Is amniotic fluid and secretions unclear?Specific mothers come to see, avoid accidents during the delivery period

When the maternal period is giving birth, there are two very important symptoms, one is contraction pain, and the other is that the amniotic fluid is broken, and the latter needs to be sent to the medical treatment as soon as possible.

In October, the expectant mothers felt that their brains were like a tight strings, and they couldn’t wait to "unload" early, but many expectant mothers were in the last door, and the oolong was made.I didn’t go to the hospital.In fact, this is because many expectant mothers have broken the amniotic fluid as normal secretions.

1. How does amniotic fluid break?

When the amniotic fluid is broken, the pregnant mother will have a feeling of urinary incontinence. The lower body is not controlled and the liquid is continuously flowing.

2. How to distinguish amniotic fluid and secretions?

There are many types of amniotic fluid, some are bright and transparent, and some show a yellow or green state. Some liquids also contain cream -like fetal fats and may see blood wire, but usually no stickiness.But the secretions are generally white and sticky.

3. How long does the amniotic fluid break when it breaks?

Amniotic fluid is an important protective layer of a baby in the uterus. If the amniotic fluid is broken, it is usually necessary to produce to prevent the baby from hypoxia. In 12 hours, antibiotics are injected.

4. What should I do if the amniotic fluid is broken?

After the amniotic fluid is broken, the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital for delivery quickly.And you need to pay attention to lying down and rest, raising your lower body, so as not to start the giving birth without starting to give birth, causing the baby to be hypoxic.

Generally speaking, it is possible to give birth at any time at any time. Pregnant mothers are best prepared in advance, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes.So during the production period, what are the things to pay attention to?

1. The items required for the delivery room

Childbirth is a very time -consuming thing. Entering the delivery room is not all good. Pregnant mothers need to prepare what they need in advance, such as mattresses, clothes change and physical strength.There are also things to be used during the confinement period. Preparation of troubled pregnant mothers can choose to be a production package and buy a complete purchase at a time.

2. Baby food

Don’t think that your baby can eat breast milk. Many mothers need to milk for three or four days. Watching the baby crying hungry, the mother is also distressed.Therefore, it is prepared to prepare for formula milk powder and bottle in advance.

3. Baby clothes

The baby comes from the warm and safe uterus to the world. A warm and soft small dress can give him a very comfortable sense of security, making him like returning to the mother’s womb, and their fragile skin also needs cotton to take care of itEssence

4. Hugging

Wrap the baby will make the baby who just leave the uterus more secure.The newborn baby is small and soft, wrapped up with a quilt, holding it more smoothly.However, the thickness of the quilt should be determined according to the temperature of the environment, so as not to be too thick to avoid heat to the baby.

5. Infant oil

It is mainly for the baby’s touch, and you can also remove the fetal fat on the newborn baby.Wipe the baby’s oil on the baby’s fetal fat, polish and massage with the fingertips, the fetal fat on the head will soften, and then wash it with water.After the baby takes a shower, do a touch of touching the baby to promote the development of the baby’s nervous system.

6, diapers

NB’s diapers should be prepared at least one pack. The baby can pull more urine, especially after birth, and the tires will be excluded, and the diapers are essential.When the urine is discolored, it is prompted to be replaced, and it must be replaced in time, otherwise the baby will be guilty after red butt.Some people recommend using diapers, but in the first few days of birth, diapers are recommended.

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