If you want to have a second child, you can see the 7 suggestions of my second child, from the heart

After giving birth to a second child, girlfriends or friends often ask how I feel like I have a second child?Is it easy to bring?They also want to give some suggestions such as a second child.As a mother who has a second child, combined with her experience with the second mother around her, these suggestions are horn and poisoned by life.You must listen to these suggestions!

1. Before having a second child, it is best to be stable at home. No family members are seriously ill, otherwise it will be difficult, especially the only children who want to take care of the sick people.Can cope.

2. When you do not intend to have a second child, you must take good measures. You will be pregnant by accident. If you are not ready to be pregnant, you don’t bear it.The plan will be disrupted and passive!We decided that Erbao was also soft -hearted. When the examination was checked, the doctor said that there was a heartbeat, and it was normal. We decided to give birth.If there is no Erbao, we are not economical.You will have more time.We and Dabao’s quality of life will be much better. Now I feel that my husband and I will not have much time in my life in the future.Without the help of the elderly, my husband and I had no way to rest on weekends. He came back from get off work and was responsible for the big one. I was responsible for being small. It was really 24 hours.

3. If you plan to have a second child from the beginning, you have to give your father an opportunity to participate in the baby when you have a child, so that he can experience it is not easy to bring a baby.Has a lot of help!A powerful helper will be much stronger than a pig teammate.

4. Before giving birth to a second child, you must prepare ideas for Dabao in advance. For example, look at the relevant series of picture books and tell her that there will be an extra younger brother or younger sister at home. Before the birth of our brother, I showed my sister two series of picture books. Here I would like it.Focusing on sharing, because I found that I saw the relevant picture books in advance, so she was more likely to accept some of what happened after the birth of her brother. For example, recently, my brother likes to tear the tissue, and climbing my sister everywhere feels normal.Tuck paper, let’s build a paper kingdom together, the paper kingdom is mentioned in the picture book.One of these two sets of picture books is about the sister, the other is a brother, and the other introduces that the mother will go to the hospital when the Erbao is born, and the relatives will see Erbao.After birth, there will be a series of gods operations, such as: climbing, tearing paper, throwing things, crying, etc. If you want to give birth to a second child, you want to know the name of the picture or leave a message to tell you the name, you buy it yourself, you can buy it yourself, you can buy it yourself.The price is not expensive and has a great effect.But one thing is to emphasize that when you buy a picture book, you must accompany your child to read, and then communicate with your brother or sister in advance what the family will change at home, so that it will be easy to overly.Compared to other families who have not prepared for ideas, I think it is really much better.

5. If the economy at home is not very rich, and there is no elderly person to bring it, that person recommends that you should consider it carefully. Our family has greatly underestimated the economic impact of Erbao.It is not simple to spend more children, but to spend one more person in the family to accompany care.There is no elderly with a nanny at home with you alone.And your family may lose the main force of making money.The tyrants here are casual.My family is a child who has two children now, and Mr. Zhu strives to make money desperately to support his family.

6. There is a more important point that it must be considered the impact on Dabao.The conscience of heaven and earth, I want Erbao "I hope Dabao has a companion. I am far away. My daughter’s uncle and aunt are far away. Her cousin and cousin rarely meet.It will be much better around us, and when we are old, there is still a relative to rely on. But Erbao inevitably divides the love of parents. I used to think that I would not beat my baby for a lifetime, but now I am more and more and more and more.Lost patience, sometimes I really can’t help but hit twice. Erbao is really cute, more sticky, and more clever. At this time, it is inevitable to ignore Dabao.Although it was only eight months, my brother’s ability to destroy was very great. Sister often said aggrieved, "Mom, my brother torn my handmade work again." At the moment of itIs it right or wrong? Sometimes I always feel that I owe my sister.

7. If the conditions at home are okay, there is an economic foundation, and there are elderly people to bring it, and if you want to have a second child, you will be born early, because the older the age will become slower.I can run around, and my son really hurts everywhere. The second child is not like a child at all, and I asked the mother around me. Everyone feedback is slower.And the greater the physical strength, the less you can’t keep up.Therefore, it is strongly recommended that those who want to give birth are better early!

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