In 2019, a 67 -year -old aunt was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, claiming that the salary was over trouble.


One of the 67 -year -old aunts in Shandong naturally conceived and gave birth to a daughter. Do you dare to believe it?

The appearance of a child can make family life more complete. He is the crystallization of love and the continuation of life. After being upgraded to be a parent, everyone can realize what responsibility is.

The best fertility age of women is between 23-30 years old. At this time, the quality of the eggs is superior, and after the birth of the child, the body recovery time will be shorter.

For elderly women over 35 years of age, pregnant children will be harder than young people, and they will have certain risks, so young couples also want their children as soon as possible when they are young.

In 2019, a 67 -year -old man was naturally conceived and gave birth to a child. At that time, it could cause a lot of sensation in the society and set a record of the highest age of natural conception in China.

At that time, the two elderly people were questioned by many netizens, mainly because they were at this age. They had a lot of risks, and this child would likely need to be raised by his brother and sister in the future.

But this couple has threatened to raise their children by themselves, what’s going on now?

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping are ordinary couples in Zaozhuang, Shandong. They experienced the ups and downs together when they were young, so they had a deep emotional foundation.

When he was young, the income of the two was particularly stable, which was much higher than his peers. Tian Xinju was a doctor. Although he was a bit tired at work, his husband was a lawyer, and his income was considerable.

The two set up a family under the witness of relatives and friends, and then gave birth to a pair of children, and lived very well.

In 2019, the couple ushered in retirement, and their children have already become a family. They will help look at the little granddaughter. Seeing that they will enjoy life, there is a major event in them.

As he was, Tian Xinju returned to home after sending the little granddaughter to school that day. After retirement, she and her husband opened a small vegetable garden behind her house.

When the husband and wife are free, they will take care of the vegetables and fruits of the vegetable garden. These vegetables are grown by themselves. They are not particularly healthy and fresh.

It may be because the eating food is healthy enough, so the two couples of Tian Xinju are very tough. Compared with the people of the same age, the couple are young and young.

One day when she was working in the hospital, Tian Xinju suddenly felt uncomfortable. The couple hurried to the hospital for examination. In the end, she was diagnosed with a cerebral infarction.

However, the situation is not very serious. As long as the doctor’s treatment, the medication on time will not affect the normal life. Tian Xinju also attaches special attention to health, so he has always taken the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions.

But after taking the medicine for a while, at the age of 67, she suddenly found that she had come to a holiday.

People who have a basic understanding of women know that women generally discontinue menstruation in about 45-50 years old.

The so -called menopause is not a holiday, which also indicates that there is no chance of pregnancy. Tian Xinju, who has been discontinued for more than 10 years, was startled.

She thought she had any diseases at the time, so she asked the doctor and learned that it might be the side effects of the drug, which made the old couple relieved.

Tian Xinju’s menstruation was particularly regular when he was young. This is also the case this time. During the period of taking medicine, the regular vacation lasted for several months. Fortunately, there was no other symptoms in the body.

At that time, the neighbors of the same age also joked that Tian Xinju was "returning to the old child."

We all know that women’s menstruation is a detoxification process, which is also beneficial to Tian Xinju’s body.

Originally, I thought that this symptom would disappear after stopping the medicine, but after a few months, Tian Xinju found that her body had changed, often retching when eating, and loss of appetite.

She was a doctor for a lifetime, and at the beginning, she only thought that it was abnormal in physical function, but these symptoms continued, and the menstruation of this month did not come.

A surprise and terrible idea appeared in her mind.

At that time, she was not sure, so she came to the hospital for examination with her husband, and the doctor told her: she was pregnant.

The news was unbelievable even doctors and nurses. They even checked her twice for her, but the results did not change.

The couple of Tian Xinju were shocked by this result. The test report clearly stated that Tian Xinju has been pregnant for two months, and the report shows that the child is very healthy.

After confirming that they were pregnant, their husband and wife faced a choice, whether the child should stay?

It is also his own bone blood, and Tian Xinju is naturally reluctant to fight.

But now their children have become a family, and their age is close to 40. The granddaughter has been in school.If this child is left now, the family’s seniority is very embarrassing.

Another concern is that Tian Xinju’s body is not particularly good. Pregnant childbirth may be a challenge to her. If you want to give birth to a child, this is very dangerous to life.

However, the couple of Tian Xinju felt that the child was surprised, and both were 67 years old. It was also an unexpected pregnancy. This may be the arrangement of heaven.

After returning home, the couple also told their children the news. Sure enough, they were disgusted by their children. The children’s thoughts did not agree to leave the child.

For this reason, the two sides quarreled, and the daughter also said, "You must persist, let’s cut off the personal relationship!"

But for the love of small lives, they still decided to give birth.

In fact, it is normal for the daughter to have such a reaction. The two very realistic problems are in front of them at this moment.

First, I am afraid that the neighbor’s neighbor jokes and the rumors of the outside world. After all, the third generation of their families is already a teenager. At this time, a younger sister is added.

