Regarding this matter, netizens commented that women could not have children all their lives and deprived themselves with their rights. How did this compensation be calculated? Is it so cheap?

In fact, 43 years old is already regarded as an elderly mother. Even if they have not been hit, I am afraid that they will affect re -raising after abortion.However, Ms. Zhang walked normally on the side of the road, but was hit by Li, and it was really a disaster. In fact, although the fetus was also a life, perhaps because Ms. Zhang’s pregnancy month was not enough, and the legal significance could not be regarded as a citizen.The reason why the amount of compensation is not high is just a pity that Ms. Zhang will always lose the possibility of being a mother.Unfortunately, everyone can’t see the policy of encouraging fertility, but it is found that the value of women’s pregnancy is only 37,000 yuan.

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