In the past, it was all gallbladder. Why should the gallbladder be removed now?Thought-provoking

Introduction: Performing the gallbladder in today’s clinical aspect is a very common operation, which can probably occupy about 26.8%of the total amount of general surgery of general surgery and gallbladder surgery.

The gallbladder belongs to an important organ storage and concentrated bile. Although we will often ignore it, its importance is also self -evident. Bile contains certain cholesterol and calcium, and these two substancesAny substance in among them will easily cause bile problems.

High concentration of cholesterol and calcium, gathered from bile, will form crystallization, so as to float on the inner wall of the gallbladder. Once this concentration is too high, there will be more crystals attached to the sediment, and it will form formed.The phenomenon of gallbladder stones.

The most obvious symptoms after people have gallstones are the pain of the abdomen, and some people will have a obvious twisted sensation in the right abdomen.pain.

In addition to gallbladder stones, in addition to bringing pain. When people eat, especially eating some greasy and fried foods, they will also have a sense of oily, nausea, and vomiting.

With the continuous development of gallbladder stones, patients will also be prone to performance in jaundice, fatigue, insomnia, and fever. In severe cases, they can even easily induce pancreatitis.

Once the patient has gallbladder stones, the doctor will almost recommend surgical resection, and many people will immediately oppose when they hear that the gallbladder is removed.

Although the organ of the gallbladder will be ignored by us, after all, it is part of our body. If it is removed, it is equivalent to one less, and it feels uncomfortable.

Many people who have some understanding of medicine also have some questions in their hearts. In the past, why was the gallbladder and stones when treating gallbladder stones. Now, when you find out the gallbladder stones, you need to remove the gallbladder?


Who is prone to gallbladder stones?

Pregnant woman

The probability of gallbladder stones in pregnant women is relatively high, which can reach about 0.2%to 3.3%, which is 3 to 10 times that of ordinary people.

This is because women’s weight increased after pregnancy, and the amount of exercise is decreasing. In addition, the increased nutrient elements will cause bile in a state of too saturated, which will cause cholesterolStone problem.

High -fat diet

The obese person weighs 50%of the normal weight, and the incidence of gallbladder stones is also about 5 times higher than ordinary people.

Because the cholesterol conversion rate in the obese body is higher than that of normal people, this will increase the amount of cholesterol excretion in bile, and it will be more likely to bring gallbladder stones.

People who do not eat breakfast

For a long time not to eat breakfast, it has been recognized by the industry doctors as the main cause of gallbladder stones. In the morning, the bile in the gallbladder is stored overnight, and the cholesterol saturation is very high.

If you do n’t eat breakfast, bile cannot participate in the digestion of food, and it will make cholesterol and bile concentration too saturated, which will easily bring gallstones.

Lack of exercise

The lack of sports will reduce the contraction of gallbladder, and it will easily extend the delay to cause bile stasis, condense excessive gallbladder salt, and the ability to dissolve cholesterol decline, which will easily lead to gallbladder stones.


In the past, it was all gallbladder. Why should the gallbladder be removed now?Thought-provoking

Perhaps many people also have such questions in daily life. If gallstones have occurred before, they generally use the treatment to protect gallbladder and stones. So why do gallstones now need to remove gallbladder?

In fact, every organs and tissue on our bodies have corresponding uses. Considering this, general doctors will think more when choosing to remove gallbladder.

If the patient has acute gallstones, in this case, the gallbladder needs to be cut off. This method is adopted in an emergency.

If the symptoms of the gallbladder stones that the patient appear are relatively mild, it will not affect the health of the individual, and there is no serious physical discomfort. At this time, you can choose conservative treatment, but you must also know how to check regularly.

If the gallbladder stone problem is serious, it has seriously endangered personal health. At this time, doctors generally choose to let patients remove gallbladder, so that they can better protect their health without affecting other organs in the body.

For some of the patients with gallbladder, because the bile and stone are still harmful to the patient’s own health, it is likely to have recurrence. Therefore, the doctor will see if the gallbladder is needed according to the specific circumstances of the patient.

Nowadays, many doctors who want to retain the patient’s gallbladder or remove the gallbladder need to be carried out according to the actual situation of the patient, so you don’t have to worry too much, just follow the doctor’s doctor’s advice and instructions.


What kind of changes will the body change after the gallbladder is removed?

Outlets are performed because of certain surgical indicators in gallbladder stones, and gallbladder itself will also experience lesions, large stones, chronic cholecystitis with large polyps, and recurrence.Cut the sac through the form of surgery to improve physical discomfort.

When the gallbladder is removed, some of the normal functions of themselves are lost, but the bile chief will expand the concentration and excretion function of the bile, so basically it will not cause much harm and impact on the body.

Three months or less than half a year, according to their physical condition, some patients are likely to have some indigestion, but with the continuous push of time, this problem will be reduced, and it will be alleviated, and it will be alleviated, and it will be alleviated, and it will be alleviated, and it will be reduced, and it will be alleviated, and it will be reduced, and it will be reduced, and it will be reduced, and it will be reduced.recover.


What are the precautions after the gallbladder?

1. Keep the wound dry and clean, do not pollute the wound, but also strengthen the nursing of the wound. This can better heal the wound;

2. Follow the doctor’s advice to oral analgesic to relieve physical discomfort. If there is no pain, you can not take it;

3. Pay attention to the intake of protein, eat less protein -high food, and do not overeating, keep a light diet.


How to protect our gallbladder?

Not to urinate

This behavior of urination can not only damage the bladder and kidneys, but also can easily bring gallstones in severe cases. Therefore, if you want to protect the gallbladder, do not urinate.

Quit drinking

Patients with gallstones cannot drink, because alcohol needs to be decomposed after gallbladder, so if you want to prevent gallstones, you must quit alcohol.

Drink more water

There is a very important reason why the body has gallstones is that they do not like to drink water, which is very important for physical health. If you drink too little water, it will cause bile concentration, which will bring gallstones problems.Essence

Conclusion: After this article, maybe everyone has learned the importance of gallbladder to physical health. If there is a phenomenon of gallstones unfortunately, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice and see which treatment method is taken. In addition to following the reasonable treatment of the doctor’s adviceIn addition, it is necessary to develop good living habits and eating habits so that we can better promote our health.

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