In 2011, Jiangsu vegetative people were unconscious for three months and found pregnancy.

One day in March 2011, in a hospital in Puyang County, Jiangsu Province, Gaodejin wiped his body with great painfully wife Zhang Rongxiang.

Yesterday, I just experienced a life and death race. Fortunately, the wife was rescued by the doctor, and finally kept her life. For him who had gradually desperately desperately, a good news came to him like a thunderbolt.

It turned out that during the rescue of yesterday, the doctor found that Zhang Rongxiang’s lower abdomen was slightly dragged, thinking that it was urinating, but the examination turned out to be pregnant.

This child is not at the same time. Zhang Rongxiang is lying on the bed without consciousness. He will face the termination of life at any time. Gaodejin has a crutch and has no source of income. It is very difficult to support a family.

What’s more, the pregnancy of the vegetative is very dangerous. Even if the child can be born safely, feeding will become a difficult problem.

Where should this little life go?Gaodejin’s thoughts for a long time and finally made a decision. However, it was also Gaodejin’s insistence that he had no intention of saving his wife’s life and letting the miracle continue to her.

Two years later, Zhang Rongxiang, who was unconscious, opened her eyes slowly, and finally had consciousness, and her body gradually improved, and what happened on her was shocking.

Everyone moved to tears, and the beginning of this incident stemmed from a unfortunate beginning.

Don’t look at Zhang Rongxiang’s eyes now, lying on the hospital bed, before she had an accident, she was also a beautiful and beautiful woman. The reason why it turned into this appearance is all from a car accident.

This accident occurred on December 1, 2010. It was originally calm and calm. Gaodejin drove his wife and daughter with a tricycle and went to his mother -in -law’s house to eat and dinner all the way.

When it was halfway through, a white car came out of the cross road. Because the speed of the two cars was fast. When it was about to hit it, Gaodejin stepped on the brakes hard, but it was one step late.

Instantly the car was overturned. The family of three fell on the side of the road. The scattered parts and gasoline fell on the ground.A coma.

After he woke up for two days, he was covered with gauze all over his body. When he moved gently, the blood stains penetrated. Gaodejin tried to turn his head to inspect the room where he was sent to the hospital.

But next to him, there was no wife and daughter, worried about the safety of the two, Gao Dejin held up his pain and called: "Wife, Gao Yun, where are you?"

A shouting awakened the nurse on duty, and the nurse responded to help him deal with the wound. In the nursing mouth, Gaodejin also knew the condition of his wife and daughter.

At that time, her daughter Gao Yunwan was thrown into the grass, and she reached out and blocked it. Except for some slight abrasions, her body was not a big deal. There was nothing wrong with observing and observation.

However, Zhang Rongxiang was not so lucky. After the huge inertia shook her, her head was the first to the ground, causing a severe craniocerebral injury, and she is still in a coma.

Although Gaodejin was not so serious, because of his right half of his body, his multi -root ribs, arms, and calves had different degrees of fractures. At the same time, gas appeared in the chest and bleeding.

Now the fracture part has been fixed with steel plates, and the physical condition is also based on stability. It needs to lie in bed and recuperate. At least it takes several months to fully recover.

Right now, his wife is worrying. Gao Degin is worried. As the pillar of the family, he wants to take a look at his wife and daughter in order to think about how to deal with it in advance.

Unexpectedly his attachment, the nurse pushed the wheelchair, and when he saw his wife through the glass of the ICU, he was already psychologically prepared to cry.

Zhang Rongxiang was lying motionlessly, her head was covered with gauze, and her hands were dripping. A cold machine on a stage surrounded her, as if it was like a broken doll.

If he couldn’t bear the blow, Gaodejin passed again and woke up until the next day. The mother kept guarding him, pulling his hand gently, and sitting in tears silently.

The doctor told the Gao family that Zhang Rongxiang’s probability of surviving was only 7%. If three months later, he could escape in a chance, maybe he could live in the way of a vegetative.Essence

No matter what kind of result, it seems unacceptable. The Gao family is immersed in grief. Regarding the disaster, the Gao family was defeated, and the next life was even more difficult.

After Gao Yun was injured, he immediately assumed the heavy responsibility of taking care of Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang. Under the careful care, Gaodejin’s mental state was much better.

Every day he pestled a crutch and stood outside the ward and looked at his wife, hoping that his wife would wake up one day, and then the family could live an ordinary life as before.

However, no matter how he prayed, Zhang Rongxiang was still lying on the hospital bed and relying on nutrient solution every day to protect his life.

"What should I do? Wife, you tell me." The desperate Gaodejin could only take advantage of the quiet night to remove the strength of his disguise.

In addition to worrying about his wife during this time, there is another thing that has been tortured. Zhang Rongxiang’s treatment cost and his treatment costs have formed a huge amount of cost.

Although the driver and insurance company did not escape the responsibility before, they all gave corresponding compensation, but for the current situation, it is completely a lot of money.

This money is not enough to deal with the later treatment, and he is now in the hospital, losing economic sources, and helping relatives and friends to help. He doesn’t know what to do next.

