Introduce brown sugar today!

Do you know some secrets of brown sugar?

In fact, brown sugar may not necessarily be brown sugar, because there is now a kind of sugar on the market.Richard sugar is equivalent to some by -products in the manufacture of rock sugar, that is, the lustrous sugar left in the remaining sugar when making rock sugar will be used as a cash sugar.

In contrast, red sugar is easier to open and sweeter, but the nutritional level is much lower than brown sugar.Because brown sugar has not been melted too much, the juice, nutrition and vitamins in it are very intact, and brown sugar is very sweet.When women are normal, they have estrogen in their bodies. This estrogen can inhibit the impulse of girls who want to eat, and estrogen will be reduced in the physiological period, so they will want to eat.At this time, the sweetest food can make them happier at the time, so this is happier.So drink brown sugar during the physiological period.

And brown sugar can actually be done at home.

· First, you can buy more sugar cane, because if you buy less sugarcane, the brown sugar is only a little bit.This 6 -pound sugarcane is made up of a pound of brown sugar, so it takes a long time to know that brown sugar actually takes a long time.

→ First of all, you must remove the sugarcane and divide it into a small section. You can manually scrape it into a silk. You can also put it in the wall breaking machine and stir it into a paste. After putting it in the gauze, squeeze it with your hands.Sugar cane juice.

→ This process is squeezed and squeezed out as much as possible. At this time, starting the fire.When a lot of bubbles come out, it is replaced with low heat, and the impurities floating on it when cooking must remove it.

→ Boil it later to a relatively sticky, darker color, and you can pour it into the mold or a box that is prepared in advance, and then pour the brown sugar in the middle with oil paper.It can be set for one night.

But if you have molds at home, you can still look better in the mold.In fact, there is a difference between brown sugar and red sugar, just look at the product standard number of its country.For example, this bag I took in my hand, the product standard number is GBT35885.This means that it is a real brown sugar.Is this the affirmation of Taikoo?right.And if this is 35884, then it proves that this is not pure brown sugar, it is red granulated sugar.

Compared to brown sugar, red sugar is more suitable for making. For example, stir -fried food needs to be used. To fried a sweeter effect, you may encounter red sugar, and brown sugar is also very drinking at home.Make up.

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