In order to get on the front line, she did not hesitate to fall into the fetus in March of pregnancy, served as the ambulance captain, and ran to the battlefield.

In December 1985, the 47th Army went to the front line of Yunnan, and a female military doctor at the 139th Division Hospital actively applied for the war.The hospital leader considers that she has been married for many years. She was just in March, and she was not suitable for the work of the field hospital. She took care of her left -behind camp and rejected her request for the war.

However, the female army medical iron was in their hearts. Regardless of the family’s opposition and the discouraged comrades, they quietly went to the hospital to do artificial abortion.Such a great determination, her superior was right. She had to agree with her. She took her body that had not fully recovered from the dry Guanzhong Plain to the humid subtropical jungle.

This strong female military doctor is Zhang Wei.

"Laoshan Lan" Ambulance Team Family Portrait

After the 139th Division took over the defense position, the teacher hospital organized the "old mountains and blue" battlefield ambulance team to follow the combat forces to implement the battlefield ambulance. The eldest sister Zhang Wei was appointed as the captain.She led 14 female team members into the fire line, carrying out the front, bandaging and rescue, and transfer of transshipment.The female soldiers from the northern forces walked through the wet mountain mud, and used the shortest distance to extend the rescue time of the wounded and warm the hearts of the officers and soldiers with pure comrades.

Every fierce battle participated by the 47th Army left their fearlessness, spicy, and numbness.In the "LJ-B" battle on October 14, 1986, the battle started at 12 noon.After the first batch of wounded, Zhang Wei and the players rescued and bandaged nervously according to the division of labor.The ambulance in the mountain concave position is small, and the enemy is also shot.Because of the fierce fighting, the wounded was continuously lifted in, and the narrow operating table was squeezed into a ball.

The deputy captain Du Xiaonan was surgery for the wounded. The old problems on his body suddenly occurred, and the abdomen was painful.At this time, the rescue house is nervous, and time is the life of the wounded.A nurse later described that there were about 60 wounded people every hour, and basically 1 per minute.

In the face of bleeding comrades, Du Xiaonan did not dare to leave them for a moment. He just gritted his teeth and insisted on it for nearly 4 hours, and bandaged all the wounded in front of him.After the end, she took a break like a scattered shelf, and then followed the team to remove the mountain.A famous photographer passed by the ambulance house that day and saw a female nurse who participated in the rescue. The two sleeves of the rescue were lifted high, and their elbows were full of blood.After the rescue of the wounded, the nurse’s arm and hand couldn’t care, so he took a bite of compressed biscuits to charges hunger.

In addition to the rescue of the wounded in the bandage, Zhang Wei and her team members showed their fearlessness and bravery when they got the wounded on the fire.On January 5, 1987, the "North Tiger Action" was launched, and the captain Zhang Weihe Yu Jie (as the captain), Zhang Ru, and Qu Huan were responsible for the former injured.The armored ambulance was on the shells, and it was necessary to avoid the artillery shells from time to time on the mountains and bomb pits. The severe bumps spit out the food in the stomach of the four female soldiers.

Originally, the cannonballs who screamed over the head were still a little scared, but when they arrived at the position, they saw the bloody wounded on the stretcher. The four people jumped out of the car and greeted the way back, they were still bumpy. They treated the trauma nervously, and at the same time they used all possible ways to protect the wounded and alleviate their pain.

"Laoshan Lan" Ambulance team wounded down the position

After the continuous baptism of shells and smoke, their cowardice disappeared, and the fear was gone. The increasingly skilled tacit cooperation came from it, and the more and more pure comrades and brothers and sisters.

When the car arrived at the rescue center, Zhou Shuqing, He Xiaoyan, Wang Qingmei and other players and other military doctors immediately rescued.Due to the limited number of operating tables, they did not dare to let the wounded wait for a hint, and simply knelt on the stretcher to work on the spot.One serious injury was in a shock state, and the pulse and blood pressure were very weak.The female soldiers knelt on the ground to quickly infusion.The situation was urgent, the time was tight, and the doctor’s sweat dripping dropped, and finally pulled the serious wounded from the death of the death.

