If you want the skin smooth and tender, use this hair removal artifact

It’s summer, the girls who love beauty have begun to prepare for the summer, the shaping shaping, and the hair removal of hair removal.

Otherwise, in June and July, looking at the hair on the legs, under the armpits, and dense hair, I could only say a sorry with the sleeveless dress and shorts.

I would rather get hair removal in April and do not do July kiwi.

Today I bring you Gevilan Gelan Family Hair Removal Instrument 2201.

If you want to transform into a smooth and tender fairy, you can consider using this efficient and convenient hair removal instrument.

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High -end technology blessing hair removal instrument

Gevilan is a well -known American cosmetic brand, and this photon hair removal instrument is jointly developed with Israel’s top manufacturer Home Skinovations LTD.

HOME SKINOVATIONS LTD has its own independent research laboratory and has been focusing on beauty care research for many years.

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This dual -brand halo blessing product uses Israel’s "HPL hair removal technology" (HPL is the low -energy pulse light of the household), professional -grade light lighting technology, bringing outstanding hair removal experience.

Advanced "HPL hair removal technology"

General 7 times clean

HPL hair removal is a long -lasting hair removal technology. After successful hair removal, it only needs to be maintained (3 months or half a year) to maintain it once.

After the hair absorbs the light energy, it will enter the dormant period.After that, the growth of the hair will degenerate, and then gradually fall off.

Under normal circumstances, after using 4 times, the hair grows significantly, and the new hair becomes thin and softened;

After using 7 to 10 times, Mao gradually stopped growing, and the skin became white and tender.

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The 5 -gear strength strength of the Ge Lan hair removal instrument allows you to adjust at any time according to different skin tones and hair numbers, and control your hair removal process autonomously.(The first use starts from 1 gear.)

Mild and fast hair removal

Skin damage

When many girls come into contact with hair removal for the first time, they may use the method of scraping the blade.

This method is more suitable for removing the hair of the thighs and arms, but if it is not careful, it will scratch the skin and cause bleeding.

There are also hair removal papers and hair removal beeswax, which is more efficient. It feels like it is used every time.

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With HPL (home pulse light technology), Ge Lan’s hair removal instrument can make the pulse light more shorter. While enhancing energy, it can achieve fast and low hair removal effect.

Mild and painful.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a skin tone sensor. When the skin tone is too dark, the light can be stopped and the gear will be automatically reduced to avoid burning the skin.

Moving sensors can avoid the instrument from staying in one position and not moving. After light, it will not light up to avoid repeatedly exposed the possible skin burns.

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This whole set of intimate design will bring you a safer and reliable hair removal experience, allowing you to enjoy a gentle and comfortable hair removal journey.

However, it is reminded here that although the hair removal instrument is good, but there are the following circumstances, do not use it for the time being.

Is pregnant or in breastfeeding;

注 I have done micro -plastic surgery parts such as hy Hydra injection;

过 In the past three months, chemotherapy or electrotherapy;

湿 Skin disease (including eczema, psoriasis, epilepsy, skin cancer, etc.);

Do not touch tattoos, freckles, and moles;

Ultra -long outlet

One can be used for a lifetime

Gelan’s hair removal instrument can produce 400,000 times, and generally consume up to 1500 flashing at a time, so theoretically, this hair removal instrument can be used for 266 times of hair removal, and one person can use it for more than 30 years.

A lifetime is enough!You can easily get it at home, and save time and energy to go to the hospital and beauty salons.

Compared with the price of thousands of or tens of thousands of hospitals and beauty salons, this price is really very exciting.

The calculation of a meal, it is almost profitable.

Intimate little details

I love it once

Ge Lan’s hair removal instrument 2201 has an intelligent induction system. When the bald head is tight, the skin can be automatically out of light. You don’t need to keep the keys all the time. Gently push the fuselage to sustain hair removal, and you will not feel trouble.

The plug -in design allows you to plug in and use without charging trouble.The appearance of the streamlined type is not only simple and atmospheric, but also more comfortable when holding.

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The product also comes with ultraviolet disinfection base.Disinfection first and then contact the skin. It is more hygienic, and it is also suitable for sharing with family members.

After using it, I knew that many small details in Ge Lan were considered very thoughtful, and they were really intimate and easy to use.

Frequency of use: Start every eight weeks every two weeks. Remember to scrape hair before use. Don’t forget to do a good job of moisturizing and sun protection after use.

(P.S. Laser hair removal is high -temperature treatment for melanin in the hair follicles. If the hair is not scratched, the pain will increase ~)

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The little fairy who loves beauty is using

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Without leaving home, you can enjoy the professional and mild hair removal effect at home. It is convenient and hygienic, and the time of several songs can be easily completed.

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