The second is that the children also considered a problem, that is, the pressure of life is now very stressful. Raising a child must pay countless energy and money. Now the parents are older. This child is born, which obviously needs them to raise them.

For this reason, the children even played emotional cards with their parents, and they had repeatedly persuaded them with affection.

The couple of Tian Xinju also have their own ideas, leaving this child. One is because I think this is the gift of heaven, and I think I have the ability to raise the child.

The old couple of Tian Xinju said that after the child was born, they would raise themselves, and their bodies were still tough. Although some small diseases did not affect their normal life.

And now they retire, some are time to take care of their children. The most important point is that the retirement pension of the old couple can increase more than 10,000 yuan per month.

That being said, for Tian Xinju, the process of pregnancy is a kind of expectation and a kind of torture. At that time, Tian Xinju had brain infarction and hypertension and other diseases.Think of it.

At that time, they conducted a systematic examination in the hospital. The doctor also suggested that Tian Xinju not to leave the child, because once a sudden occurrence occurs, the mother and child’s life may be threatened.

But the couple have made a decision. No matter what others say, they will not change anymore. The doctor can only formulate a plan for Tian Xinju.

In order to ensure health, Tian Xinju’s husband and wife settled in the hospital. Doctors and nurse also observed the development of Tian Xinju’s body and fetus every day.

Fortunately, the entire process of pregnancy, although Tian Xinju felt a bit hard, there was no special situation. When she was pregnant until 36 weeks, the doctor decided to give her a cesarean section.

This incident was quickly spread on the local area. Some media reported on this matter. On the day when Tian Xinju produced, there were many people from outside the delivery room, and some family members and some reporters.

Considering the special circumstances of Tian Xinju, the president of the hospital was the hospital that was the main knife that day. The moment Tian Xinju was promoted to the operating room, everyone’s heart was pinched.

Tian Xinju is too old, and it may cause various problems during the operation. The most tense one must be Huang Weiping. He is very worried about his wife and children.

Fortunately, the surgery was particularly smooth. With the loud cry of the baby, Tian Xinju gave birth to a baby girl.

The meaning of this name is that God gives themselves a gift, and they also hope that children can grow up healthily under the protection of God.

Tian Xinju’s husband and wife received the blessings of countless people for a while.

The 67 -year -old mother had a safe production, and many media came to interviews for a while. Huang Weiping expressed his joy to the camera, but they still failed to get their children’s blessings.

The arrival of the younger daughter made Tian Xinju very happy. The old couple had a bright smile on her face every day. The people around said that the couple had 20 years younger after giving birth to the young daughter.

The next step was Tian Xinju’s confinement. Because she had conflicts with her children before, Tian Xinju took a month of time during confinement.

Although that time was a little hard for Huang Weiping, he was happy. He made some nutritious meals for his wife every day and brewed milk powder to his younger daughter. This is what he wants to do most.

After Yueyue gone, all his life was pressed on Huang Weiping’s body, but he didn’t complain, and he took care of the mother and daughter very well.

Now that the Internet is becoming more and more developed, many people have started live broadcasts, and Tian Xinju couples will also take some small paragraphs in life to share with you.

The focus of the video must be a little daughter. The child looks beautiful and very lively. It is loved by everyone. The person who has doubts about Tian Xinju before has gradually changed to blessings.

The 71 -year -old couple of Tian Xinju became an Internet celebrity. They started to bring the goods. Some people felt that the two had seized the traffic password and found business opportunities.

For this couple, they just want to record the children’s beautiful growth, and by the way to make money to make some money.

After everyone was worried about giving birth to the child, the couple would throw the younger daughter to the child raising, and did not happen. After all, the salary of the old couple was still very high, and there was a certain savings in their hands.

Most of the couples now turn around their little daughters, and occasionally they take their children to the surrounding parks. From the video, it can be seen that their lives are particularly sweet and happy.

The so -called blood is thicker than water. For four years, this incident has been missing her parents. Now the relationship between Tian Xinju’s husband and wife and children has greatly improved, and his brother and sister slowly accepted the little heavenly gift.

The old couple have never cared too much about the rumors on the Internet.

After all, in the first half of their lives, they have also experienced storms. They are not afraid of the doubts of others. They only happily be themselves.

From the daily life they sent, it can be seen that the couple’s body is healthy. When taking care of the lively young daughter, there is no pressure. I hope their family can always be so happy.

Everyone has a different choice of life. As a bystander, we have no right to interfere with others’ lives. We can only give some opinions on their choices.

After the children set up their careers, their cares about their parents gradually weakened. This may also be one of the reasons why Tian Xinju’s husband and wife insisted on asking the younger daughter. Xiao Tianci came to bring a lot of fun to their lives.

Lao Lai, this is a great fortune in life, but everyone must make judgments based on their actual situation.

Take Tian Xinju, for example, people have an absolute economic foundation. Now many young couples may not have about 10,000 income for a month, and they are now broadcasting again, and their income is higher.

Regardless of their life, at least the family is happy now.

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