In addition to 7 members of the ambulances led by Captain Zhang Wei, in addition to the deputy captains Du Xiaonan, Yu Jie, Zhou Shuqing, He Xiaoyan, Wang Qingmei, Zhang Ru, Qu Huan 7 players, as well as Li Qinlan, Chen Jianhua, Huang Yuanxi, Zhang Jing, Zhang, Zhang, Zhang, ZhangYan, Tang Li, and Ma Xin 7 players.

Among these 14 players, Ma Xin and the captain Zhang Wei experienced similarities, and also broke through various oppositions and dissuasions with a stubbornness after the application for participating in the war.

"Laoshan Lan" Ambulance "

Dr. Zhou Shuqing was not from the 139th Hospital. She was a doctor at another military hospital in Xi’an.She separated from her lover. In order to participate in the war, she persuaded her husband and family to send the three -year -old children to Beijing to her husband and run it alone.

Here is a special mention of the nurse Zhang Ru of this ambulance team. She was the girl of the end of the death warrior Zhao Weijun on July 24, 1986.Zhao Weijun was seriously wounded by the mine, and was only 18 years old when he was sacrificed.There was no experience in love before, and no girlfriend. His last wish was to get a kiss from the girl.

Zhang Mushroom gently leaned down with tears, gently hugged Zhao Weijun, and kissed his forehead and corner of his mouth.A few minutes later, Zhao Weijun left with a smile.That year, Zhang Ru was 21 years old. Her first kiss gave Zhao Weijun Martyrs.

Zhang Ru Kiss Time Warrior Zhao Weijun

Among the 15 ambulancers, the most twists and turns from the rural girl Li Qinlan from the rural girl in Taikang County, Henan Province.After she fell in the college entrance examination, she returned home, and later served as Deputy Secretary of the Township Committee and Deputy Manager of the County Economic Union."Henan Provincial Model of Labor" and other honors.

In 1984, our army recovered the battle of Laoshan, and the excited Li Qinlan sent the front line soldiers with a banner and diary that wrote ‘the heroes of the motherland, selfless dedication’.In March 1986, she went to the front line of Yunnan to condolences to the soldiers at her own expense and bought a 5,000 yuan condolences.

The cover of the Book of Defense British Models "uses Li Qinlan’s avatar

After the condolences, she suddenly gave birth to the desire of participating in the army and guarding the southern Xinjiang with the soldiers.She found the former head of Yunnan to return to her hometown of Taikang County to find the local armed minister.After special approval of the General Administration and Regiment, she received a notice of enlistment on June 20, 1986.

She took the train to the front line of Yunnan again and became a nurse at the 149th Hospital of the 47th Army. After learning and training, she participated in the "Women’s Ambulance Team" with his comrades and comrades.

Li Qinlan in the hospital

The 139th Division, these women’s health soldiers who walked into the battlefield, artillery and smoke, were particularly strong in the war. They grew from the weak grass step by step to a big tree. The 139th Division was proud of them.New glory.

In June 1987, after the end of the round, these sisters returned to the northwest resident to return to the northwest except Zhang Ru, except for Zhang Ru. Later, most of them still fought in the medical industry.For example, Li Qinlan later entered the major of biomedical engineering in Beijing General Medical College, and finally retired at the post of deputy political commissar at Beijing 307 Hospital.

Yu Jie (first from right) lit a cigarette for comrades in the Martyr Cemetery of Malipo

Zhang Ru did not return to Shaanxi with the army. He applied for continued staying at the front line to rescue the wounded. He stayed on the front line for 6 years. It really ended the war until the battle was completely ended before 1993. At this time, she was 28 years old.Homes in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.In 2011, she began to engage in a lofty behavior: every year to visit and condolences to the family members of martyrs from all over the country.

In the next few years, Zhang Ru searched for 32 counties and cities in 9 provinces, and visited 43 family members of martyrs, including the parents of Zhao Weijun and martyrs.Every time I walk into a family, Zhang Ru’s heart is very religious and sincere.

The 30th anniversary of leaving the front line of Laoshan in 1993. Now Zhang Ru is about to enter the year of Huajia. She is still insisting on visiting the family members of the martyrs every year.

Zhang Ru is in front of Zhao Weijun Martyr’s Tomb


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