Improve your hair while you are pregnant!Reasonable hair care

The impact of hormone secretion during pregnancy, the quality of expectant mothers will become better, and pregnancy is a good time for hair care and hair care.Pay attention to the choice of shampoo, shampooing posture, and some common sense of nursing common sense during daily care.

Choose the right hairstyle

After pregnancy, you should choose hairstyles that are easy to sort out and care. Of course, short hair is a better choice, but as long as you pay attention to beauty, you do n’t have to cut your hair.Short hair heat dissipation is fast, which can make the mother’s temperature not too high; it is easier to dry after shampooing, and it is not easy to get cold; it is easier to clean and take care of it.

How to wash your hair

There is no restriction on the shampoo during pregnancy. You can wash it when you are dirty. Choose a soft shampoo. Do not blow it with a hair dryer after washing and dry it with a clean towel.

Short -haired expectant mothers have a good hair. You can sit on a chair with a height that can just bend the knees into 90 °, lean forward, and slowly clean it.

The long -haired expectant mother is best to sit on a back chair, lean back to the back, and rinse it by the family.If possible, it is best to wash it with a shower.

When you wash your hair, you can massage the scalp by the way, and after wiping your hair, you can comb the hair with a comb. This can keep the hair shiny and promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the head.

Do not dye your hair, burn your hair

Moms during pregnancy or lactation are not suitable for dyeing and perm, because various components in dyeing and soups may be absorbed through the scalp and enter the body, which will affect the fetus or baby, especially avoid dyeing and hot hair in the early pregnancy.

Selection of shampoo

Specific mothers should choose shampoos that are suitable for her hair quality and gentle nature.Don’t suddenly change shampoo to prevent skin allergies.

Pay attention to nutrition

Eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as wheat germ, brown rice, animal liver, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, etc., which will not only help expectant mothers’ hair, but also improve the baby’s hair after birth.Essence

Daily experience sharing: When pregnancy, there may be some thick black hair on the face, up, back, and legs on the face, the back of the belly, back, and legs.Don’t worry about expectant mothers.

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