In these 12 cases, there may be babies. Moms can be careful

In the early stages of pregnancy, how can everyone determine whether they are pregnant?Using a pregnancy test stick is the simplest and clear way, but in fact, the body will also send some information in the early stages of pregnancy. Various signs may indicate that you may be pregnant!Come and look at the following 12 symptoms. How many items have you won?

There are many reasons that have not yet come to the time of menstruation. Sometimes taking a certain drug, too much pressure, or unknown reason may cause hormonal disorders, causing menstruation to be late or not.But if your menstrual periods are on time every month, and it is not too late for this month to come, it means that you may be pregnant!But this is not absolute, you still have to observe other signs.

Nausea is one of the most significant signs of the early stages of pregnancy. It may start to feel vomiting after 6 weeks of pregnancy, especially after waking up in the morning. Therefore, it is named "Morning Sickness morning vomiting", but in factSwallowing at any moment, it may be more sensitive to food or certain flavors.

Mainly because of pregnancy, the rise of human villin glandular hormones and lutein can stimulate the reaction of the vomiting center in the brain.So if the vomiting phenomenon lasted for several days and was not sick, it might be pregnant.

I often feel nauseous to vomit

You may feel that your chest becomes more sensitive and swollen. The breast and nipples will have a tingling sensation. This is also one of the signs of the early pregnancy. Because of the increase in estrogen after pregnancy, it stimulates the development of breast gland duct development.The more late pregnancy, the swelling of the chest will be more obvious, the breasts will be fuller, and you will even find that the areola slowly darkens, and the nipples have small hard blocks.

Do you often feel tired?I have always wanted to sleep all day?The increase in progesterone after pregnancy can reduce blood sugar, so it will feel extremely tired, and this phenomenon usually occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and it will gradually improve in the middle stage.If this exhausted phenomenon suddenly appears in daily life, it means that good news is coming.

At this time, you must rest enough, and you can usually take more protein foods to resist fatigue.Of course, if you really want to sleep, try as much as possible!Otherwise, wait until the baby is born, and I don’t have to sleep when I want to sleep.

4. Dornes

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to hormones, vaginal discharge will increase, and normal secretions will appear transparent or pale white.Rest and seek medical treatment.

You will find that the number of times the toilet has become very frequent. This is because after pregnancy, the increased human chorionic glandular gonad hormone will continue to think of urination, and this phenomenon will continue to produce, because as the baby becomes more and more and more and moreLarge, pressure to the bladder also increases the number of urination.

However, frequent urination may also be a sign of urinary tract infection or diabetes. Therefore, no matter whether it is pregnant or not, abnormal frequent urination or tingling sensation, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

The number of toilets has increased more times

You may start to hate some foods or odors you originally liked or eat, and you will suddenly be interested in a certain food, such as becoming very loved to eat sweets, drinking drinks, and even you will be strangeIn time, I especially want to eat a certain food, such as: I want to eat ice in winter, and want to eat cakes in the middle of the night, which may indicate that you have been pregnant for 1 to 2 weeks.

Do you often feel irritable recently?Suddenly want to cry?This is also likely to be a sign of pregnancy ~ Due to the rapid change of hormones in the body, the emotions during pregnancy will become less stable.As long as most women go through the changes in the body during pregnancy, they will inevitably have emotional out of control. These are normal phenomena and basically recover slowly.But if you feel extremely desperate and your mood is too low, you must quickly seek the assistance of physicians.

Emotional ups and downs

In the early stages of pregnancy, there may be a bit of pain on both sides of the abdomen, usually the pain caused by the pull of the ligament, because the uterus becomes larger and the ligaments are stretched. This is normal.Or gastrointestinal motility is poor, the stomach is prone to flatulence and unsatisfactory bowel movements, and even constipation, causing abdominal pain.

However, the causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy are many diverse. Condition inflammation, obstruction, inflammation of the urethra, and threatened abortion may cause abdominal pain. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether it is related to pregnancy and exclude the abnormal conditions of the uterus.

After pregnancy, some pregnant moms will have headaches and dizziness, mainly due to the phenomenon of hormone changes in the body.However, headaches are sometimes accompanied by pregnancy vomiting or stress. If pregnant women often sleep well, coupled with the condition of pregnancy, they are prone to headaches.

The headache during pregnancy is similar to the condition of migraine. It is worth noting that if there is a migraine problem before pregnancy, the symptoms of headache may also be aggravated after pregnancy.Generally speaking, headaches during pregnancy can be tolerated. If it is a severe headache, it is necessary to further observe whether there is a lesion to rule out whether there is a brain lesions.

stomach ache

Since the beginning of pregnancy, problems such as sickness, frequent urination, etc. have begun to follow, mainly because the uterus has continued to grow, and the changes in hormones, merging other physiological and psychological factors, so night sleep is affected.Sometimes you will sleep well, sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep. It may not be able to sleep for more than 30 minutes, or it is easy to wake up. Every time you wake up, it is even more difficult to fall asleep. I always feel that I ca n’t sleep.However, if this phenomenon exceeds 3 days in a week, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Remember how we taught everyone how to measure the base temperature before?If you have the temperature of the basis of measurement, you will continue to rise before you find that the menstruation comes, and even the probability of pregnancy is very high!

Important reminder

Not every pregnant woman will have the above 12 phenomena, and each person’s physical condition is different. Therefore, the changes in adapting to pregnancy will be different.It provides a reference indicator for your self -examination.

Of course, determining whether the most reliable way to get pregnant is the most accurate through the pregnancy test stick and the supersonic wave ~ It is recommended that women can test at home pregnancy test sticks first. After the two key lines appear, they feel to see it.I wish everyone a successful pregnancy!

Poor sleep quality

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