Is it necessary to check the 42 -day inspection after delivery?Many people are covered in the drum.

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After Bao Ma has a child, he usually observes a few days in the hospital. After that, he will return to her home. When the family at home, the family will let Baoma start the confinement mode.Therefore, confinement is very important for a woman, and Baoma must pay attention to it.

After the confinement, there may be one more thing that many Baoma will forget, that is, after 42 days of postpartum review, some hospitals will tell the mothers when the maternal leaves the hospital.I am afraid that they have forgotten this, and some people feel too troublesome to go. Why do the hospital attach so much attention?Just because you want to make your a few dollars, or do the doctor deliberately do big questions?Many people are still ignored in the drums. Today I will discuss whether it is necessary to review this topic 42 days after giving birth.

First of all, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination 42 days after gardening for gynecology

In fact, there were many Bao moms who asked me to have such a question before, but it was really necessary to go to the hospital for examination 42 days after gynecology, so when the doctor explained the matter, they must listen carefully. They are all out of the mother’s health and safety.Just want to remind you.

Usually after 42 days after giving birth, the mother’s body has basically returned to the prenatal state. At this time, doing a check can better understand the recovery of the postpartum wound, and the pelvic floor function and uterine recovery.Bao Ma made a good assessment after giving birth, and you can also find some hidden problems in time.

In short, the 42 -day review after delivery is very important. Most Baoma was still in the drum, thinking that the hospital just took a process of form. No matter what, these inspections are good for Bao Ma.Essence

Secondly, what are the inspections of 42 days after delivery?

Basin bottom inspection.In the process of pregnancy to childbirth, whether it is a delivery or a cesarean section, their pelvic floor muscles and ligaments will be damaged. After the confinement is overIn order to better understand the postpartum recovery of mothers, if the recovery is not good, it may be necessary to use artificial intervention, because if the pelvic floor of Bao Ma is not recovered well, it will beThere are some influence,

Uterine test.Everyone knows that women’s uterus is a place where the fetus is born, and this place is also very important for women, so women must protect them. After giving birth, women’s uterus becomes very fragile and is in a recovery period, but the uterusEveryone does not know how to recover in the body of a woman, and if the mother does not pay attention, it may cause the uterus to fall off. In order to accurately understand whether the uterus recovery is normal, some need to pass some through some.Check to confirm the recovery of the uterus.

Breast examination.Many mothers know that breastfeeding is better for babies, so after giving birth to a child, many Baoma will choose to breastfeed the baby, and the newborn baby appetite is small, and the mother will increase milk. If the milk is not timely in timeIf you suck the breasts, you will swell and pain, and it will also affect the secretion of milk. Milk is the baby’s rations, and it will also affect the baby’s health. Therefore, this examination is also necessary.

In addition to Baoma to check 42 days after giving birth, the baby needs to be checked, so what does the baby need to check?

Routine inspection.Doctors will measure the development indicators of length, weight, and head circumference, and check whether the baby’s heartbeat and lung breathing are normal.

Nervous system examination.Doctors will let the baby lie down to see if the baby can rely on the strength of the shoulder and neck to lift it, and also make an assessment of the baby’s brain development. In addition, you will see if the baby can pay attention to it., Or follow up.

Jaundice testing.Many babies have symptoms of jaundice after birth. Usually, they will fade back for a while. If there is a slight jaundice in 42 days, the doctor will also look at the baby’s condition.

Finally, 42 days of precautions after birth:

After giving birth to a child, Baoma felt that it was easy to make it easier. The two could experience the feeling of the two worlds. So can there be a husband and wife life 42 days after giving birth?Some people think that the postpartum dew is clean and the husband and wife can live. In fact, this idea is wrong. Although the lochia has been drained, the damage of the female uterus has not been fully repaired. At this timeIt is easy to cause female infection, and it is also easy to cause women’s irregular menstruation or confinement.

Therefore, dads are best to recover from the body of the mother. After 2 months, the body is fully recovered, and it is not too late to live in a husband and wife.

Did you go to review 42 days after giving birth?

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