Is it possible to get pregnant after menopause?Maybe it’s not the same as you think

"Really, mom? It’s great! Then you have to rest well!" Xiaotao, who was going to eat with her boyfriend Xiaowen, received a call from her mother and was happy to jump up.

Xiao Wen asked curiously, "What did your mother say to you, you are so happy!"

"I will have a younger brother or sister soon!" Xiao Tao hung up the phone and said with a boyfriend’s hand.

"I have wanted a younger brother or sister since I was a child, but my mother said that she was too busy and took me one. Now she retires and finally has time." Xiaotao continued.

Looking up at Xiao Wen again, "Think about it, I am happy. My mother has been going on for almost a year, and there are still little babies. This is the little sister given to me by heaven!"

Xiaowen frowned, pulled Xiao Tao’s hand, and said, "Your mother has a second child, but we will get married in the future, but don’t take my money to raise outsiders!"

Xiao Tao was a little puzzled: "What outsiders?"

Xiaowen glanced at Xiaotao, "Isn’t your younger brother and sister, isn’t it an outsider? Looking at your posture, you must be a" Fu brother "in the future." "

Xiaotao seemed to look at her boyfriend without knowing it.

Xiaowen gritted his teeth and hummed coldly: "Originally, these are you alone. Now someone wants to divide it with you halfway, you are still so happy!"

Xiaotao said loudly: "That’s my brother and sister, even if the money at home is given to them, I would like it!"

After talking, I turned away.

Xiaowen helped the glasses and bowed his head and thought. In his opinion, the property of Xiao Tao’s family would be Xiaotao in the future. After Xiaotao married him, he also had his share.

Now Xiaotao’s mother has a second child, and Xiaotao’s dowry should shrink half, and Xiaotao will definitely make up for her family in the future. What should people do in her own family do?I am the pride of the whole family!So, is it necessary to associate with Xiaotao?

Xiaowen thought about it for a few days, and Xiao Tao was angry because of Xiao Wen’s words, and he didn’t find him.

On this day, Xiaowen asked Xiaotao to break up with Xiaotao. If you don’t want to break up, let Xiaotao’s mother not have a second child.

Where did Xiao Tao, who had been used to raising from a young age, suffered this anger, and broke up when he broke up.

Xiaotao and mother called. Her mother comforted Xiaotao. She felt so angry and funny. She had a second child and was still opposed by her daughter’s boyfriend. She also proposed to break up.

However, it can be seen that this little text chased Xiao Tao at the beginning, I am afraid that the small peaches were simply cheating, and the family was still available. Now I know that the dowry will shrink half, and I will retreat immediately.

Mom analyzed Xiaotao one by one, so that she should not be sad for such people. Fortunately, now she is just a male and female friends. If you get married, you must not make a divorce.

Xiaotao’s mother retired, and I had no menstruation for almost a year. I thought she had menopause and did not take any measures.

I do n’t know from the day I want to sleep, and my appetite is too good. I want to eat this for a while, and I want to eat that for a while.

Xiao Tao’s father joked, "You will not be pregnant!"

As a result, it was really pregnant, and the baby had been in his stomach for almost 4 months.

In addition to the drowsiness and appetite, Xiaotao Mom has no other discomfort. After a series of examinations, there is nothing such a gestational diabetes, the hypertension of pregnancy, and the baby is well developed.

As a result, the couple unanimously decided to leave the child.

On the one hand, retirement is more lonely. On the other hand, the family has good economic conditions, and it is okay to raise two children.

Besides, Xiao Tao has always envious of people and siblings since childhood, and they have urged them to have a second child almost every year. Now it can be regarded as her wish.

The menstruation has not come for more than a year, and it is generally judged as a menopause.

At present, the age of menopause may be around 40 years old, and it is around 60 years old. Although Xiaotao Ma is 50 years old, he has good physical fitness.

Menstructed menopause is divided into artificial menopause and physiological menopause. Artificial menopause means that patients remove ovarian or stop ovarian function through surgery or other methods due to diseases.

Physiological menopause is a process. In this process, ovarian function has gradually declined, follicles are slowly discharged, or follicles stop developing and secreting estrogen, which cannot stimulate endometrium growth.

Although the menstruation of Xiaotao Ma does not have menstruation for more than one year, there is a high possibility of follicles excreted.

The menstrual cycle itself is irregular, sometimes every month, and sometimes it does not have a few months. So, even if there is no menstruation for 12 months, you cannot fully judge that there is no follicle discharge.

Due to congenital or acquired factors, ovarian dysplasia or premature aging, or eggs do not respond to gonadotropin, so it has not been menstruation for more than a year.After artificial intervention and treatment, ovulation has ovulation, even if ovulation is irregular, it is possible to get pregnant.

Some psychological pressure is too large, or due to diseases or other reasons, leading to weakness, severe anemia, and menstruation for more than a year.The mood was relaxed, and the nutrition was strengthened. After the body was slowly adjusted, the menstruation came intermittently. In this case, it is possible to get pregnant.

Due to physical illness or other injuries, the uterus or ovaries are removed or completely shrinking, no ovulation, and no eggs that can survive. So how can you get pregnant?

Menstruation every month, menstrual rules, do not have menstruation for 12 consecutive months or longer, then it can be judged basically. It has been menopause and will not have follicles.

Xiaotao’s mother obviously does not belong to the above situation, so although she has not been menstruation for nearly a year, she is still pregnant.

Just as an elderly maternal peach mother, although her body is good and there is not much discomfort during pregnancy, they must also pay attention to all aspects. Especially for the checkup, be sure to go on time.

Although the second child is very different, Xiaotao only looks forward to the upcoming younger brother and sister, and there is no exclusion. This is also one of the reasons why Xiaotao’s mother is willing to give birth to a baby.

Are there any mothers who are judged after menopause and pregnant?What is their children’s attitude towards their mother’s pregnancy?

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