If you do n’t see fetal heart buds in the B -ultrasound, it is not necessarily embryo to stop!

Every mother is different from the mood of B -ultrasound.

There are pregnant mothers who are worried about a cold that hurt the fetus. They trembled and opened the B -ultrasound. When they saw that the value was normal, it was finally relieved;

The pregnant mother full of joy, seeing the strangeness on the B -ultrasound single, the whole person is dumbfounded;

There are also pregnant mothers who have always felt that the embryo is abnormal, watching the abnormality into white paper and black words, and look helpless.


In the early pregnancy, the most common B -ultrasound was that I saw the pregnancy sac, but there was only one empty sac without seeing the fetal heart and fetal buds.Does this mean that embryos are stopped?

Of course, there is one case that is indeed due to embryonic quality problems, and the embryo stops.At this time, no matter how sad the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother can only terminate pregnancy.For example, I married a good husband’s big S, and I encountered it some time ago.I thought that there was a triple child, but helplessly announced the termination of pregnancy.

However, there is also a situation that the baby is normal.That is, your pregnancy week may not match your last menstruation.In other words, the real gestational week of your pregnancy is less than you are calculated based on the last menstrual period.In this case, because the embryo is relatively small, he cannot observe his existence through ultrasound, so I saw the empty sac.

If this is the case, pregnant mothers can perform B -ultrasound again a week later.Many times, you will find that you are worried that you are just superfluous, and the fetal heart pressure is monitored.Clinically, from the perspective of pure medicine, if the gestational sac has reached a certain diameter and the fetal heart and fetal buds are still not seen, then you have to face the problem of embryo stopping.

As follows, we come to popular science what is fetal heart and what is fetal buds.

The fetal heart, as the name suggests, refers to the fetal heartbeat, reflects the state of the fetus in the mother’s uterus.The normal fetal heart rate is 110 to 160 times/min, and the position of the fetal heart in pregnancy will change with the position of pregnancy.Generally speaking, when the fetus is less than 5 months old, the position of the fetal heart is usually under the umbilicus, and both sides of the abdomen.When the fetus is 6 to 8 months, as the fetus grows, the position of the fetal heart will also move up.Because the fetal movement is usually moved by the fetus and feet, when the right side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is generally on the left; when the left side feels that the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal heart is usually on the right.

The fetal bud refers to the first two weeks during the development of fertilized eggs.In the future, various organs have gradually formed, and embryos before 8 weeks of pregnancy.The first month of pregnancy is called fetal buds.The first month of pregnancy is the fetal bud period, and the growth rate of new life in this period is the fastest in his life.

Because of the development of the embryo, the fetal sac is formed for 30-40 days, and the fetal buds formed for 40-50 days, and the fetal heart is formed on 50-60 days. Therefore, the general B -ultrasound should be done at about 60 days. At this timeYou can see whether the fetal sac, germination, and fetal heart are normal.

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