Infertile men, their wives are pregnant and have no derailment. What is going on?

After the sweetness of the newlywed Yaner, it is the task of Chuizong.Some people are pregnant as soon as they touch, and some people ask Grandpa to sue grandma to get pregnant.Many couples who do not get good pregnancy have gathered together.Today’s protagonist parted ways with gunpowder.

"I am sick, I have infertility, now you tell me you are pregnant, your shameless sister -in -law!"

He spoke a man with a hurry, his eyes were red, and his eyes were full of tears.Then he dumped the inspection report from the hospital to the woman’s face.

Originally thought that her husband would hold herself up with ecstasy, but what he did not expect was this result.Women do not know when men do infertility checks, but women have determined that they have not had a bed in bed with men other than their husbands.What exactly is this?

Ruoxi is a young daughter -in -law married to our village, but she is not a new daughter -in -law.She and Nanchen have been married for four years, but their stomachs have no movement at all. The two and parents of both sides were in a hurry in their eyes.

But because of face, they are usually busy at work. They have never went to the hospital to check their bodies. I don’t know if the child doesn’t like dad or is not satisfied with his mother.

Two days ago, Nanchen took a vacation and secretly hidden from his family to the hospital for examination to solve the doubts for many years.Coincidentally, Nanchen just entered the door today, and Ruoxi, who had been waiting at home for a long time, wanted to surprise him: After the continuous efforts of the two of them, they finally conceived their baby.So the opening scene appeared!

Nanchen had suspected that Ruo Xi and their company were still dyed. This news that should have been blooming was Nanchen’s nightmare.Infertility has caused him to fall into the abyss. The news of Ruo Xi’s good pregnancy seemed to be a big stone that was smashed from the cliff, and he had to settle in the abyss.He vent all the bad emotions to Ruoxi. The two of them became more and more noisy.

After hearing about Ruoxi’s incident, this man who was a gentleman on the surface became a long -tongue woman. Within half a day, the company knew that Ruoxi was married.Whatever derailed the baby, what Ruo Xi’s husband was infertile, and the scandal that Ruoxi was rested by her husband was smashed like a hail.Ruoxi has no place in the company.

Ruo Xi dreamed that she had always maintained her male girlfriend, and even gave her a knife when her life was lowered!She couldn’t stay in the company, and the physical and mental fatigue of divorce and pregnancy made her have no extra energy to deal with the company’s gossip.Ruo Xi submitted a resignation letter to the company. In recent years, the deposit was enough for her to eat and drink the child.The monk’s friendship boat also traded here.

The story ended in a dramatic scene.Nan Chen turned to other big hospitals to review, and the doctor told him that everything was normal and had no major problems.

Nan Chen was dumbfounded, and angrily found the doctor from the hospital to question, and the doctor said with a lightly described "getting the wrong inspection form."of.

This big oolong that is wrong and the wrong is destroyed a happy little home and overturned a bridge of friendship!Nanchen’s sorrow, right and wrong, who are looking for?In the future, look at the test results, remember to check your name, and trust and tolerate your partner.As a friend, you should not fall off the stones when others are frustrated!

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