In order to cut short hair, the elderly at home are "unhappy". Shouldn’t she cut it during pregnancy?

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Yesterday, someone in the mother group asked such a question: Can you cut your hair during pregnancy?My hair is particularly easy to get oily, and it is impossible to see people without washing it for two or three days.

But now it has reached the third trimester, the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and it is not very convenient to move. Washing hair has become very difficult.And it takes a long time to blow your hair for a long time, which is really troublesome.

Of course, I also consider that after confinement after giving birth, it is estimated that it is inconvenient to wash my hair.

Therefore, a few days ago, I went to the barber shop near the community to cut long hair shortly.After returning home, I was originally stinky of my own new hairstyle.As a result, when the old man at home saw it, he said very unhappyly. "Cutting hair after pregnancy is not good for the child, do you ask me in advance?"

I was so depressed at the time, cutting my hair was my freedom, which was a bit too wide.

Although I do n’t believe in the set of older people, every time I sway at home with a short hair, I have to listen to a few words. It ’s really upset.

Well, there is no strange world in the world. It is estimated that some friends have heard that they can’t cut their hair during pregnancy for the first time.Well, let’s just talk about it today.

Why don’t older people make pregnant mothers cut their hair?

In fact, this is really a kind of obsession.In their opinion, the obscure meaning of cutting hair is "no cut".If you cut your hair during pregnancy, you will not only cut the child’s blessing, but also change the child’s gender, turn the original boy into a girl, and even cause abortion of the fetus.

Although there are some things that cannot be said, the rhetoric that cannot cut hair during pregnancy is indeed a bit nonsense, and it is not credible.

Whether to cut hair during pregnancy does not affect the fetus

1. Some pregnant mothers cut their hair because they are worried that their hair is too long and consume nutrients.Here I want to say that our hair growth really requires nutrition.But for the fetus, a little nutrition is not enough.

2. The child’s gender is decided from the moment the fertilization eggs are in bed successfully.The reason why there is a turning around is not caused by cutting arrow hair, but because the doctor is affected by various factors and misjudgment.

3. Rebirth is a technical work. Those children born in Rome are definitely blessed.But for most people, born in a happy and loving home is blessing.

And the harder the people, the better, the child’s blessing is actually accumulated by themselves.If you lie flat when you are in trouble, no matter how much blessing will be diluted.

In summary, you can cut your hair during pregnancy.But do n’t shave your head directly and cut your shoulder short hair as much as possible.And after giving birth to a child, you can tie up to avoid your baby catching the mother’s hair with his hands.

However, although your hair can be cut during pregnancy, you cannot dye your hair and perm, especially the first three months of pregnancy.This is because of hair dyeing and perm, chemical preparations are basically used.Even if Tony packed the pure plant ingredients, don’t easily believe that avoid affecting the early development of the fetus.

Finally, I want to say that it is hard enough during pregnancy, and there is no need to embarrass themselves in this trivial matter.If you can make yourself a little more comfortable, you can cut short hair according to your personal preference.

But if you still have long hair during pregnancy, you can do n’t save time after washing each time.Be sure to blow dry, especially winter, avoid colds.

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