If you dream of these scenes, it is best to know what it means

Dreams, not only do you have time to sleep, but also dreaming during the day. This is the so -called daydream.

There is a shepherd girl who has a lot of goat milk and placed in the jar.According to the rules of India, girls must take things on their heads, and the girl took go goat milk and sold it on the street.The shepherd girl walked while thinking:

"These goat milk can sell a lot of money, sell money, I can buy cosmetics, rouge powder, and buy beautiful clothes and shoes. I dress very beautifully every day. At that time, there must be a lot of young people pursuing me.Find a rich and handsome person to marry him. The two of us, love and love … "

When she thought of this, she danced with joy in her heart, and the goat milk on her head fell down and fell to the ground. All of this became a dream bubble.

What’s this?This is the daydream.

Let’s talk about an example:

One beggar wants to make a fortune and wants to go crazy, so go to buy a lottery ticket, hoping that the winning prize will make a fortune.

After he bought the lottery, because of his poor family, there was no place to hide it at all. He had to stuff the lottery ticket into the crutch of his hand, and then keep the lottery number in mind.

In this way, recite the lottery number every day, and listen to the radio broadcast every day.

One day, the radio broadcasting number won the award number. When he heard it, the jackpot was the number that he was cooked every day, ah!He won the prize, which was really excited and happy.

I thought to win the prize, what do you want this cane to do?At this time, he was walking to the river, and he lost the crutch into the river. As a result, the dream of getting rich also disappeared with flowing water.

No matter the dreams at night are difficult to come true, or the daydream of the day is illuminated.After all, dreams are amazing, and dreams are very mysterious.

The reason for dreams and the explanation of dreams

Why do we dream?Do you have such a dream, is there such a need for people who dream?Speaking of the reasons for dreaming, in Buddhism, like "The theory of Wisdom", "The Law of Good Seeing", and "Great Po Po", they have mentioned that under what circumstances will dream.

In the records of "Po Po’s theory", the reason for the five kinds of dreams is expressed:

(1) Those who are frail and sick are easy to dream

The four major are not tone, and when the body is not smooth, it is easy to dream.

For example, dreaming of landslide, chasing by thieves, or dreaming of lion fierce, and even dreaming that he runs the sky and accidentally falls into the dust.In short, most of the dreams that patients dream are horrible, scared, and appalling.

(2) Thinking on the day, dreaming at night

Most of the dreams of thinking are related to peaceful life, such as emotional and emotional anxiety, the details of life, and the various situations in the work of work may enter the dream at night.

In this dream, there are often men and women’s feelings, friends, and even quarrels, and arguments.

(3) Those who used to have it, come to dream again

What has happened has been in a long time, and occasionally appears in dreams.For example, a person I have known a long time ago, or something I had done in the past, a bowl of rice or a plate of dishes I had eaten, and never remembered at all, but suddenly appeared in a dream.

Our usual thoughts and behaviors are like a seed, buried in our eight -conscious fields, and become an experience and habit. When we encounter this cause of thinking, dreams are born.

(4) The future will happen

Because human body, psychology, and time and space are inseparable, although some things have not yet happened, but our physiology and psychology will have a natural induction, so there is a sign in dreams, suchSeeing A, the so -called dreamer generally belongs to this.

(5) I want to dream

For all the dreams of all the world, it is done by remembers and intentions. If there is no thought, there is no cause. There is no cause without a dream. This kind of dream is sometimes the role of the past life. Therefore, in our dreams, we will dream of ourselves.Become another identity that he is completely unfamiliar and experienced.

A wandering wandering in a foreign country has been missing for many years, and the old mother in the family is missed. These kinds of messages will reach the dream of this travel. Generally speaking, this is a mother and child’s heart, which is also a kind of dream.

There are two causes of dreaming:

One is spontaneous, which is the dream caused by his own ideas; the other is his hair nature, which is caused by the external environment, human, and things.

The reason for dreaming is mostly the scene shown by each person’s mentality, and it may also be caused by each person’s separation of the real environment. Therefore, psychologist Freud said: "Dreams are the continuation of thought during the day."

Each of us has a certain procedure plan to do something, but dreams have no rules at all. Dreams can be ancient, suddenly modern, all of a sudden, there are pure thoughts, no need to need to be a kind of thought, no need to do not needThe operation of coherent freedom.

Some people say that dreams are very spiritual and dream of being sick, and they are really sick.In fact, this is not the spiritual experience of dreams, but a reaction of physiological physiology. It can be regarded as a hint of dreams on physiology.

For example, the circulatory system has problems, the blood circulation is not smooth, and I have not felt the sign of the disease.

At this time, if you have intuitional sense, you will send out a foresight through a dream. Often you will dream of the mighty river water and the endless river flow, because the circulation system is related to flowing water.

Assuming that the body is hot, there is no sign of illness. At this time, the physiological response will also warn through a dream, such as dreaming of burning the fire in the house.

Is this absolutely the case?Seeing wisdom, there is no inevitable conclusion. Dream is just a kind of alert to us.

People in Lotte will dream of playing with others and at ease.On the contrary, people who are sorrowful will dream of arguing with others and not sleep.

People who are used to kicking the quilt when sleeping will dream of being in the North Pole, and the ice is pierced.On the contrary, the quilt’s habit is too much and tight, and you will dream of being in a stove, which is extremely hot.

