In 2019, Chinese pregnant women were pushed off the cliff by her husband in Thailand, and they survived by chance. What happened later?

In 2019, a pregnant woman named Wang Nuanwen felt that she could never forget the wind of that day.She was involuntarily falling in the air, her limbs waved randomly, but she couldn’t catch anything; she wanted to scream but her throat was blocked by the wind, so she couldn’t make any sound.She is a cliff on the side, and her feet are the abyss, and the husband she loves deeply to push her down the cliff.

She closed her eyes in despair and waited for death.Waking up again, Wang Nuannuan couldn’t tell whether it was hell or earth.She turned her head and looked at the person sitting beside the bed, and her pupils suddenly tightened.

It was the murderer who was sitting next to the bed, Yu Xiaodong, who was trying to kill her. He had been married to her for more than two years.When he was killed by his wife, he didn’t even care about his belly with their flesh.

Wang Nuannuan tried his best to leave Yu Xiaodong’s surveillance and publicize his facts to the public, and then attracted widespread concern in society.Although the crowd of crowds was loud, because the case occurred in Thailand, the trial process has been progressing slowly.Why did Yu Xiaodong push the pregnant wife down the cliff?What happened to Wang Nuanwen, who was lucky?

Before you get married, starting a business alone in a foreign country is always inevitable to cope with all kinds of gatherings.Although Wang Nuannuan does not like such occasions, she understands that this is an inevitable social way.Therefore, she always spends a long time to dress up, and then she has to greet everyone, hoping to accumulate more contacts.

The party participated in this time was held by Chinese compatriots. Most of the invited people were also people who worked in Bangkok and now in Bangkok.Listening to the familiar rural sound, Wang Nuanwen felt that the pressure was much smaller, so he naturally talked with the people around him.

After three patrols, the atmosphere gradually rose. At this time, a strange man sat next to Wang Nuannian and made a self -introduction to her.Wang Nuannuan didn’t put it in her heart at the beginning, but she just dealt with it. After working hard in these years, her psychological defense has been relatively strong. After all, no one knows that everyone is hidden behind each smile.

It’s just that the other person doesn’t seem to mind her attitude, or is very interested in her.At the end of the party, Yu Xiaodong made a request to exchange contact information.Although Wang Nuannuan did not call him, it was not easy to directly face the face, so he added Yu Xiaodong’s contact information.

About half a month later, Wang Nuannian’s WeChat reminder did not stop, and more than half of them were news from Yu Xiaodong.Is it cold?are you hungry?What time does it get off work?What to eat?Yu Xiaodong’s concern for her was in a meticulous level. Although some of them were not very suitable, Wang Nuannuan actually liked this feeling in his heart.

Wang Nuannuan has lived alone for so long and has learned how to take care of herself, but this does not mean that she will refuse warm companionship.At that time, Wang Nuannuan had to take time to go to Thai school to go to class. Yu Xiaodong had not only touched her approximate movement in the usual day, and since then Wang Nuannuan became a full -time driver.

Frequent contact made the distance between the two get closer quickly. It didn’t take long for Yu Xiaodong to confess to Wang Nuannuan.He wrote a long text to show his mind, but Wang Nuannuan was still a little hesitant. After all, they had a short time to get along. Wang Nuannuan hoped to have a deeper understanding of each other.

Yu Xiaodong, who was rejected, seemed to be hit, but he was discouraged.He said to Wang Nuannuan that it must be that I am not good enough to you.In order to show Wang Nuannuan, Yu Xiaodong almost exhausted all the way he wanted to get.

In the morning, I bought her favorite breakfast for Wang Nuannian; when Wang Nuannun was unwell, she stayed outside her house for a whole night, but did not go in to disturb; took her to the beach to play on the holidays, and all the costs were rushed to grabBuy the bill to prevent Wang Nuannun a penny.

Wang Nuannuan gradually turned his head under the violent offensive of Yu Xiaodong. She never felt that someone was willing to love her without reservation. Maybe the depth of love was really not measured by time?

