Indian cross -gender couple’s pregnancy photos caused a sensation: for the birth of children, the man terminated degeneration, pregnant with pregnancy

Recently, a pair of Indian couples with a pregnancy photo caused a lot of sensation on the external network.

This is a very special couple.Both of them are cross -sex, and they are currently living in Karara, southern India.

The wife in the photo, named Ziya Paval, is 21 years old (after the picture).

Paval’s physiological gender is male.But she wanted to become a girl since she was a child, so she grew up and decided to receive hormonal treatment and officially became her daughter.

The pregnant husband in the picture is called "Zahad", 23 years old (before the picture).

On the contrary to his wife Paval, Zahad’s physiological gender is a female, but he wants to be a boy, so he also began to undergo a series of transgender surgery.

Such two people fell in love with each other after meeting three years ago, and under the pressure of various aspects such as family, religion, bravely knocked into couples.

This kind of love has an extremely rare example in the local area, but the two then made a more shocking decision–

They want to have children …

After making this decision, they both stopped receiving hormonal treatment. When Zahad had not been removed in his uterus and ovaries, he was pregnant in person.

Speaking of which, the reason why the young cross -sex couple eager to have their own children may be related to the past experience of the two.

His wife Paval was born in a conservative Muslim family.

Because she was a boy at birth, she was always restricted by her family.

She loved dancing, but was strongly opposed by her parents.To prevent Paval, they even cut off her long hair.

Paval, who has always been recognized at home, finally took advantage of a chance to participate in the festival ceremony, left his parents, and never went back …

Later, she studied dance at a transsexual community center and became a dance teacher, which realized her childhood dream.

The husband Zahad also has a similar experience.

He was born in a Christian family.After discovering his gender cognition as a male early, Zahad bravely out of the cabinet to his family.

However, not only was unacceptable, but also accused him of ridiculous and unreasonable.Zahad, which failed to get support, has since been in sadness and despair.

But he did not give up facing the real self, so he chose to run away from home.

The lack of childhood has made Paval and Zahad deep in their hearts and have always eager to get a warm family.

The two were determined to ask for a child a year and a half years ago.

Considering their own situation, they first thought about adoption.

However, the identity of the transsexual people makes it difficult for them to pass a fixed legal procedure.

When they were discouraged, they suddenly remembered that Zahad’s transsexual process at this time was only half.His ovaries and uterus have not been removed, and they are still women in biology, and they have the conditions for pregnancy.

This method is really incredible, but its feasibility has been confirmed by a doctor.

At first, Zahad did not agree.

After all, he had given up his identity for a long time, and was afraid that he would be pregnant with a man’s psychological state, and he would be voted in a strange look by others.

But in the end, Paval’s thirst for children still convinced him.

Subsequently, in the advice of the doctor, in order to ensure the health of the fetus, Paval and Zahad temporarily stopped the hormonal treatment against degeneration and postponed it to the end of pregnancy.

The two began to prepare for pregnancy and really conceived their children as expected.

This experience is extremely rare in India, and Zahad even speculates that he may be the first transgender man in the country.

The arrival of new life makes his wife Paval extremely excited.

She published a piece of text on the Internet, looking back at the experience of herself and Zahad:

"Although I am not a natural woman, my body is not entirely female now, but as I grow up, I realize that the woman’s temperament is just becoming a ‘mother’, so I understand that I have such aDreams. And my’ Zahad has always been trapped in the struggle brought by gender identity. He then chose to change the treatment and resection of the breast through hormones according to his wishes. "

"Time let us come together, we have been together for three years. Just as I have a dream in my heart, the dream of becoming a father in his heart, and the desire to become ourselves, let us choose together without thinking. NowadaysThere is an eight -month -old life that exists vividly in his stomach … Please support our decision to make our desire come true. We are the first transgender couple to successful pregnancy in India … sincerelyThanks to my friends iThak, husband and his mother, as well as sisters, and doctors, I have always supported our little family who lives in lonely. "

The courage and persistence of the two successfully moved the people around them.

After learning that Zahad was pregnant, his family finally accepted Zahad and his wife Paval.

Even the mother who was ashamed to let Zahad announce the news of pregnancy at first, later agreed to let him share the joy.

Not only that, Zahad’s family also provided various support and help for the couple.

This special pregnancy, then boarded the headlines of major local news.

Zahad and Paval therefore received a lot of blessings from netizens:

"All the problems are that the two were men and women when they were born.And a happy family. "

Even Indian transsexual actresses S Negha also commented on their ins: "Transformer is worth having a family."

But at the same time, some netizens expressed concerns about the future of the child:

"I am worried about their children and the future development of their children. Children will be confused and facing bullying. Some people may say" It’s not about you ", but this is how you are promoting it, meI did n’t propagate that I am a straight person and non -cross -sex group, because this is not important, because we are all just people. But if you preach, bring a innocent child to the call number you get your attention, then this is what isunfair."

"I don’t have any opinions on people’s choice of transsexual, but if you want to be a man, then be a man, if you want to be a woman, then be a woman, I don’t want to experience the chaos of these two gender! If you wantTo complete it, it does not allow both gender to exist. And, we all remember how good the child can, but we should also imagine how vicious bullying this child will come in the school. "

In fact, these concerns are not worried.

It is estimated that India currently has about 2 million transgender people.

Although as early as 2014, the Supreme Court of India ruled that the transsexual people had the same rights as others.

But in actual life, they are still difficult to educate and often lack medical protection.Not to mention that it will also face prejudice from society and the humiliation of others.

Paval and Zahad’s own experience is the best example.

Both faced many bumps in their lives.It is difficult to guarantee that their children who grew up in public opinion will not be under pressure from society in the future, or they are forced to face rumors.

But for all of this, Paval and Zahad did not shrink.

The children of the two will be born next month.

They are ready to welcome this new life and plan to increase their income.After all, their lives are not wealthy.

Paval decided to recruit more dancers to earn children’s support for children.Zahad is also expected to return to the supermarket after two months after giving birth.

No matter how the outside world questions, the child’s arrival can no longer be changed.

In the future, this special family of three may encounter more difficulties.But hope that they can finally resolve everything and live an ideal life.

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