Is hiccup who wants to vomit?What should I do if I want to vomit?What you want to know is here

Snoring wants to vomit, it is usually caused by improper diet or cold.Otherwise, some patients are uncomfortable with the liver of the liver.Generally, when you want to vomit snoring and other problems, patients can drink some hot water, take a long time, and swallow it. Generally speaking, it will be good.In addition, if you are pregnant, you will first discontinue menstruation.

1. Does hiccup want to vomit?

Generally speaking, the phenomenon of hiccups and vomiting is because the diaphragm between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity in the body is external irritation.The transverse muscles in the body will involuntarily shrink. In addition, the body will inhale the air into the body’s lungs through eating and other behaviors, and the body will make a snoring sound.Most of the stimulus of snoring wants to vomit, most of the phenomenon that comes from the pressure of the body’s own stomach or the pressure that is too much in the body’s abdomen, it is not necessarily pregnant.The reason for snoring wants to vomit is of course related to the liver, pancreas and gallbladder near the diaphragm near the body. Sometimes patients with this disease sometimes appear snoring and want to vomit.Of course, because the sensitivity of each person’s diaphragm is also different, the degree of snoring wants to vomit is also related to the physique of the individual.

2. What are the reasons for snoring and vomiting during pregnancy?

1. Snacking during pregnancy is to vomit because pregnant women will relax the body’s smooth muscles due to uterine increasing, and it will also cause the human digestive tract to slow down.The body will produce symptoms such as acid reflux, bad breath, flatulence, qi, indigestion, constipation and bleeding, so many novice mothers will have snoring symptoms during pregnancy.

2. There are many reasons that cause maternal hiccups to vomit during pregnancy, including the weakened gastrointestinal and esophageal function of pregnant women during pregnancy. It may also be a normal reaction during pregnancy caused by the external environment or physical stimulation.

3. Snacking during pregnancy may also be because pregnant women cause food to bring air into the mouth when eating food when eating food. This kind of air usually has nothing to do.However, because of pregnancy, the uterus will cause the stomach to cause insufficient stomach space.These air will overflow from the mouth, or it may be a disease phenomenon caused by the mental and neurological factors during pregnancy, poor eating habits, and excessive swallowing movements.

4. In addition to the cause of sex hormones during pregnancy, the uterus will become larger when the pregnant woman is pregnant, which will cause the intestinal tube to be pushed to the top and both sides.In addition, the placenta in pregnant women will secrete a large amount of pregnancy hormones, which can cause the tension of the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women during the gastrointestinal tract during the pregnancy.The weakening of gastrointestinal motility will delay the excretion of the stomach content in the body, so the body will cause a snoring phenomenon in the body.

3. What should I do if I want to vomit?

1. Patients who want to vomit must pay attention to keeping their bodies and cheerfulness. They must arrange their schedule reasonably. Don’t stay up late.Be sure to eat on time, eat less or not eat spicy food.

2. If it is not the phenomenon of hiccups and vomiting, patients still have to go to the hospital as soon as possible to do gastroscopy to determine the cause of snoring and want to vomit.If you are pregnant, try not to drink medicine, and drink more boiling water to relieve.If you want to vomit the body’s hiccups caused by illness, then you need to take the drugs that you want to vomit.Generally speaking, commonly used drugs for treating snoring and vomiting include Xisha Billy, Shuqi San and other drugs.

In short, it should not be pregnant when snoring wants to vomit and does not have menopause.However, if you want to know whether you are pregnant, you should go to the hospital for some examinations.

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