Those who like to sleep lazy have been three rods. The family gets up and depends on the bed. At this time, dreaming, you will dream of a lot of sun, light and flames, as if the whole heaven and earth are burning.Look at the eyes, oh!It’s not too early.

After we had all kinds of dreams, we thought about it. I don’t know what these strange dreams mean?What are the signs?I hope to find someone to explain that since ancient times, many people who have interpreted people for people have appeared.

If there is a woman dreaming, dreaming of the sun and the moon run into the belly, the person who interprets the dream will tell you that you will have noble children.If you do n’t believe it, he will confirm that there is a Sun Jian in the era of the Three Kingdoms. His wife dreams of the sun.

If you are a literati, dreaming of a pen, it means that you will have a big stream like a big pen, you can crowned Gunlun.

For example, the Tang Dynasty Li Bai once dreamed of his pipe pen, so he appeared in later generations.

If you do n’t believe in a person who interprets dreams, he will give an example to tell you that there is a person named Jiang Yan in Jinshu, and he dreamed that someone sent a colorful pen, so the writing was very smooth, Wen Siquan Yong, at the time he was a prince, he was a prince, he was a prince.Famous in the distance, everyone knows that there is a Jiang Langwen.

But then he dreamed again, and the man returned to his dream back to this colorful pen.Since then, he will stop writing anymore.

If you dream of a coffin, the person who interprets the dream will congratulate you to get rich; if you dream of the knife and gun, it means that you are going to rise.

Tang Yuanzhang’s poem sent to Xue Tao said: "One after another to resign from the writing, everyone wants to have a dream knife."

Dreaming of the fire, indicating that the family transport is about to be Changlong;

Dreaming of Xiong Yan, it means you are about to give birth to Lin’er;

Dreaming of watching the show, saying that there is something to fight with people, or a war is about to happen;

Dreaming of fruits, people who interpret dreams will tell you that the sores are about to get sick;

Dreaming of falling snow, it means that misfortunes are about to happen in the family, or there is something to be killed.

Do you think these examples of interpretation of dreams are worthwhile?In fact, this is just a foolish talk!

Because of the various situations in dreams, it is just a psychological illusion and physiological reaction.If compared with things, it is still far from.

After all, dreams are dreams, and the auspicious and bad in dreams. If it can really affect the life of the world, then the good and bad of a person’s life is too complicated and many, and it is difficult to resolve it.

Therefore, we should not be too persistent in dreams. On the contrary, we should know how to give the dreams to proper artisticization. For all the good and bad attitude, the dream will enrich your life.

A great virtue

In fact, I tell you, we are now in this world, you are dreaming before you enlighten!But tell you that you are dreaming, you don’t believe it.

Dreams were originally a kind of delusion, delusional, but it was true.So there are many kinds of dreams, some are virtual dreams, some are real dreams, and some are pre -ghost shen to reveal your dreams.

So this dream, you can also say that it is fake, or it can also be said that it is true; but no matter how false dreams, or real dreams, or pre -inspiration, there is nothing to rely on.I can’t see it again.

Then, some of this dream is encountered by you during the day, and this dream is in the evening.

Some you think of, some you have never thought about it, and have never met. Suddenly you dreamed of this realm, and it is very spiritual and all turns into facts. This can be said to be a real dream;

Although it is a real dream, I can’t take it. I can’t bear it. You can’t get it. You want to send it away, and you can’t get away.

What’s the matter, alas!At that time, it would be like that.

This is a pre -feeling, pre -inspiration.

Well, most of this inspiration came from before.Because you practice in the past, there are some good gods to help you, so I will be inspired by what happens, so that you are aware of it.

For example, you were originally a family. You dreamed of being a monk, and even wearing a yellow robe and ancestral clothes. It is a great knowledge. You have such a dream; you are not a monk. How do you dream of yourself?

This may mean that you are a monk in the past, so this life is fascinated. Some of these guardians of the law instructed you silently and wake up you; wake you up and call you to understand, oh!It turns out that I am a monk, so it is good to be able to continue to send bodhicitta monks again.

Other things can be pushed for so on.But in our dreams, we dream that it is virtual. Is it awake before we dream?

In fact, I tell you, we are now in this world, you are dreaming before you enlighten!But tell you that you are dreaming, you don’t believe it.

You said, "Hey! Why are I dreaming? My car is the most valuable, and I feel comfortable in this car. My plane can fly so high and go to heaven.

How is this called dream?It’s all the facts!My house is so beautiful, my family is so complete, what is used, how can this be a dream?"

Don’t you dream?You are really awake, why don’t you remember what you lived with?

Say, "Is there a previous life?" Do you believe that there is a previous life, do you believe it yesterday?Say I believe; do you remember yesterday’s things?What did you do that day yesterday?Say I remember; do you remember all?uncertain.

So this is forgotten again!So do you remember last month?Not necessarily remember.Did you remember the previous year?Not necessarily remember.

Then in this life, you have forgotten it in the past few years, let alone the previous life?You have forgotten it in this past, so you don’t remember what you used to do. What are you doing?

Therefore, "there are six fun in the dream", it is clear when dreaming. It is clear and clear, humane, and Ashura. There are three evil ways of hell, hungry ghosts, and beasts.It is called Liuqu.

These six fun you are clear, it is there, and when you dream, you feel that it is there.

You really understand, you really understand; you really understand, don’t say that your body, this six reincarnation, even the three thousand thousand worlds are gone, and it is empty.

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