Watching the mother’s increasingly embarrassing, her daughter’s heart was insufficient, and Gaodejin’s heart had a dramatic pain for a while, and under various high -pressure beating, he fell asleep again.

In the dream, his father died early, and his hard -working mother raised him, but he was dragged down by him. He went out to work in the early morning and paid huge hospitalization fees at a meager salary.

In the first thing to wake up, Gaodejin pulled out the needle. He made a major decision. It didn’t matter, but he had to take the remaining compensation to treat his wife.

He rescued his wife, regardless of the obstruction of everyone, dragged the seriously injured body, went through the discharge procedures, and then took responsibility for taking care of his wife.

"Dad, don’t do this, I can." Gaode King Kong did the last operation only three days after the last operation. Gao Yun was very worried about his body. Gaodejin also understood the danger, but he just touched his daughter’s head, and then he just touched his daughter’s head.Lay a small basin to heat the water.

Life has passed day by day, the hospital and home are two o’clock. Even if the life is hard, the Gao family is still full of hope. Gaodeka encourages his mother and children every day.

Just when everyone thought that it would pass in three months, when Zhang Rongxiang could usher in the hope of survival, an unexpected thing happened.

In a afternoon, a notice of illness came down, although there was a notice before, but this time it was more serious than the previous condition.

The unconscious Zhang Rongxiang suddenly spit out her mouth and was sent to the rescue room. Whether she could overcome the crisis depends on her awareness of her survival.

The doctor saved her life in an orderly manner. The drama of the ward and the death of the gods staged again. In a tense atmosphere, a doctor noticed the patient’s lower abdomen.

Compared to a thin body shape, her belly is a bit round and not in line with common sense. Thinking of the disease that may be a disease caused by the lesion or urine retention.

The doctor immediately checked her, and the result was surprising: "She was pregnant." When the nurse told the doctor, everyone was in place.

In this critical situation, Zhang Rongjin actually had a small life in his stomach. The doctor did not dare to delay to rescue the moment: "This is a new hope, you must not give up."

The shouting sounded in the rescue room, as if being summoned. Under the efforts of everyone, Zhang Rongxiang miracle survived.

Gaodejin, who did not know the results, was waiting outside the ward. He was already prepared to be psychologically prepared. No matter what the end, what he should come, he must be calm, and he calmly faced everything that can reduce a little bit of pain.

Seeing the doctor came out, Gaodejin quickly stepped forward and asked anxiously: "Doctor, how is it? Is she okay?"

Knowing that the rescue was successful, the stone in Gaodejin’s heart finally let go, but the heavy bomb of pregnancy later made his mood difficult to calm down for a long time.

The doctor re -examined Zhang Rongxiang and confirmed that she had been pregnant for about three months. Before a car accident, the seed of this hope had been planted.

At that time, neither Gaodejin nor Zhang Rongxiang noticed, nor did he know this situation. He did not do a B -ultrasound when he came to the hospital, so no one has been discovered.

However, in addition to being ecstatic, the doctor still has to pour a pot of cold water for Gaodejin. Zhang Rongxiang faces the state of the plants in the future. Pregnancy is very dangerous for her, and it is likely to ask her life.

Getting growing up will definitely grab nutrition with the mother. In the later period, the fetus is too large to terminate pregnancy. Therefore, the child’s stay must be carefully decided. This decision may be related to many things.

Gaodejin was naturally known. When he returned from the doctor, he quietly stuffed the inspection sheet into the pants bag and pretended to heat his wife like no one.

He did not dare to tell his mother and daughter that with concern, he could only excuse to buy food and go to the park alone.

Another child is the hope of the two. Before something happened, Gaodejin and his wife had a future plan, regenerating a child, and a happy family of four.

However, this situation is really not the best time. The arrival of the child threatens the life of the mother. The slight difference may be two lives.

"What do you do? What to do?" Gaodejin picked up the stones and thrown into the water one by one, venting the long backlog of emotion.

And Gao’s mother also seemed to have discovered abnormalities. She took the initiative to find the doctor to ask, only to know the news of her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy. For her husband’s early death, she immediately took up her family burden, and immediately made a decision to keep her daughter -in -law.

Zhang Rongxiang, who will be a vegetative in the future, may be impossible to have a child again, but this situation should not think much about this situation now.

Gaodejin knew his mother’s good intentions. He also wanted to think about it. His wife once saw a clip of a promotion of an adult or a child. He also naively said that if he really had an accident in the future, he would protect the child first without consideration.

Now that such things have happened, Gaodejin does not want to obey his wife’s words, but he can easily give up a hope like this, and he can’t do it.

"Leave it, maybe this is also the wish of her mother, so that she can stand to this day." Some daughter’s words awakened the dream, Gaodejin was a little relieved, and the children who had experienced suffering now became mature and sensible.

Thinking of his wife’s persistence and her fantasy of the second child, Gao Degin thought about it and made a cautious decision, and he must keep this child.

