In the hot summer, can pregnant women swim?What are the benefits?What details do you need to pay attention to?

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As a new woman in the 21st century, Jiajia has always paid attention to science since preparing for pregnancy.In her words: scientific pregnancy can give birth to healthy babies in the future; scientific parenting can raise smart baby.

Before pregnancy, Jiajia was a swimming enthusiast. Every time she was in a bad mood, or when the pressure was relatively large, she liked to go swimming.At the moment in the water, she felt particularly happy and relaxed.

So after pregnancy, she has always maintained the habit of swimming, but it is much lower than the previous frequency.Who would have thought that the arrival of her mother -in -law changed greatly.

In the late pregnancy, considering Jiajia’s clumsy, her mother -in -law came to take care of her from her hometown.Just to catch up with summer, Jiajia will go swimming every week. In her opinion: This is a necessary unlocking method in summer.

However, her mother -in -law moved out of a lot of truth. Pregnant women could not swim, which was not good for her baby’s health … In short, her mother -in -law obstructed it.

Jiajia patiently told her mother -in -law: After pregnancy, she kept the habit of swimming, and she and their baby were healthy.Every time a check -up, the doctor said that the baby developed well and there was no problem.

But even so, her mother -in -law still did not let Jiajia go swimming, and even did a series of incredible things.Two years after marriage, it was also the first time to have a conflict with her mother -in -law. The two were unhappy …

Can I swim during pregnancy?

The answer is yes, you can swim during pregnancy.

However, the premise is the physical and mental health of pregnant women, and the development of baby’s development.

In other words: Not all pregnant mothers can swim, they must meet the foundation of health, and they must keep swimming habits before.

Every time a check -up, the doctor of the delivery doctor as soon as possible to ask the situation of the doctor and the baby baby.Whether or not it can be owned depends on the results of each checkup. As long as the doctor said, the pregnant mother can continue to swim.

The older generation they felt that swimming was not good because they didn’t know enough about swimming.In addition, they also felt that they could not exercise during pregnancy and could only lie down.

In contrast, swimming during pregnancy is a very good sports, especially suitable for pregnant women.However, the process of swimming cannot be strenuous, and the time cannot be too long. It is best to help in a professional swimming pool and some professionals.

The benefits of swimming during pregnancy are far more than expected

The benefits of pregnant women:

First of all, swimming can promote the vital capacity of pregnant women, which is very helpful for her future production.Swimming requires holding breath and force. It can be used in production, which can shorten the output;

Secondly, swimming can consume energy and meet the desire of pregnant women to maintain their figure.Those calories that are too late to metabolic will slowly release in swimming, exuding healthy beauty from the inside out;

Finally, swimming can relieve many discomfort during pregnancy, such as puffiness of lower limbs, back pain, constipation, and other problems, which can be properly improved.Because swimming is a movement that needs to be coordinated.

The benefits of the fetus:

First, the fetus is conducive to correct the fetal position in the stomach.During the birth check, many pregnant mothers have the condition of incorrect fetal position and umbilical cord around the neck. While swimming, the baby will follow the movement position;

Secondly, it is conducive to the development of the fetus.Even if it is an indoor swimming pool, most of them are transparent, and the sun can directly shoot the water surface.It can not only follow my mother to exercise, but also take sunbathing, which is good for bone development;

Finally, it is conducive to the nerve development of the fetus.Swimming will soothe the physical and mental stress of the pregnant mother and make her mood better.When the mood of pregnant mothers becomes better, it is also very good for the baby’s nerve development.

What details do you need to pay attention to when swimming during pregnancy?

1. Selection of the venue

It is special during pregnancy, the body’s immunity will decrease, and there are babies, so the venue must choose a place with better environment and better hygiene.If it is not in place, there will be many hidden health hazards for pregnant women and baby.

2. Equipment must be brought together

In terms of the choice of swimsuit, we must mainly focus on pregnant women; boiling water or juice must be brought, and pregnant women are more prone to tiredness. Swimming must be replenished in time in time; small snacks must not be less.It is necessary to replenish nutrition in time.

3. The water temperature of swimming is very important

Swimming in pregnant women, in fact, the requirements for water temperature are relatively harsh.If it is a constant temperature swimming pool, it is best to keep it at 30 ° C. This temperature is particularly friendly to pregnant women.During the swimming, don’t worry about your body can’t stand it, and warm water can relieve fatigue.

4, warm -up movement cannot be less

If you put it before pregnancy, many women may go directly to the water.But now it ’s different. Do n’t worry about doing any exercise after pregnancy. You must warm up.When the body is completely stretched, it can avoid many accidents.

Still the sentence: During pregnancy, no matter what you do, you must take the premise of health and science as the benchmark.If you really like swimming, you can check the various indicators of the body first, and then decide.

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