In order to save her father, the younger sister married a vegetative and became pregnant

After the divorce, Leng Ye knew that he was wrong.

Congratulations on you are pregnant.Look at it, the beauty sister is pregnant.Click to watch the complete episode in the lower left corner.

I have come to the authentic period.You have a little uterine bleeding and you need to keep your fetus.Wen Hao’s wedding was about to begin, come and save me.I don’t want to marry a vegetative.Let’s do this, Brother Wenhao, sister may be waiting for you here, you do n’t coax.What if he regrets that he doesn’t want to marry?He said that he would not marry if he would not marry, and our cold family would not get used to you.

To go to Ye Ke, you know that you are with me every day, he must have money, hahaha.This is the rumor center is ruthless. Is the condense calculation of the infringement?If he was not sick, I would not be his wife.

I am too busy today, and this will come over with my efforts.What should I call me now to marry your uncle?Or let me teach you.

Coco you listen to me, I am not willing to take you elope.I’m really, I don’t want you to suffer with me.

Ko Ge, my uncle, can he not support it?Let’s do this, help you find a lawyer, and strive to get more property.

Let go of my Pharaoh.Ke Ge listened to me, when we get his money, we will go wherever you want.Let’s go far away.Uncle, how do you wake up?The handsome guy opened his eyes to sleep in the real back house, and he woke up.

My wife often opened her eyes like this, but did not mean that he woke up.Can I sleep with the light tonight?feel a little scared.Of course, you can rest early, and you will have tea to the old lady tomorrow morning.If you fall into Wen Hao’s hands, you must die.

Mom, please drink tea, really sit up.My brother was unconscious.How can he give birth?Why can’t you have?Can I test tubes?How can no one inherit in such a large family business?Coco has to give you this child, even if it is a girl.Are you willing to give birth to children?If you have a child, I can guarantee that your mother and son will be glorious in life.

If you rest assured, we will save it.I am willing.

I know that you are a smart child. Since you agreed, we will contact the doctor in the past two days. Maybe you are pregnant.Is it wrong?I have come to a physiological period. You have a little uterine bleeding. Le Ming also gives you a little bit.The weather is too dry, and it is really scary when you open your eyes. Who are you?He woke up, and you woke up.He spoke, he really woke up.This is really a miracle. As long as the follow -up treatment keeps up, Mr. Leng will heal soon.

Son, mother knows that you will definitely wake up, so good.Mr. I, this is the wife that the old lady marries you when you are in a coma.My name is Ye Coco, I heard that you are pregnant with my child.I like my abortion and drug abortion, do you like it?The child’s child is the old lady’s arms, and it has nothing to do with his wife. Don’t stop my mother pressing me.Who am I allow you to call my name and call your husband?Disappointed you, I was not pregnant.I am not deliberately depending on your privacy, shut up!I am divorced, you let me go, what are you going to do?You stay here before the divorce.A hunger strike.What can’t you treat me like this?

You can’t do this in Lengming Temple, I just want to help you close the window corpse Lengming Temple.She is still with your child. Since it will be closed for three days, can the child live after three days?Click to watch the complete episode in the lower left corner.After three days

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