In order to divorce a bag of hawthorn wife, can pregnant women eat hawthorn?

Two days ago, I suddenly heard one thing. My cousin wanted to divorce with my cousin.I was very surprised by this matter.You know, the relationship between my cousin and cousin has always been very loving. I have not quarreled. Why did I suddenly divorce? After my understanding from all aspects, it turned out to be the case.

The love of cousin and cousin has always been a good story in our family.Since childhood, they have known each other.Cousin has been very good to his cousin since he was a child.Therefore, after they grew up, the two were logical.After graduating, because the two elderly people were too familiar, there was no objection to their marriage, and they quickly entered the marriage hall.

Because his cousin attaches great importance to his cousin, he said that his family also valued his cousin.Some conflicts often occur in other families have never happened in their families.The family is happy, and the husband and wife are harmonious.Life is very happy.Just when the two were sweet, their love quietly changed a little bit. The cousin was pregnant. For the child’s arrival, it can be said that everyone was very happy.

You must know that there are only one cousin and one child in the cousin’s family, which belongs to the only child.It can be imagined how much their parents attach great importance to this. The cousin himself is looking forward to the child’s arrival.It can be said that the cousin has become the princess in this home. No matter what she wants, my cousin will think about it. The cousin’s cousin cooks the cousin every day, and the cousin’s pregnancy process is also very painful, but why why why why why?Sister cousin still wants to divorce?

The reason is very simple.This is because a bag of sugar fried hawthorn.When my cousin is not pregnant, I especially like to eat sugar and fried hawthorn.This has been pregnant for six months, but she has never eaten it once.So I wanted to eat it, so my cousin watched my cousin so pitiful, so I bought a bag for my cousin because this sugar fried hawthorn caused misfortune.The cousin knew that pregnant women should not eat hawthorn, so the cousin thought more and more, and felt that the cousin didn’t care about her and her child, otherwise why did the cousin buy hawthorn for her?You must know that if you eat hawthorn, you can slide the tire. The cousin can be unclear this time. It explains that it is explained for a long time. In fact, you can eat less hawthorn during pregnant women.

I believe that in the impression of many people, hawthorn is a food for pregnant women.This is due to the characteristics of hawthorn.Hawthorn helps blood circulation, and hawthorn itself is very cold, so eating hawthorn in the early stages of pregnancy can easily lead to a miscarriage of pregnant mothers.But why do many people on the Internet eat hawthorn? In fact, for the pregnant mother, it is completely possible to eat only one two hawthorn or a small amount of hawthorn, as long as they do not eat too much.And when you eat, you should also pay attention to eat less snacks of hawthorn products, because there are too many extracts in it, and it is higher than hawthorn itself.

After reading this article, can you eat a general understanding of hawthorn?

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