In fact, there is no cough medicine that can "cure cough" at all in the world

The annual "cough contest"

Officially begin!IntersectionIntersectionThere are 4 treasure mothers who have been coughing by their own baby and torture their neurasthenia "exchange experiences" ↓↓↓

To be honest, I have a headache when I see these messages, as if I heard that my child had a symphony in my ear!

In the face of this situation, parents always adhere to the attitude of "I don’t know if you can’t cure it well, anyway, children always take some cough medicine!"cough……

If you have operated this way, then I will tell you today: You are wrong!Intersection


There is no ability in the world

"Cooking cough" cough medicine!

That’s right!

Cough is a physiological reaction. Only when pathogens, foreign bodies, etc. invade the respiratory tract can it open.

To put it in vernacular, only when these two things (pathogens and foreign objects invade) are gone, the cough can really stop.And do you really think that cough medicines can prevent pathogens and foreign objects in the external environment?too naive……

First of all, let’s take a look. We often use 2 cough medicines for children: Youmeishafen and Yi Tan Jing.


Right Meishafin, central cough medicine

It is to relieve the child’s central nervous system to relieve cough.It is necessary to know that the reason why people cough are because the central nervous nerves feel the foreign body/pathogen invasion, and pass the signal to the brain, and then the brain allows the human body to cough and finally cough out the foreign body.

The drug that controls the center clearly cuts off the connection between the brain and the outside world.

To put it simply: You Meishafen has given the central nervous nerve, and the brain will not receive the signal from then on, and the cough frequency will be reduced.

But this is obviously self -deceiving, and the cure is not cured!Is it to deceive the central nervous nerve for our children to take medicine for a lifetime to suppress it?

In the final analysis, parents must choose to eliminate the pathogen or prevent foreign body invasion (such as reducing the inhalation of allergies) in order to eliminate the disaster from the source!


Easy to be quiet, bronchial expansion medicine

There is a plane ingredient in Yitan Jing called "Clone Hydrochloride", which allows children’s tracheal muscle to relax and play a role in bronchial expansion. This effect can eliminate or relieve the symptoms of bronchial spasm or tract stenosis.

However, the condition of tracheal spasm often occurs in the disease of asthma.

The cough of most children is basically not because of asthma, and the bronchial or airway is normal, without breathing.

Therefore, when normal children take this "bronchial expansion" drug, it will reduce the normal contraction of the trachea and bronchies, which will affect the cough, which will cause phlegm to not cough in time.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has long said:

The use of cough medicines is greater than benefits, and under 4 years of age, it is not recommended to use cough medicines; children aged 4 to 6 can only be used at the request of a doctor; more than 6 years old, take it according to the instructions, but be sure to pay attention to the dose [1].

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also strongly recommends:

Do not use non -prescription cough and cold medicine for infants under 2 years of age, because this may produce serious and life -threatening side effects.Children under 18 years of age cannot use cough medicines containing or hydrogen ketone [2].

So is there any good way for children to cough?


You can deal with cough without taking medicine

3 small recruitment


Eat some honey or hard sugar

"Guidelines for Clinical Practice of Chinese Children’s Cough Diagnosis and Treatment (2021)" said that the effect of honey alleviating cough may be equivalent to Right Meishafen Town.

Chinese Guide of Cough Diagnosis and Treatment of Cough Diagnosis and Treatment (Edition 2021)

The principle is mainly: a large amount of fructose and glucose contained in honey can cause a large amount of mucus to secrete saliva and respiratory tract.And this layer of mucus covers the respiratory tract will soothe the mucous membranes and become less sensitive, thereby alleviating the cough situation.

Therefore, instead of taking medicine, it is better to let children over 1 year old drink honey, 2.5 ~ 5 ml each time, which can dilute and reduce the secretions in the throat, and play a cough effect.(Children under 1 year of age should not drink honey, because honey may contain botox and their spores, and children of this age group have not yet developed, which may cause Botox poisoning.)

Children under 1 year old can drink warm and clear liquid (such as warm water and apple juice) to moisturize their throat and relieve cough. Drink 5-15 ml each time, 4 times a day.

You can also give your child atomization and inhale physiological saline to dilute sputum, promote the discharge of sputum, and play the purpose of relieving cough.


Take a hot bath before going to bed

First of all, when taking a hot bath, hot steam can effectively reduce the sensitivity of the pharynx, thereby naturally reducing the frequency of cough.

Secondly, the hot bath can remove the possible allergic factors such as particles and dust mites attached to the skin, and truly reduce the possibility of foreign body inhalation from the source.

Finally, the hot bath is equivalent to using a humidifier, but it is safer than a humidifier.It is recommended to be carried out when the air is dry and the child has symptoms of respiratory tract (such as: nasal congestion, cough, etc.).Children can relieve the discomfort caused by cough through warm steam.


Use the nasal washing device

If the child coughs with some nose, you can rinse the nose with diluted sea salt water.Wash the excess foreign objects, keep the nose refreshing, and reduce the irritation of the nose to relieve the symptoms of cough.

For example, some children may cause a cough after a dripping behind the nose. Usually sitting or standing during the day, they do not cough, lying down at night to cough.At this time, you can try to wash the nose ~

In fact, for the acute cough caused by ordinary colds, it can usually be cured within 2 weeks. In this case, it is not necessary to use medication to relieve cough!But if the child can not be able to sleep at night, it will affect normal meals and sleep, then you can make the following judgments ↓↓↓


These 9 cases of children coughing

It’s time to take medicine!

If the child has the following situations, you need to listen to the doctor’s advice to take medicine!

黄 Accompanied by a lot of yellow pus sputum, and thicker;

痰 accompanied by hemoptysis or blood in sputum;

退 Accompanying fever, using antipyretic drugs, 2 to 3 times invalid;

难 There is difficulty breathing, and the breathing is effort;

Accompanying mixture or head;

胀 With an ankle swelling or weight loss;

建 Accompanying chest pain (it is recommended to see a doctor urgently);

的 Cough caused by airway foreign objects (see the doctor immediately);

Children are accompanied by mental burnout, poor food, drowsiness, etc.

We have to pay attention here:

Keep the medicine in accordance with the doctor, not the medicine!

Keep the medicine in accordance with the doctor, not the medicine!

Keep the medicine in accordance with the doctor, not the medicine!

In fact, the baby coughs, instead of rushing cough and pursuing superficial peace, parents might as well check the reason first:

Did the child just ate some irritating foods?(Cool, spicy, etc.) Does the air suddenly become cold / dry / worse?(Autumn and winter) Is there any allergens that have not been ruled out inside and outside the home?(Dust mites, pollen, etc.)

Finally: Cough is just the symptoms of a certain disease. What parents should do is actually the real cause of finding the child’s cough.

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