If you plan to get pregnant, you must add this, and you will not be able to affect your baby for a lifetime

Obviously there is no contraception, I tried to try with the other half, but there was no sign of pregnancy?It seems simple to have a child, but the road of many couples is rugged.Husbands and wives should ensure that their bodies maintain a healthy state, grasp the golden pregnancy, and supplement their nutrition in a timely manner. If necessary, use artificial reproductive technology to believe that the baby will come after all!

With menstruation, it does not mean that there must be ovulation.Menstruation can be divided into ovulation and ovulation -free menstruation. Usually the menstrual cycle of ovulation without ovulation, which represents the unstable ovulation function, and makes the menstrual form abnormal.Come to menstruation with a large amount of bleeding, menstruation is often predicted.When these situations occur, you must first find the factors that do not ovulate for treatment, and then try to conceive.

Check before pregnancy to reduce potential risks

Late marriage has become a trend, and women’s pregnancy is also increasing year by year.With the age of age, the quality of eggs will gradually decrease, so it may not be easy to conceive, or increase the chance of premature birth and fetal abnormalities.If you can check before pregnancy, you can understand the physical condition of the couple in advance to improve the chance of healthy pregnancy.Routine examinations before pregnancy include ECG examination, liver and kidney function, blood and urine examination, etc. The purpose is to help discover potential diseases, so as to facilitate the treatment of couples, reduce the risk of pregnancy, and ensure the health of the fetus.

In addition to conventional health inspection projects, couples should pay attention to whether there is a family genetic history, sex infectious diseases, or multiple abortion, and do further inspections for special projects to reduce production risks.

Calculate the ovulation period and master the golden pregnancy period

How to increase the surrogacy rate?You can estimate the time of ovulation through the following methods and grasp the key moment with the other half.

1. Menstruation calculation algorithm

For women with relatively stable menstrual period, ovulation date is the 14th day before the menstrual tide of menstruation, and the ovulation period includes the day of ovulation and the first 5 days and the next 4 days. Generally speaking, it will last for 10 days.For example, if the menstrual time comes on June 28, the ovulation date is the 14th (28-14), and the ovulation period is the 9th (14-5) to 18 (14+4).

The number of days of menstruation was reduced for 11 days).For example: If the menstruation is the longest once every 32 days and the shortest is 26 days, then the ovulation period is the 8th (26-18) to the 14th (32-11) of the menstrual tide to the 14th (26-18).

2. Measure the basal body temperature

Women’s normal body temperature changes will take about 28 days as the cycle, divided into low temperature periods and high temperature periods. On the first day of menstruation, it is a low temperature period to ovulation before ovulation. After ovulation, the body’s progesterone will rise, so that the body temperature will increase by 0.3 ° C by 0.3 ° C.Until 0.5 ° C, until the next menstrual tide, you can master the period of ovulation by measuring the basal body temperature.

Due to the small size of the body temperature, it is necessary to measure through the base thermometer, and the measurement can be accurately recorded during the long -term fixation when it is waking up and not getting out of bed.It is recommended to put the thermometer on the head of the bed, and get up immediately in the morning to measure the body temperature, and continue to master the cycle after 3 months.

3. Ovulation test strip

Before ovulation, women’s luteal formation is secreted in large quantities, promoting the maturity and ovulation of the eggs.The principle of ovulation test strip is to test the luteum in the body through urine. When the ovulation test strip presents a positive response, women will ovulate within 24 to 48 hours, so the ovulation date can be predicted.

4. Photo ultrasound

Women can also go to the obstetrics and gynecology department to observe the development of the eggs and the changes in endometrium thickening, so as to understand whether the ovary ovulation is ovulated.Around the 8th day of menstruation, how many follicles can be developed at the same time, and 1 to 2 advantageous follicles can be found around the 10th day.Although some women’s follicles can develop normally, they cannot ovulate. Therefore, even if you see advantageous follicles, it is recommended to do ultrasound examination after ovulation to increase the chance of conception.

Nutrition that should be supplemented before pregnancy

During pregnancy, women should maintain a normal life and balanced diet, avoid eating fried foods and irritating foods, and keep the body in a good state to be more likely to conceive.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to supplement many nutrients to supply sufficient nutrition of the fetus, and folic acid is one of the important nutrients during pregnancy.Many people start to supplement folic acid until they are pregnant, but in fact, women who are preparing for pregnancy should also pay attention to the intake of folic acid.It is recommended to start supplementing folic acid 3 months before pregnancy to take enough folic acid to prevent abnormal spine and brain nerve development of the fetus.Foods such as spinach, oats, cauliflower, kiwi, organs are rich in folic acid, and women can eat more in daily life.

What foods should I eat if I want to increase the surrogacy rate?If you want to get pregnant, you can add more vitamin D.Vitamin D can affect the generation of estrogen, help the growth of uterus and endometrium, can help improve ovarian function, and to restore the regular menstrual cycle. Women can take more walks, bask in the sun, or take more from their diets to take more intake of diet.Dairy, salmon, eggs, or mushrooms to supplement vitamin D.In addition, vitamin E is also associated with genital power, and is also known as childcare alcohol. Vitamin E can increase female estrogen and make the eggs have better quality.Vitamin E’s foods include nuts, broccoli, tomatoes, fruits and other foods, which can be taken in daily life.

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