In 20 years, the American man suddenly had abdominal pain. The doctor said that he was pregnant. After half a year, he gave birth to a baby boy

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The world is big, there are no wonders, there are women in the past, and men have children. In October 2020, a pair of homosexual husbands in the United States ushered in their first child in the hospital.

And this baby boy was one of the couples. His name was Bernet Caspa Williams, a 37 -year -old man with a strong golden beard.

After a few hours of production, a baby boy was finally born.

So, a very important question comes: Should a child born called this man or his father?

As early as last year, Bernett often felt sore and fatigue, his appetite was loss, and his spirit was sluggish, but he didn’t think much, but he felt that these symptoms may be caused by the recent work and great mental stress.It’s okay for a while.

But later, no matter how Bonete rest, the symptoms on his body have not been eased. He even began to become unable to eat, and often disgusting.

Bened became more and more uncomfortable. He rolled in bed uncomfortably, and the sound of the sound of the lover Malik lying in the living room was shocked.

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Malik walked into the room anxiously and soothed the uncomfortable lover. When he put his hand on Bernett’s stomach, he suddenly asked in doubt: Dear, did you get fat recently?

Bened remembered that he had no appetite experience when he saw anything during this time, and how could he be fat, saying that he was thinner.

Ignoring Malik’s question, Bente pulled the quilt to cover his head and planned to sleep for a while. However, Malik has been observing Bennet’s belly and from time to time.

Subsequently, Malik seemed to think of something, and suddenly he let Beline touch his belly and see if it really became bigger.

In order to cope with Malik, Beline had to reached out and touched it helplessly, but this touch was startled, and his belly was really bigger.

The surprising husband, who was surprised at this time, came up with an idea: I (he) must be pregnant.

The idea of the two is unreasonable to the viewer, because men cannot get pregnant and have children. This is basic common sense. The two big men, because one of the belly is old, feels that he is pregnant, which is not in line with normal.Human logical thinking.

However, even more bizarre things happened, and the two then drove to the B -ultrasound in the nearby hospital. When the results came out, the doctor who had a lot of knowledge was also startled.

Because the detected results show that Bennett was really pregnant, and was still a big fat boy.

This made the people present all dumbfounded and shattered the three views. The doctors who checked Benite had shocked their chin.The arrival of this little life.

Bente and Malik wanted a child long ago, and adding a baby to the family of the two is also their long -term plan.

In order to achieve this long -term plan, Bente, who likes desserts, resolutely chooses to quit sugar, and then insists on running and fitness in the gym every day to ensure that his body can conceive naturally.

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Bened’s lover Malik began to pay attention to health with him, and Malik, who was addicted to smoke, never smoked a cigarette from the day of the plan.

At the same time, he began to go to the gym to swim in the gym. In order to bred a new life, the couple were worked hard every day.

From this point of view, Bente’s pregnancy is not unexpected, but how did Bernett as a man know that he could get pregnant?

And how does Malik, who is Bernett’s lover, can accept the fact that Bernett can naturally conceive like a woman?All of this should start with Bened as a child.

In the eyes of others from an early age, Bente was a beautiful and cute brown -haired little girl. She was beautiful and cute when she was a child, her long hair fluttering, cheerful and lively, and she was the dream lover of all the little boys in the class.

Bened’s mother likes to dress up for her. She often buys a variety of skirts for her. She should also report her dance interest class to Bened.

In addition, Bente also likes to play dolls. Her room is neatly arranged. Various princess dolls, Bente also personally made exclusive skirts and crown jewelry for them.

After a few years, Bened grew up. I wonder if it was because of mature, she found that the dolls that she was particularly interested in when she was a child did not want to touch it again.

When she told her mother about this change, her mother just comforted her and said: Children are like this. When she was young, she didn’t want to play when she was tired of playing.

So the young Bente no longer felt hearty, and she began to accept all the changes that happened to herself. When Bene special was 10 years old, her breasts began to develop and became bigger and bigger.

The mother bought her a lot of underwear with sponge pads, but whenever she put on these underwear, she always felt strange, as if her body and mind were resisting this cotton wrapped in the chest.Essence

In this way, Bente, who wearing underwear for five years, started becoming a girl, because since her chest became bigger and bigger, many former opposite sex friends were unwilling to play with her again.

However, when I am in contact with the girl, I will become very internal and shy, so gradually, fewer and fewer friends around Bennett are.

What confused Belinet was that he found that he had grown a lot of beards recently, and these dense beards rushed out of her people and chin.

Benite, who was very shy about this, did not dare to tell this matter with her parents again. She secretly ran to the convenience store to buy a shaved knife and shaving foam, so she often sneaked in the bathroom alone.

Bened, who was in trouble, didn’t know who to talk to whom these things, so he had to choose to be in his heart.

When she was 15 years old, Bened came to a holiday. When I got up on the weekend, Bente suddenly felt that her bed sheets were wet. She thought she was urinating in bed. She quickly opened the quilt and looked at it.The blood stain resolutely appeared in front of her.

The innocent Bente was stunned. He couldn’t care about Shanghai wearing a bloody pajamas, crying and running out to find his mother. Then her mother comforted Bente and told her that these were normal physiological phenomena.There was no problem with her body.

Beline, who was originally unhappy, became more depressed.

