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"Doctor, I have been menstruation this month, but there are a lot of amount. Why is HCG showing pregnancy? What is the situation?" Because menstruation changes to the obstetrics and gynecology department of Hunan Province (Hunan Second People’s Hospital)For outpatient clinics, the patients who were found to be pregnant are really not a small number. Some patients are vaginal bleeding caused by pregnancy -warned abortion, and some people find out that they are biochemical pregnancy.

Many patients will be wondering, what is going on with biochemical pregnancy, so am I not pregnant?

Du Yixin, the chief physician of Hunan Brain Hospital (Hunan Province Second People’s Hospital), will give you a simple popular science.Biochemical pregnancy is also called hidden abortion, which means that the blood HCG is greater than the normal value, but the B -ultrasound has no pregnancy sac in the palace and the outside of the palace, and then the pregnancy state is naturally terminated.Biochemical pregnancy does not necessarily have a pregnancy reaction. Most people are likely to increase the menstrual flow than usual or the menstrual period is prolonged. Go to the hospital to check HCG to know that pregnancy and biochemical.Some people don’t even notice it, thinking that it is normal menstruation.

So, what is the mechanism of biochemical pregnancy?Generally speaking, the fertilized eggs began to bed on the 6th to 7th day after fertilization, and the blood HCG was secreted on the 9th day, and the bed was completed on the 11-12 days.The bed needs to go through three stages: positioning, adhesion, and intrusion. If any links occur after the invasion may cause the bed failure and biochemical pregnancy.Is biochemical pregnancy the abortion we usually call?Biochemical pregnancy belongs to sub -clinical abortion, which is different from other abortion caused by diseases or accidents.If it is occasionally a biochemical pregnancy, it will not have a big impact.It can return to normal after menstruation, and it does not affect future pregnancy.

Many patients will worry about how long can they be pregnant after their biochemical pregnancy? Biochemical pregnancy can be said to be not real pregnancy, there will be no pregnancy residues, hemoglobin levels are recover quickly, let alone clear palace.Biochemical pregnancy is the result of the natural selection of the survival of the fittest. There is no need to worry too much. You can continue to get pregnant after a normal menstrual period.Essence

It can be seen that not everyone feels like biochemical pregnancy, and many of them do n’t know if they are in life, just as an exception to menstruation.However, if female friends who need to prepare for pregnancy still need to pay attention to investigation, menstrual abnormalities in a timely manner to exclude other abnormalities.

Author: Huang Rong, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hunan Second People’s Hospital

Edit: Chen Pei

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