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The concave shape, the installation beam, showing personalities … With the increasing growth of the people’s needs for a better life, people are about to move their beauty. How can we show our beauty under the "mask"?"Hyun" has a personality, and she wants to come out. Today, Miss Customs takes you to talk about how to choose hair dye cosmetics safely.

Customs supervise the safety of import and export cosmetics in accordance with the law

If you want to choose a hair dye cosmetics that suits you, you must first know what kind of hair dye, and what kind of hair dye is divided into?

Hair -dye cosmetics is a type of cosmetics that change hair color. In my country, it belongs to special use cosmetics.Hair dye is divided into temporary, semi -permanent, permanent hair dye.

1. Temporary hair dye

Temporary hair dye is generally composed of dyes or pigments of some macromolecules. Because the molecular weight is large, it cannot enter the inside of the hair. It is basically attached to the surface of the hair, so it is easy to wash it off with fragrance and water.However, these hair dye rarely damage hair quality, and it is not easy to pass through the skin and has high safety.

2. Semi -permanent hair dye

The semi -permanent hair dye is mainly dyes that are low -quality molecular quality and can penetrate into the interior of the hair, and have a certain affinity with the hair stratum corneum.Essence

Grassroots customs officers conduct import and export cosmetics supervision

3. Permanent hair dye

Permanent hair dye is mainly oxidized hair dye.Its formula composition mainly includes dye intermediates, coupling agents and oxidants.The principle of hair dye does not use dyes directly, but uses colorless dye intermediates. These dye intermediate molecular molecular weights are small, which can penetrate inside the hair. The oxidation polymerization reaction with the oxidant and coupling agent that is also infiltrated into the hair is also infiltrated.It becomes a macromolecular dye to make the hair color. The macromolecular dyes formed inside the hair are difficult to seep from the inside of the hair, so it is difficult to be washed off, and the color lasts longer.

Grassroots customs officers conduct import and export cosmetics supervision

In addition to hair dyeing effects, hair dye safety has always been a topic that consumers are very concerned.So if you want to change your hair color and kind of mood, you need to be beautiful and safe. Can fish and bears do both?Come and listen to the suggestions of Miss Customs:

1. Consumers should choose regular and legal channels to purchase hair dye cosmetics and purchase products with clear logo.When choosing imported hair dye products, consumers can ask the seller to check the product’s "Entry Cargo Inspection and Quarantine Certificate".Even if you use it in a hairdressing institution, you must ask the source and check the purchase certificate if necessary.

2. Consumers should save purchase vouchers and product packaging information.The minimum sales unit of imported hair dyeing products must have a standardized Chinese label. You can use Chinese tags directly or Chinese tags. The content of the Chinese label related product safety and efficacy claim should be consistent with the relevant content of the original label.It is necessary to focus on the Chinese name, the name and address of the production enterprise, the standard number, ingredients, production date and shelf life (or production batch number and time -limited use date), use method, safety warning term and cosmetics approval number/registration number of the product executionWaiting for information.

3. When consumers buy imported hair dye products, check whether the imported hair cosmetics label indicates whether the imported cosmetics registration number is marked on the imported cosmetics label.Hair -dye cosmetics belong to special use cosmetics in my country. It is necessary to import it after being registered with the relevant functional departments of the State Council. It can inquire about whether the corresponding information corresponding to the imported cosmetics registration number is consistent with the Chinese label information.The regular imported hair dye product number is "National Make -up Special Inlet J (4th Year) XXXX".

4. Consumers should read the product instructions in detail before use, and it is recommended to perform skin testing.When it is difficult to determine itself, it is recommended to consult a professional medical institution.

5. After consumers use the product, pay attention to observe their own conditions.Especially whether the head, facial, etc. have rashes, itching, burning sensation, etc. or other abnormalities; once adverse consequences occur, they should be cleaned immediately and avoid contacting such hair dye products again.Hospital for treatment.


Note: Hair dye is not applicable to everyone. Children, skin allergic diseases, women who plan to get pregnant, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding should not be used as much as possible.

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