Is it difficult to conceive premature ovarian failure?5 methods to protect the ovaries, please take it

It is said that "Auntie is a feminine of women’s healthy barometer." Auntie is a periodic endometrial periodic loss of bleeding with the periodic changes of the ovarian.A sound luteum function.If the aunt has a problem, it will be paid attention to the decline in the function of ovarian reserves.

What will have the impact of the decline in ovarian reserves?

The function of ovarian reserve is the sum of the amount and quality of all follicles reserved in the ovaries, and it is also a must -have ovarian reserve for babies.

In the past, the auntie, after the follicles were mature to discharge the eggs, felt the signal reminder of the changes in hormone changes after ovulation, and rushed with luggage.

After the decreased ovarian reserve function, the number of eggs in reserve began to decrease, quality began to decrease, and the signal strength of hormone changes began to weaken, resulting in extended or shortening the time of the aunt.

How to improve ovarian function in daily life?

1. Increase the type of food and balance nutrition

Properly supplement folic acid, supplement B vitamins, vitamin C, E, and trace elements, such as eggs, milk, pork liver, fresh vegetables, bean products, fish, fungus, etc.Hormone and protein synthesis in the body affects follicle development and maturity.

2. Persist in exercise and avoid sitting for a long time

Adhere to sports, enhance physical fitness, and give good metabolism, blood circulation and supply with good organs throughout the body, ensure the health and coordination of function, and delay the decline of ovarian function.

3. Adjust the time of life and keep regular

Studies have found that the signs of ovarian functional decline for long -term staying up late or poor sleep quality are more obvious; maintaining regular schedules and ensuring sufficient high -quality sleep can protect the ovaries.

4. Keep your emotions stable and peaceful, quit anxiety

Long -term mental and emotional anxiety, depression can affect pituitary function, affect ovarian endocrine and follicle development.

5. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

The characteristics of Chinese medicine are characterized by "overall concepts" and "syndrome differentiation", advocating "yin and yang balance", followed the characteristics of yin and yang growth and yin and yang conversion in the menstrual cycle, conditioning yin and yang, and promoting the normal transformation of the menstrual cycle, thereby improving ovarian menstruation and regulating menstruation.the goal of.

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