If you have a child, what are you doing?

Experts say that having a child should be a income job,

He never urged marriage, and he would not give birth to children, because raising children and having children should be an income job.


It reminds me of a movie I watched not long ago, the woman in it is the movement of the movement.

They have no human rights, no dignity, no family,

And just because of being able to conceive, it has become a surrogacy tool for the family -free family.

They are called "making women", and the only purpose of being selected by the rich is to have children.

There is no resistance to resistance.If so, you can scold, dig your eyes, hang it, and hang it, and lose your life.

Of course, the movie is fake, and there may be no such things in real life.

However, take the child as a job,

Has income job,

This statement is very similar to the female hostess of the rich family who cannot be born, or the rich themselves cannot be born. They need to pay for surrogacy.No emotion.

Originally, the two were together, even if they were not in love, they could still pass.Giveting a child is the crystallization of two people’s love.

Both husband and wife are responsible for their children and work hard for their children.

Then, if it is just an income job, no one has to do it in the future.

Don’t care after giving birth, directly the next one.

Originally, the fertility rate of the post -90s was low, and the one -child rate fell to 0.3%.

If you have children to make money, you don’t need to get married,

The 12 -year -old 12 children who are only for making money are no longer an example. I am afraid that there will be many people who have such profit -making, money supremacy,

It’s very simple, because he has no ability and has no money. Since there is a child, you can give money, then save it.

In order to make money, women have always given birth to children, and they have one after another until they lose their fertility.

Poor men will not have future generations at all.The wealthy top giants spend money to get pregnant and have children every day.

In this way, the elite rate of human offspring has increased significantly, and the survival of the fittest will highlight the extreme in human society.

It seems that it is good to stay in your life, and it will be stupid at first glance.

In the future, idiot will have no way to live, because you are dealt with when you find that you are a fool.

Then the elite class will become more and more rolled. Only those who have a smarter offspring can sit in the throne of the heir and inherit the commercial empire.

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