Inspirational!Infertile mother, six years of hardships, finally got dragon and phoenix tires

Longfeng fetus back to her mother’s house

Recently, a couple took the baby of the Dragon and Phoenix to the Division of the Reproductive Medicine of the People’s Hospital of Luohu District (formerly Shenzhen Armed Police Hospital Reproductive Center).All medical staff in the clinic helped us fulfill our parents’ dreams! "The two" little yellow people "wearing SpongeBobs, the cute and handsome little appearance simply enlightened everyone’s heart, and Director Xing Qi even loved.

In the cheerful blessing, we learned about Ms. Yu’s quite bumpy journey.

Ms. Yu and Mr. Yu have been married for many years. They were pregnant unexpectedly in 2011, but young people always wanted to play and enjoy. They did not do a good job of greeting a new life, so they chose a miscarriage.Later, after both life and work were stable, the parents of both sides began to urge, and Ms. Yu and his wife formally put pregnancy on the agenda.But a few years have passed, and Ms. Yu’s belly has not moved.The young couple panicked at this moment, and the more anxious, the more they couldn’t conceive. They had done a lot of inspections. They also went to see a number of hospitals to see the doctor.

The time came to 2017. After being introduced by a friend, the Department of Reproductive Medicine of the People’s Hospital of Luohu District (formerly Shenzhen Armed Police Hospital Reproductive Center) has carried out IVF technology for more than 20 years, and the success rate is also very good.Ms. Yu and his wife decided to fight again, and soon they came to Xingqi Clinic to face to face.

After understanding Ms. Yu’s medical history, Director Xing Qi arranged for them to do a comprehensive physical examination.The test results showed that the man’s semen was normal, and Ms. Yu was blocked by biopoppanopposure.After finding the cause of infertility, Director Xing Qi developed an individualized treatment plan for them.This series of treatment processes is very smooth, but even in the case of good embryo, Ms. Yu has not successfully conceived even when the embryo quality is good.Essence

Director Xing Qi patted her shoulders and comforted: "We still have a few good embryos. Now you relax your mood and adjust your body and mind to the best state. Believe in us, we cooperate well, work together, and strive for good results as much as possible.At this moment, Ms. Yu smiled slightly. After experiencing the above -mentioned failure, she had relaxed her heart, completely unconditional to believe in the doctor, and faced the next challenge with a smile with a smile.

Director Xing Qi chose to transplant 2 frozen blastocysts during the fourth transplantation.Huang Tian lived up to the careless person. After 10 days of pregnancy test, the pregnancy showed a successful pregnancy, and the blood value was good.In October, Ms. Yu successfully gave birth to a healthy and cute dragon and phoenix.The child who is looking forward to so long is finally coming, and once there are two, the children are doubled. Ms. Yu suddenly felt that her previous efforts and sadness were not worth mentioning, and her fate was always cared for her.

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