In the early stages of pregnancy, abdominal flatulence, what do you think of cold air?Many expectant mothers are still unclear

Introduction: In the early stages of pregnancy, abdominal flatulence, what is the feeling of cooling air?

Those things at the beginning of pregnancy are always like a small fairy that is uneasy, disturbing our emotions from time to time.Especially in the bloating response that has just been pregnant, it will feel cold in the body.In other words, if this is usually a little bit of trouble, it is not a big deal, but during pregnancy, we still take care of it.

So what happened to the bodies of pregnant mothers who had just entered the early pregnancy in the early pregnancy, what was going on?The obstetrician said Daqian.

First, feel flatulence in the body.

1. The body of the pregnant mother will cause various physical discomfort due to changes in the changes in progesterone and other endocrine hormones in the body, which will be different than before before conception.

2. In addition, the uterus of pregnant mothers will gradually change with changes during pregnancy, which will cause changes in the digestive system of pregnant mothers. At this time, pregnant mothers will easily be plagued by problems such as indigestion and constipation.In the past, foods that were easy to digest. At this time, the food residues that will be produced during food digestion stay in the body for too long. These unlimited food residues will easily produce gases by fermentation of intestinal bacteria.We feel flatulence in the abdomen.

Second, flatulence in the abdomen can be done.

When pregnant mothers feel flatulence in their abdomen, you can try some effective methods, and now let me talk about it.

1. In this period, we must avoid it, and eat less foods that are prone to gas.This kind of food will be: vegetable potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, broccoli, green onion ginger and garlic, fruit juice with gas, and carbonated drinks are avoided.In the usual way of eating and meals in the usual ration arrangement, such flatulence will be improved slowly.

2. Usually you should develop good habits in daily life. There are best arrangements for daily stay in a fixed period of time. In addition, physical exercise is strengthened. It is suitable for pregnant mothers to take a walk, gymnastics, and pregnant women’s yoga.Class activities can be done properly.Such regular habits also help pregnant mothers during pregnancy to avoid the suffering of flatulence and constipation.

Third, feel the body’s abdomen still has cool air.

During pregnancy, sometimes pregnant mothers feel slightly changing physical changes. Most of the changes are normal, and they can not be too anxious.Just like the abdominal flatulence the abdomen noticed by the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, sometimes the abdominal cooling is also a common reaction during pregnancy.

It may be due to the condition of regulating dysfunction due to the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers. Basically, it is based on changing ordinary living habits and daily diet.It is still slightly different from the abdominal flatulence. At this time, you should try to avoid contacting cold, spicy and irritating foods. For cold drinks and spicy products, even a small amount of spicy goods is still declined.

This is to avoid increasing the discomfort of the abdomen of pregnant mothers.Try to do as much as possible for your body and the health of your baby.

At the same time, you still need to pay more attention to rest. Only enough rest and sleep time can the body recover well. This cannot be ignored.

There is also, if the pregnant mothers feel that their bodies have not improved during pregnancy, and abdominal flatulence and cooling conditions still exist from time to time, contact your obstetrician in time, do not carry it by yourself, so that the problem can be verySolved it well.

Important tips: Pregnant mothers should try to relax as much as possible during pregnancy, and sometimes the effect of heart is also important.When you feel the symptoms of physical discomfort for a long time, you must also consider whether the recent pressure is relatively large, which will make the whole person too sensitive.If you really have discomfort, a good mentality will also promote the early improvement of the body.You can also consider going to the hospital for a examination, so rest assured.

Today’s topic: In the early stages of pregnancy, abdominal flatulence, what is the feeling of cooling air?

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