In these cases, pregnant mothers will have frequent fetal dreams, and the first two can easily lead to fetal malformations or abortion

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Many pregnant mothers will have a lot of dreams about children during pregnancy. People call them "fetal dreams", and the explanation of fetal dreams has not revealed all mysteries so far.The phenomenon is related to the desire, emotional state of the dreamer, and the recent irritating incidents.

According to clinical studies, the dream of pregnancy during pregnancy is easy to appear under the following three conditions. Let’s take a look ~

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1. Pregnant mother is physically and mentally exhausted

During pregnancy, the impact of hormone levels in the body in the body will cause various discomfort, such as pregnancy, frequent urination, constipation, back pain, etc. As the fetus grows slowly, the pregnant mother’s uterus ratio is compared withBefore pregnancy, it has been expanded by dozens of times, so that other organs in the body are forced to be pressured or even shifted, and the physical discomfort of the pregnant mother has increased geometrically.

At this time, you need to rest more. If you often do high -load exercise, the body will increase a lot of burden, making the pregnant mother exhausted physically and mentally. When sleeping at night, the nerves and muscles cannot be relaxed.Dreams often exacerbate the shrinkage of the uterus, which disturb the fetus in the abdomen, and may induce premature or abortion risk.

Second, the mental stress of pregnant mothers is too strong

This situation mostly occurs in the third trimester. The pregnant mother wants to be born as soon as possible, and it is inevitable that there are different degrees of pressure and concerns, such as the pain and risks of childbirth, the child’s future support, the economic situation in the family, the herself who can be ableIt will affect the mood of pregnant moms.

Another situation is that during pregnancy, the hormone secretion in the pregnant mother’s body is not strong enough, which will be more sensitive and fragile than before pregnancy. If there is a family change at this stage, it is easy to make their mental collapse, and there are also various strange and weird.Fetal dream.

It should be noted that if the pregnant mother is in this negative emotion for a long time, the body will secrete a large amount of cortisol hormone, and the probability of spontaneous abortion will increase.In addition, some studies have found that pregnant women have too much mental stress during pregnancy, which can easily induce infant congenital defects, especially pregnant women who experience major changes during pregnancy.The chance of diabetes is far greater than other babies.

3. The value of pregnant mothers to the baby is high

For many mothers, the child is like a piece of meat dropped on his body. In October, a small life is germinated in his own uterus, and he breathe his fate with himself.That’s it, so during the entire pregnancy, my mother was looking forward to it, hoping that this little life can grow safely and healthily in her belly, and then come to the world smoothly. This psychological hint often affects pregnancy.Mom’s thinking, thereby showing various fetal dreams about children.

Regarding the baby dream, these mothers have something to say:

@: I am in the first three months of pregnancy, maybe because my mother is more nervous for the first time. I often dream that the monster chases me and runs, and then wakes up. It lasts for about a week.There was a little blood on the underwear, and I was so scared to go to the hospital. The doctor said that it might be too nervous and a bit of a threatened abortion symptom. Fortunately, it was slowly adjusted and the body was much better. I hope that novice mothers can adjust their mentality earlyEssence

@: When I was pregnant for more than 6 months, the closest grandma died, and often had some dreams at night. During the medical examination, the doctor told the child to be a bit slow.Learn to adjust your mentality.

@怀: When I was eight months pregnant, I often dreamed that a child was called a mother. Later, I gave birth to a girl. The child’s eyebrows and the child in the dream were just carved in a mold, and I felt amazing.

I wonder if you have a baby dream during pregnancy?Under what circumstances do you dream?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~ (lyj)

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