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Soon after another, a physical education class in school was once again. Bened, who cut his head, was regarded as a boy by the teacher, and asked her to go to the playground with several other boys to pick up the ball.

Then Bente, who picked up the ball, found the teacher, said that he said that the girl, the teacher looked at her inch, and looked at her bulging throat knot, and asked in confusion: But how can there be a girl’s throat knot so obvious?

So, finally realized that Bernett returned home, who was a bit wrong, and said to his parents: I want to go to the hospital to check my body.

After coming to the hospital, the doctor did a systematic test for her. The test results that were subsequently surprised that Bente and her parents were quite surprised -Bennett was actually a bisexual.

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After more than ten years of living, Bened felt unacceptable after learning that he was a bisexual.

Bened is different from ordinary bisexual people. With the women’s uterus and female organs, she also hides two cryptor tests in the abdomen, which makes therogen in her body extremely high.

However, fortunately, Benite lives in a more developed state in the United States. The openness here is also highly acceptable to some ordinary groups, which makes Benite’s life easier.

After considering for a period of time, Bened decided to be a man. She went to the barbershop to trim the long hair before, and chose to have a chest removal surgery. After surgery, she took hormone drugs to strengthen her male characteristics.

After choosing to become a male, Bernett began to insist on having a beard. Because of suffering from other hidden diseases, Bente did not choose to perform transsexual surgery, and he retained the uterus in his body.

So, in the end, Bente became a man who could have children, but if he did not tell these secrets to others, others would never know.

Even after experiencing so many hardships, Bente still maintains a cheerful and positive attitude. He is very helpful and always treat others with goodwill.

It is this kind of Bened that attracted a person who is as kind and friendly as him. This person is Malik, and Malik is a introverted man. When Malik came into contact with the Internet, he was very talkative.Later, he was deeply attracted.

After spending time with Malik for a while, Bernett found that he was a person who could tolerate others. He always cared about taking care of Bernett’s emotions.move.

As a result, Bente chose to show Malik’s mind and treat him sincerely, telling Malik’s secrets.

After learning that Malik after Bennett’s thoughts did not show disgusting at all, Malik strongly comforted Bennett and praised him as a brave warrior.Meet him today.

At that moment, Beni realized that he had found true love. Soon, he fell in love with Malik, and the two lived together.

After marriage, Bened lived happily with Malik, and his life was simple and happy.However, although the world of the two people is very exciting and interesting, it always feels that there is still lack of something. Finally, one morning, Bened solemnly said to Malik that he wanted a child.

Malik immediately respected Bernet’s thoughts and choices, but he suggested that Bennett still do his best, because he has taken the male hormone for so many years, and he will not be able to succeed in his child.It will cause adverse effects on children’s development.

However, Bente, who had been determined, still insisted that he had to have a child. The next day, the husband and husband drove to the hospital. After the hospital was checked, the doctor analyzed a test to the two.

Although Bernett takes male hormones all year round, the function of the uterus is normal. As long as you work hard, you can still conceive naturally.

This result was happy to be happy. After returning home, Bente and Malik made a pregnancy preparation plan and strictly implemented it. After a period of time, he finally conceived his child.

During Bernett’s pregnancy, Malik cared about him, and accompanied him all the weather all over the weather. In 2020, the epidemic broke out. The United States was also affected.Essence

But even if the epidemic broke out, Bened insisted on the inspection on time, because he was troubled by congenital physiological defects since he was a child, and he did not want his child to have such an encounter in the future.

As long as the problem finds early, it can be cured in time, so the checkup is very necessary for the fetus in the abdomen.

Finally ended in October, and at the exciting delivery, Bentet and Malik rushed to the hospital early to prepare for the birth of a child.

At this time, a strong man with a beard was at this time lying quietly on the hospital bed and waiting for the arrival of childbirth. The picture was still very shocking.

After a long period of pain, the fetus finally showed signs of coming out. Because the doctor had previously recommended that he had a cesarean section because the doctor’s birth canal was too narrow.It was pushed into the operating room.

A few hours later, with a loud cry, Bente and Malik’s children finally came to this world.

After the child was born, the husband named him Hudson, hoping that he could grow up healthy and happy.

Seeing this, although the previous questions were resolved, a new problem emerged, that is: Children should be called Benite for mother or father?

Facing a big man with a beard and a wide -shoulder, he shouted his mother. It may be okay at home, but in public places, many people may have a strange vision.

But if he shouted Bened as his father, what is Malik’s identity?This is really a difficult thing.

However, I believe that under the dual care of the two excellent dads of Bernett and Malik, Hudson will definitely be a very happy child.

After Bena was discharged from the hospital, the family of three finally returned home and began to enjoy a happy life belonging to their family.

For a long time, we all think that bisexuals are different from normal people. They have a special physiological structure, so they are hidden in the crowd. The heart is delicate and sensitive, and it is difficult to get the lives of normal people.

However, the story of Bened shows us the true side of the bisexual people in social life. Although they are compared to ordinary people, they often suffer a lot of criticism for no reason, but in the end, relying on a strong heart to overcome the physiological and physiological and physiological and physiological and physiological and physiological and inner heart,Psychological obstacles eventually lived a happy life.

In real life, we must respect and understand such special groups, because they and us are ordinary members of all beings, and they also have the power to live a normal life and enjoy free life.

May the Bened family live a happy and peaceful life, and also hope that the love crystals of their husbands can grow healthily and happily.

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