Is it good to drink brown sugar water during menstruation?It is not recommended to drink brown sugar water during menstrual periods during menstruation

There are always a few days every month. Women feel uncomfortable, which is the physiological period of female friends.I have heard some female friends complaining why women have menstruation?Why is there no menstruation?Why can’t men have children?It’s really unfair, and you must be a man or something in the next life.Our men are not easy. We are in love, getting married, houses, cars, and that are not like a man who can’t breathe like a mountain.If you can, I believe most men are like earthworms, hermaphrodite, and do not rely on women to have children. This will not have tremendous pressure facing in real life, but live relaxed and relaxed.Haha, of course, this is a joke.

Menstruation is here

How does a woman’s menstruation cause?The process of menstruation is relatively complicated. It mainly relies on women’s sex glands axis, that is, hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis.First of all, the hormone is released by the hypothalamic gonadotropin, which acts on the pituitary gland, and then the pituitary gland secretes follicle stimulatory and a small amount of luteal formation under the action of hormones.EssenceThe ovarian secretion of estrogen acts on the endometrium to promote the hyperplasia of the endometrium.When the estrogen concentration reaches a certain amount, the feedback can suppress the hypothalamus to generate gonadotropin release hormones, the abolition of the abdomen of the gonad body decreases, and the estrogen secretion is reduced.After ovulation, the follicles are under the action of luteal formation, producing luteum, luteal secreting a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, and progesterone can change the endometrium from the hyperplasia period to the secretion period.The luteal formin and follicular stimulatory secretion of vertical glandular gland are reduced, and the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is reduced. At this time, the endometrium lacks the support of hormones.

Hulkin-pituitary-ovarian axis

Mom, my menstruation came, my stomach hurts.Don’t worry, I will boil you some brown sugar water to drink.Brown sugar water has become a good medicine to relieve pain in menstruation.

According to the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, brown sugar has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, driving the wind and dispersing cold, and promoting blood circulation and stasis. It is especially suitable for maternal, children and anemia.

brown sugar

The so -called brown sugar is a red crystal extracted from beet or sugarcane, which contains glucose, pear sugar and other monosaccharides and polysaccharides.Female friends are relatively weak during menstruation. Drinking brown sugar water can effectively supplement energy. In addition, folic acid and trace substances contained in brown sugar can play a warm uterus, accelerate blood circulation, and promote the discharge of uterine meridian blood.Brown sugar water can effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea. During the boiling process, you can add some ginger slices to get in, which can warm the stomach health.

1. For women with weak constitutions, it is recommended to calculate their menstrual period in advance, do health care work in advance, and drink brown sugar water 2-3 days before menstruation, keep warm uterus, prevent spasm, and effectively relieve dysmenorrhea.

2. It is recommended not to drink brown sugar water before going to bed, it is easy to cause excess energy and cause weight gain.

3. After women’s menstruation, you feel poor, you can drink another bowl of brown sugar water, which can effectively relieve symptoms.

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In fact, drinking brown sugar water during menstruation varies from person to person, not all women are suitable for drinking.

1. Diverse menstrual flow and large bleeding amount.

Brown sugar water can effectively promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation, and relieve dysmenorrhea.However, women with a large amount of menstrual and more bleeding are not recommended to drink brown sugar water, but will cause menstrual flow to continue to increase, bleeding difficulty stop, and severe cases may still have to scratch the palace to stop bleeding.

2. Obesity women, diabetic patients.

For these women do not recommend drinking brown sugar water during menstruation, the blood sugar itself is high, and drinking brown sugar water will increase the condition.

3. Women with secondary dysmenorrhea.

We all know that brown sugar water can relieve dysmenorrhea to a certain extent, which has a certain effect on women with primary dysmenorrhea.However, women with secondary dysmenorrhea cannot work.Primary dysmenorrhea is mainly due to the excessive prostaglandin secreted by women’s body, which causes dysmenorrhea.Drinking brown sugar water can speed up the blood circulation of the uterine, alleviate the symptoms of uterine ischemia to a certain extent, and effectively relieve dysmenorrhea.Most of the secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by uterine adenomy muscles and endometriosis. Brown sugar water is not effective, and most of them need surgery.

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