Is it normal for the 18 -year -old?Doctor: Too dangerous!Multi -fetal pregnancy caused by ovulation acupuncture

Why is Zhengzhou 18 -year -old woman pregnant with eight?Ovaled pins!Not announced for the time being reduced …

Recently, Ms. Bai, who was only 18 years old in Zhengzhou, Henan, received unexpected surprises when she was inspected in the hospital: she wanted to treat irregular menstruation, but accidentally conceived her twins.

Why does Ms. Bai be pregnant with eight twins?In an interview, her husband, Mr. Wang, said: Ms. Bai was found to have polycycles while conditioning her body.She then received the doctor’s treatment and injected an ovulation needle.But what I never expected was that she was pregnant with eight twins with only one shot.The latest reports of Chinese doctors have suggested to reduce their tires, and Mr. Wang currently does not want to announce whether it is implemented.

In fact, many people in daily life have polycystic ovary syndrome. Generally, drug therapy is generally used, and ovulation needles are not preferred.Especially if you are not preparing for pregnancy, doctors will continue to monitor follicles and remind you not to do the same room.Only when you are preparing for pregnancy can you treat the polycystonus by making ovulation needles.After all, the main role of ovulation acupuncture is to treat infertility.

Therefore, many netizens have questioned Ms. Bai’s husband. If they do not want to get pregnant, they are just to treat multi -sacs. Why do wives who have not applied for a marriage certificate and have not been in the legal marriage age to promote ovulation needle?Why do you know that after the ovulation needle has been promoting an ovulation needle?Is it because of her mother’s health because of her twins?

1. What is ovulation acupuncture and ovulation -promoting medicine and what is it?

Ms. Bai had previously suffered from polycyps, and the polycystic features were amenorrhea, infertility, and high -assoisters.Women with this endocrine disease cannot ovulate normally, so it is difficult to get pregnant smoothly.Ovulation -promoting drugs can effectively fight androgen, promote multiple follicle development, and eventually develop multiple eggs.Common methods include ovulation promotional, ovulation -promoting soup and ovulation needle.

The most commonly used ovulation -promoting drugs are hormone drugs Cromifen.It can stimulate the main substances required to produce ovulation: luteal formation (LH) and follicular hormone (FSH), which eventually reaches ovulation.Promoting the ovation needle itself contains a certain number of LH and FSH.Therefore, when the pituitary and ovarian function is abnormal, the ovulation acupuncture can be promoted by injection to promote the maturity of follicles and smoothly discharge.

Obviously, the effect of ovulation needle is better.However, in clinical ovulation, it is generally necessary to take drug -promoting drugs. Generally speaking, if the patient uses drugs to promote the discharge for half a year, it will use ovulation acupuncture to solve the problem of infertility.The reason is that the injection of ovulation acupuncture is likely to cause patients with abnormal hormones, so the possibility of excessive stimulation of side effects such as ovarian and multi -fetal pregnancy is also greatly improved.

2. What are the risks of using ovulation -promoting drugs?Why use it carefully abroad?

Netizens questioned that Mr. Wang ignored his wife’s health.Ovulation -promoting drugs are indeed effective for infertility, but they must be used under the guidance of doctors of regular hospitals.After all, there are many side effects of ovulation promotion:

(1) Excessive stimulation ovaries

As a result, ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome may occur in the symptoms such as cystic increase, general edema, and even ovarian torsion. If major bleeding may be life -threatening!Therefore, after encountering infertility such as polycystic, professional doctors will carefully consider whether to adopt the solution of ovulation -promoting drugs.

(2) Promotion of menopause

In the long life of women, the number of follicles in the ovary is actually a quota that has been determined early in the morning.If ovulation -promoting drugs are used to accelerate the maturity of follicles, the number of follicles will be consumed in advance, and menopause will also come in advance.

(3) Increase the chance of multi -fetal pregnancy risk

Multi -pregnancy pregnancy will allow mothers to bear huge risks during pregnancy. It is more prone to many complications such as anemia, hypertension, diabetes, premature placenta, and pre -placenta. The hearts, liver, and kidney organs of pregnant women have a great burden.

(4) Increase the risk of tumor incidence

Promoting ovation can stimulate the body in the abnormal high hormone secretion. This endocrine disorders can make women more likely to suffer from ovarian cysts, ovarian tumors and gynecological tumors, which will damage women’s health.

(5) Other adverse reactions

Ovarian ovulation under human stimulation may cause uncomfortable menstrual disorders, abdominal distension, dizziness, and weight gain.

Overall, although ovulation -promoting drugs have curative effects, there are many side effects.Therefore, many countries use this type of drugs very cautiously and must be used under the guidance of doctors in professional hospitals.

3. Local doctors say that it is not advisable to not standardize ovulation.

Although there are many risks for ovulation -promoting drugs, under the influence of traditional ideas such as "multi -child and more blessings" in many areas, multiple pregnancy caused by irregularity caused by irregular ovulation occasionally occur.Theoretically, the use of ovulation -promoting drugs needs to follow very strict norms and precautions, and it often needs to be tight and detailed during the treatment cycle.If 3 or more follicles are mature, professional doctors usually choose to cancel this promotion cycle, so in general, rarely see triggea or more pregnancy.

Dr. Guan, who participated in the diagnosis of Ms. Bai’s physical condition, believes that the reason why Ms. Bai is pregnant with eight twins is that they have used some ovulation drugs irregularly before pregnancy.In addition, Dr. Guan also said that for some reasons, some small clinics and private hospitals in Henan did not have a rigorous ovulation treatment plan in accordance with regulations and did not strictly abide by the norms. As a result, multiple multiple pregnancy was caused.Nine twins appeared.

Poor pregnancy fetuses are more likely to have malnutrition, frail and disease, so they are more mortality than single pregnancy.Even in developed countries, multiple pregnancy, especially multiple pregnancy caused by taking multi -pregnancy, especially taking ovulation. There are many unfortunate cases: there are 15 women in Europe after taking medicines in Europe, but in the end, they only survive 0.A Australian also gave birth to 9 twins after taking the medicine. The family was rejoicing, but only 6 survived.It can be said to be very tragedy.

The Cromifen mentioned above is called "Duzi Pills" in the black market.It can be artificially stimulated by the ovarian hormone levels. There are fewer or more than a dozen ovulation in one -time ovulation, which greatly increases the probability of being pregnant with a double.This medicine is a prescription medicine. It is very cautious in regular hospitals and is usually used for IVF.However, in the channels of non -formal trading channels, some people are trying to optimize the efficacy of "Duza Wan", and even purchased from overseas countries such as Japan at a high price, trying to achieve the desire of multi -generation Tongxing’s prosperity as soon as possible through such a means.But in fact, Cromifen, Japan is also a prescription drug. The purchase of such drugs is actually illegal and has not been permitted by law.

In our country, the Ministry of Health announced the "Human Assistance Reproductive Technical Specifications" as early as the beginning of this century, which clearly required: clinicians who assisted reproductive technology must be able to regulate the use of ovulation -promoting drugs, be able to regulate the menstrual cycle through hormones, have a follicle ultrasoundMonitoring and other capabilities are strictly forbidden to achieve multiple pregnancy by ovulation -promoting drugs.

All in all, for the health of pregnant women and fetuses, ovulation -promoting medicine should not be used easily, and you must follow the doctor’s advice.What do you think?

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