If you eat something casually, you will reflect acid, heartburn, and stomach?Don’t just take medicine, pay attention to these more effective

Many people have experienced hot water and burning feeling after chest.Most of them are caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease.In addition to taking drugs, the adjustment of lifestyle plays an important role in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

First of all, pay attention to the dietary law, and you should not eat too much every time you eat.Irregular diet can disturb the normal movement rhythm of the gastrointestinal tract.The cardia is located at the lower end of the esophagus and connects the gastric cavity. The food we swallow enters the stomach cavity through this "valve".Under normal circumstances, when digesting food in the stomach, the "valve" of the cardia is closed to prevent the gastric content from flowing into the esophagus.What we eat must be stored on the bottom of the stomach, and the bottom of the stomach is adjacent to the cardiac -end cardia.If you eat too much, the bottom of the stomach will expand, and the "valve" of the cardia will easily turn off. The stomach content is easy to flow to the esophagus, which will cause symptoms.

Secondly, many people use noon lunch break. Due to limited time, they often lie down and sleep.Just after eating, lying down and sleeping can easily cause reflux. Therefore, patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease try not to eat and lie down immediately.It is best to take a few minutes after a meal, which is conducive to the stomach emptiness.It is also worth noting that try not to eat as much as possible before going to bed at night.Eating a lot of foods or other things before going to bed will exacerbate abdominal distension and nausea, leading to indigestion. It may also cause discomfort in the stomach when sleeping at night, causing discomfort, which may affect sleep.wait.If you have a sense of discomfort when you sleep at night, you can raise the bedside 15 to 20 cm. Remember to raise the bedside instead of raising the pillow.

Third, some foods are easy to cause uncomfortable acid, heart burning, etc. Patients with gastroesophageal reflux should pay attention.The overall principles are strong tea, coffee, chocolate, high fat, and spicy foods.Specifically, lemon, tomatoes, orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice should not be eaten as much as possible, apples and bananas can be eaten with confidence.Most vegetables do not cause acidic acid, but do not eat fries and raw onions as much as possible.Yogurt, milkshake, ice cream, cheese, Italian noodles, cream biscuits, donuts, white wine and red wine do not eat as much as possible.But we are talking about the overall principle, and it is different from person to person, because the mechanism of gastroesophageal reflux disease is different, and the severity of the disease is different. You can find the rules yourself.

Fourth, in some cases, the pressure in the stomach is too high, which is easy to compress the stomach cavity. Food and gastric acid in the stomach cavity flow to the esophagus.If you have constipation, you should try to keep the stool unobstructed as much as possible; if the weight increases significantly in the near future, you should lose weight, especially to reduce the fat on the belly;Waist care, etc., may increase the pressure in the stomach, thereby inducing reflux.In addition, pregnant women, especially in the late pregnancy, are more prone to reflux. Do not be too nervous. It can increase the number of meals and eat less at a time.

In addition, the acceleration of the pace of life now is actually related to lack of sleep and obesity.Obesity and anti -influx and sleep are less "triangular relationships", which can promote each other.If the pressure can be smaller, the usual life can be easier, the rest is better, don’t be too fat, and there will be less anti -flow disease.

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