Is it medicine?No, they are also vegetables!"Medicine and Food Himen" ingredients

Shenzhen today’s temperature

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By mid -to -late December, the temperature in Shenzhen continues to be "friendly"

I really envy the children’s shoes in the north. Now I should enjoy the snow in the sky.

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in Shenzhen

Want to witness the day of snowfall

I want to get the day after tomorrow!

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Shenzhen "Friendship" temperature is put aside first

Today, we continue to come to Kanbang’s ingredients-Codonopsis ingredients-Codonopsis

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Codonopsis is flat, sweet, has the effects of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen and lungs. It is often used to treat symptoms such as weak spleen and lungs, shortness of breath, stools, cough, and thirst of internal heat and thirst.

In modern medicine, the chemical ingredients containing the codonoprinus, and the polysaccharide of Codonopsis and Dangshen can improve the digestive system of the body, improve the microcirculation, and the blood system. It is a good conditioning ingredient.

At present, there are many types and quantities of Codonopsis on the market, and the quality is also different.How should I choose Cangshen?There are also a few tips below!


01. Look at the shape: Codonopsis root is slightly conical, spinning round cylindrical or long cone -shaped, less branches or branches below the middle, and the root head is integrated by most protruding stem marks and bud marks.Xi called the "lion head", and the Codonopsis is tight, skin tight, and soft -quality;

02. Look at the color: The surface of the Codonopsis is gray -yellow, gray -brown or yellow -brown, with shrinking irregular longitudinal grooves, sparse and long leather holes. The upper part is mostly ring -like wrinkles.Commonly known as "oil dot", the quality of the Codonopathy with yellow -white and chrysanthemum heart is better.

03. Taste the taste: Codonopsis texture is soft or tough, the section is flat, and some keratin -like leather parts are thicker, the Codonopsis is slightly fragrant, sweet and sweet, and it is better to chew.The second.

Come to a very important part of eating, which common practices, are delicious and can preserve Codonopsis nutrients.There are several ways to recommend.

Codonopiating chicken soup

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raw material:

1 hen (about 1.5 kg), 50 grams of codonopsis, 25 grams of wolfberry, 150 grams of large sauce, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 4 slices of ginger slices, 10 grams of refined salt.


1. Bleeding the chicken, shampoo, remove the internal organs, cook it in a boiling water pot, remove the blood, remove it with water and rinse it, and control the water;

2. Put the chicken in the inside, add water to the water, add wolfberry, Chenpi, Codonopsis, big sauce, ginger slices, refined salt, cover and cover, put in the steamer drawer;

3. Steam for 2.5 hours, taste it, and it will be good.

Catfish Codcin Soup

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raw material:

1 tail (about 250 grams), 4 tofu, 30 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of cooked ham, and 50 grams of pork meat.


1. Clicp to clean the catfish, drain the water, add it in the pan and fry it after use, the pork lean meat slices;

2. Use meat soup to boil pigs, ham, and codonopsis to cook catfish and tofu, and boil Wuhuo;

3. Cook it for 20 minutes with text heat and season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and coriander.

Codonoplasses tea tea

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raw material:

Codonopsis 5 money, 2 money of wolfberry, 0.5 money of Sichuan pepper, 1 small piece of ginger, 3 or two lean meat


1. Put Codonopsis, Sichuan pepper, ginger, and 3 bowls of water in the pot, and boil over low heat for about 25 minutes;

2. Put the lean meat in the method of cooking for 3 minutes for 3 minutes and sprinkle the wolfberry.

Codonopsis, the applicable population is wide and has a good nourishing effect.But Codonopsis should not be abused, the following people should be used with caution!

Seriously serve the crowd:

1. There are empirical symptoms, such as fever, abdominal distension and pain, chest tightness, irritability, strong pulse, thick tongue coating, etc.

2. Symptoms of heat syndrome, such as hot sweat. People who are red and irritable, irritable hands and feet, irritability, weak pulse, etc. are used with caution;

3. Patients with excessive evil spirits and low -level qi and diseases must be compatible with party ginseng and other drugs under the guidance of professional doctors.

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