His mind has been decided. No matter how others persuade him, he insists on his own thoughts. Perhaps, it is this little life that can awaken his wife, and Gao Degin has pinned his hopes on an unborn child.

In order to keep the fetus, the doctor immediately adjusted the medication plan, and maintained Zhang Rongxiang’s life without hurting the mother and child as much as possible.

She still lay down, but her belly became larger every day, because the compensation had been used, and she owed some foreign debt. Gao Degin took his wife out of the hospital and returned to home for recuperation based on the guidance.

After that, the driver of the accident learned that the situation was guilty and re -compensated. Although it was only tens of thousands of dollars, it was also all the property that he could take out within the scope of his ability.

During the treatment of Zhang Rongxiang at home, her body shape became thinner and thinner, and her cheeks were sunken. Gao Dejin helped her turn over, scrubbed her, feed her to eat, talk with her, and report to her growth status every day.

Even if his wife had no consciousness, he couldn’t talk to him. He still told what he recently heard. As long as the daughter is free, she will come to accompany her mother.

Perhaps I felt the power. In the early morning, when Gaodejin touched his wife’s pregnancy, Zhang Rongxiang’s eyes closed slowly, and his eyes seemed to want to convey something.

Gaodejin held his wife’s hand excitedly, and his tears burst out again. This is undoubtedly a good thing. It proves that the effort for so long is not in vain, and his wife cannot speak, but he must understand.

He immediately told his mother and daughter about the good news. The long -term suffering ushered in the dawn, and everyone was more active in the face of life.

After nine months of careful care, Zhang Rongxiang was about to face the birth of the child. One day, Gaodejin went out, and the Gao mother who was responsible for the care of its daughter -in -law found that her daughter -in -law was wet.

Realizing that Zhang Rongxiang should be produced, he shouted his son quickly and took Zhang Rongxiang to the obstetrics and gynecology hospital with the luggage items prepared in advance.

Gaodejin was anxiously waiting outside the door to welcome the arrival of a new life. He had already accompanied his wife to have a daughter. At this moment, he was still very nervous.

But time passed by bit by bit, but the doctor did not come out. Looking at the closed door, Gaodejin began to regret it, worried that he decided his wife to harm his wife.

His wife was originally a plant man. He also insisted that he wanted to have a child who could not move. In case of a difference, how could he face his future life.

When he buried his head in his knees in pain, the door "clicked" and was opened, and a crisp sound sounded: "Give birth, a boy." The nurse walked out happily.

Gaodejin took over the baby in the middle of the puppet, crying in an instant, and then asked anxiously: "How about my wife?"

Knowing that his wife was in danger, the man’s hanging heart finally let go of his heart. He looked at his son happily, and then said, "You call God, because you are the hope of God to us."

The doctor looked at the family and moved sincerely. This is a miracle. Zhang Rongxiang’s strong vitality, supporting the child’s arrival, has to make people sigh the greatness of a mother.

But now she is very happy. Although Zhang Rongxiang opened her eyes, she was still a vegetative, and her whole body was still unaware. It was still unknown whether she was completely awake.

Gaodejin is unwilling to think so much. From pregnancy, from danger to life to birth, since so many incredible things have happened, he believes that his wife will get better and better under the shroud of love.

After the son was born, the family’s life became more busy. When they had no time to take care of Zhang Rongxiang, the kind neighbor would come over to help.

The driver of the previous accident did not let it go. Although the traffic accident was half of the responsibility of both parties. He had given compensation according to regulations, but he still stretched out his hand again and made the third compensation.

With the help of good -hearted people, the days gradually improved, and the thin wife slowly returned to normal state. The son grew up day by day, and from the scholarship, a word of Gao Dejin taught his children was "mother".

He and his daughter still took the time to accompany Zhang Rongxiang every day. Now there is an extra child, and the laughter also replaces sighs. The smile on everyone’s face gradually becomes more.

The two years of time dissipated unknowingly. Zhang Rongxiang did not wake up and life continued, but when everyone no longer had hope, the miracle happened again.

Gaodejin still feeds his wife as usual. The son was sitting on the bedside and playing. The child just shouted "Mom". Gao Dejin obviously felt his wife’s face muscles moved a bit.

Later, Zhang Rongxiang opened his mouth slowly, and his throat was vaguely "唉". Gao Dejin looked at his wife in surprise, and the spoon in his hand fell to the ground.

The wife woke up!She worked hard to pull out a smile, and her fingers could move slightly. The son was scared to see the change of the mother. Later, under the soothing of Gaodejin, the son slowly approached Zhang Rongxiang.

With the efforts of the whole family, Zhang Rongxiang began to show signs of improvement. From the beginning of opening his eyes to his fingers to a laughter, he couldn’t do without the love and companionship.

Now she can already help the wall for activities. After the relevant government departments understand her deeds, they also give them a subsistence allowance for their family. Children study are free.

Perhaps, the advent of "Tianci" is really Zhang Rongxiang’s hope. Under all kinds of difficulties, she still defeated the pain and ushered in one miracle after another.Getting better and better.

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