In the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s heart is always worried about the safety of the fetus. Please keep in mind the following situations

In the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s heart is always worried about the safety of the fetus. Please keep in mind the following situations.

1. Use the medicine with caution

As long as women know that they need to be used with caution after pregnancy, the medicine is poisonous to a certain impact on the fetus. If it is improper, it is likely that the fetus will cause miscarriage, so you can try not to take it without taking the medicine.If women are unfortunately suffering from other diseases, they need to take drugs for treatment. The use of drugs should be taken under the guidance of a professional doctor to avoid random use of drugs.

2. Avoid the same room in the early pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy should be avoided in the same room. During this period, it is easy to produce small yields. Therefore, young couples must control their sexual desire.At this time, sexual life is easy to cause a shrinkage of the uterus and small production. Therefore, in order to grow healthy growth, the babies must prevent the life of husband and wife in the first three months of pregnancy.

3. Regular pregnancy test is important

In the early stages of pregnancy, women’s stomachs are not so big. Many women feel that their stomachs are not large. They can be the same as normal life. In fact, it is not like this. From the beginning of pregnancyIt is very important. You can understand the development of the embryo through examination. If you find that the fetus is dysplasia and has other problems after the examination, it can be treated in time.Avoid strenuous exercise in life to avoid abortion of the fetus.

4. Pay attention to ensure adequate sleep

After pregnancy, women are affected by hormones and are prone to fatigue. They will show that they want to sleep. In addition, the basic metabolism of expectant mothers will increase, which requires a lot of calories.Insisty in lack of sleep.If the expectant mother feels sleepy and does not prevent it for a while, it will not cause excessive fatigue and affect the fetal development.

5. Vaginal bleeding should be vigilant

The fetus in the early stages of pregnancy is in a stage of unstable. When expectant mothers have vaginal bleeding and other physical discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy, they should go to the doctor immediately.Even if the vaginal bleeding is a little bit, it is necessary to go to the doctor in time. It is likely to hide some problems. It needs to be eliminated in time. Timely consultation can make expectant mothers more comfortable.

Women need a lot of precautions in early pregnancy. In addition to understanding the development of the fetus, they must also understand their own health. Once they find that the body is abnormal, go to the hospital for detailed examination and improve it.A good habit to promote fetal development.

What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. The first reaction was delayed menstruation.

2. Breast symptoms: increased breast volume, grew nipples, deepening of areola color, deepening of the surface veins on the surface of the breast and skin;

3. Symptoms: Some women can feel faint and painful abdomen.

4. Early pregnancy reaction: Morning disgusting, vomiting, boring oil, tiredness, dizziness, emotional sensitivity.

5. Change of urination: frequent urination.

6. Different dietary changes in pregnant women: The amount of food is significantly increased from before.

Early pregnancy is an important period for the growth and development of the baby. After pregnancy, the pregnant woman should pay attention to rest to avoid staying up late and exhausting.You need to eat three meals or eat less meals in your diet, and try to eat more fresh and nutritious, easy -to -digest foods as possible.

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