After two months of this, Yu Xiaodong and Wang Nuannuan joined hands to enter the palace of marriage.Before Wang Nuannuan, Wang Nuannuan never knew how to work hard, and did not pay special attention to some details of life. Now, after a person in the house is busy for her, Wang Nuannuan seems to really feel the warmth of the family.

After marriage, there was no difference between life and before. Yu Xiaodong was still warm to Wang Nuan.But after a month or two, Yu Xiaodong occasionally borrowed money with Wang Nuannuan, sometimes 5,000, and sometimes 10,000.Although the number is not a lot, Wang Nuannuan still feels strange, but Yu Xiaodong only said that the project needs funds.

Two people who are relative to the day and night are actually difficult to hide anything.Wang Nuannuan gradually discovered that Yu Xiaodong had no stable job, and some appearances were disguised before.In desperation, Yu Xiaodong had to confess that he had a crisis in his credit card, and the money he had borrowed before was returned to the bank.

Although Wang Nuannuan was angry, he still helped Yu Xiaodong to pay back the money one after another. After all, the two have legal spouse relationships, and many things are tied together.And it was already married. Wang Nuannuan felt that as long as the money was returned, and then let Yu Xiaodong go out to find a serious job, the life of the two people would be the same as before.

In this way, Wang Nuannuan probably helped Yu Xiaodong pay millions of debts.This money is still within her tolerance. The most headache is that Yu Xiaodong Chengtian only knew that he was lying on the bed and playing games. He nodded and agreed, but he did not act at all.

When I was impatient, Yu Xiaodong would suddenly say, "You can make money so much, why do I still have to work? My mother used to support our family alone."

Wang Nuannuan seems to have listened to Yu Xiaodong’s parents for the first time.Because both of them work in Bangkok, they have never seen each other’s parents from recognizing their marriage.Although some people think this is too hasty, it is not a strange thing for people like them in foreign countries.

And Yu Xiaodong said this at this time because his fox tail was about to hide.The so -called love at first sight is just a scam from beginning to end.

Yu Xiaodong was born in a county seat in Jiangsu Province. Since he remembers his notes, only his mother is working to support his family.As for my father, except drinking all day, I went out to play mahjong. After I went home, I fell down and lay down.

After the ears, Yu Xiaodong felt that such a life was what he should live in the future, and he did not feel ashamed of his ideas.Yu Xiaodong was not serious at school. He was confused with Xiao Xiao, and dropped out of school without finishing junior high school.

After dropping out of school, Yu Xiaodong had been idle in the upstream of society and never worked seriously.Not only that, he was also arrested and jailed for theft and had eaten for twelve years.The reason why he came to Thailand was because he owed a huge amount of gambling debts in China after he was released from prison.The more than one million that Wang Nuannuan helped him pay him back to the hole of the gambling debt.

During this time when he came to Thailand, Yu Xiaodong had been looking for the kind of woman who could make money independently, and then tried to hold this "cash cow", and in the second half of his life, he would eat and drink.He participated in many gatherings organized by Chinese people and finally locked the goal of Wang Nuannuan.

When the two had not seen each other, he found Wang Nuan’s personal information with all means.He knew that Wang Nuannuan entered a tourist company after graduating from China, and was then sent to Thailand to open up his business for excellent performance.After accumulating certain experience and capital, Wang Nuannuan had the idea of starting his own business.

Wang Nuannian was smart and willing to endure hardships. He worked hard in Thailand for many years and earned millions of net worth for himself.It ’s just that she has been alone over the years, and her feelings are relatively white.Yu Xiaodong was "satisfied" for Wang Nuannian’s life resume. Such an object is simply his best candidate.Each step is close to the trap carefully set; every thoughtful words are hidden in the sinister intention.

However, Wang Nuannuan did not know all the information of Yu Xiaodong’s past. She was addicted to the affection that the man pretended to be disguised. Even though Yu Xiaodong gradually exposed his nature, Wang Nuannuan also looked forward to his husband’s change.Until one day, she found that her company’s account was removed five million, and Yu Xiaodong didn’t know.

Wang Nuannuan quickly called the police after the incident, and the local police found Yu Xiaodong.He admitted that he had misappropriated his wife’s company’s property to gamble, and only lost all the money in just one week.Wang Nuannuan was extremely disappointed with Yu Xiaodong. They began to quarrel frequently, and the contradictions were deepening.But even so, Wang Nuannuan was not willing to divorce.

When Wang Nuannuan didn’t know how to get along with Yu Xiaodong, she suddenly found that she was pregnant.Yu Xiaodong, who learned this news, also showed very happily. He really regretted it in front of Wang Nuannuan, asked his wife forgive all the mistakes he had made before, and promised that he would wash his mind in the future.

Since then, Yu Xiaodong seems to have changed back when they met. He got up early to cook for Wang Nuannian every day, driving and picking up her to get off work, for fear that her body would lose a little.Wang Nuannian’s sincere thought of the arrival of this child inspired Yu Xiaodong’s nature of his father. He would assume the responsibility of the family as he expected.

In the early days of Wang Nuannuan’s pregnancy, Yu Xiaodong bought a insurance for the two.If one of the husband and wife died of an accident, the other party could get huge compensation.Yu Xiaodong coaxed Wang Nuannuan and said that if he had any loss, he could also leave a little property for Wang Nuannuan and his children.

In early June 2019, Wang Nuannuan was about two months pregnant at this time. Yu Xiaodong proposed that the two went to the Paleston National Park in Thailand for a few days.He said to Wang Nuannuan that he should pay attention to the appropriate exercise for the first few months of talking about the first few months of the pregnant woman. Besides, Wang Nuannuan has been busy with work. Although he has been in Thailand for so many years, there are only a few times.

Wang Nuannuan had him, and soon set up his trip with her husband.After arriving near the destination, in the early morning of June 9, Wang Nuannuan and Yu Xiaodong came to the cliff in the park together, and wanted to watch the sunrise together.The two were walking on the mountain, and Yu Xiaodong and Wang Nuannian told Wang Nuannan what are the famous monuments in this park.

After Wang Nuanwen’s physical strength was gradually unable to keep up, the two stopped and rest. At this moment, they are at a high altitude, and their feet are the cliffs.Yu Xiaodong suddenly hugged Wang Nuannuan, and put his head in his wife’s ears intimately. Wang Nuannuan closed his eyes in her husband’s intimate behavior, and unexpectedly felt a thrust in the next second.A huge force pushed her down from the cliff. She had fallen dozens of meters in the air before she had time to respond, and she still lingered in her ears: "Go to death!"

Fortunately, some Thai tourists found the dying king at the bottom of the cliff, and then sent her to the hospital for treatment.After Wang Nuannuan grabbed his life back to his hands, he brought Yu Xiaodong to court.Regret, resentment, and despair are not enough to describe her mood. The two years of her hard work are just raising a wolf.

The court of first instance in Thailand judged Yu Xiaodong’s life imprisonment. After the defendant appealed, the second trial was sentenced to ten years in prison.Wang Nuannuan was obviously unacceptable, so she was still trying to fight for a reasonable judgment, hoping that she would eventually gain a result of satisfying herself.

After Wang Nuannian was better, she chose to return home to continue her development.Occasionally, I will live on the short video platform to live and bring the goods on the short video platform, chat with you to share some of my experiences, and so on.

But if the huge damage wants to heal, the process is very long, so Wang Nuannun needs to rely on wheelchairs when he goes out now.But I have to say that this is indeed a very strong girl. I believe that while returning to her health, she will slowly calm the scars in her heart.

As the saying goes, people’s hearts have been seen for a long time, because the right person can withstand the test of years.It may be beautiful to fight for love, but remember to keep vigilance and doubt.And those villains who annihilate humanity will definitely be sanctioned by law!

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